My laptop died

Sorry for the gap between entries. My laptop’s hard drive died over the weekend, and then for some reason, I wasn’t able to log into MLBlogs from ANY computer.

Problem solved…at least the MLBlogs part.

In other news, the first review of Watching Baseball Smarter should be out tomorrow. I’ll share it here as soon as I receive a copy.



    Hey Zack:

    Welcome back…

    That’s grrrrrr-8 news!

    I’m ready for the new blog — so let it rip!

  2. Zack

    JAY FAN-
    I appreciate your enthusiasm.


    You too.


    You too.


    Make love, not war.


    Your absolutely right on the money about making peace when having a discussion on this amazing blog…

    But I think that guy Greg should take a bath and get cleaned up by using a new bar of soap…


    Jayfan, what happened to:

    “This site is so unactive anymore and there is no new blogs. I am going elsewhere!!!!!!!!!” – Posted by: | January 30, 2007 09:43 PM

    I guess you were bored with the other sites so you came back???


    Okay. I’m bringing back the theory that Jaysfan is that guy Derek, why u ask? Well because their both annoyinh pricks that won’t shutup.

    That is all.

  6. Zack

    Cool site. I’m honored.


    Easy does it with the name-calling. This is not the place for that. If you have a problem with someone, email them directly. Otherwise, I’m going to start deleting comments.


    JJ: I can tell by your keyboarding skills that you must be a brain surgeon by trade…

    Please, forgive me if I have offended you in any way but I am really complimenting you for being such a bold blogger on this site… You must really be jealous of the skills displayed by that outlaw known as “Jesse James” (Jaysfan) and his superior knowledge about the game of baseball…

    This guy is no slouch when it comes to keyboarding as I personally timed him and he types 80 words-per-minute which is phenomenal… You don’t even stand a chance against him in a battle of blogging our brains out… He will simply leave you in the dust and scratching your head to decipher what the he__ double hockey sticks is he talking about but you just gotta love it… This guy is good — real good!

    He may be controversial, crazy, nuts, a few bricks short of a load, not the sharpest pencil in the drawer but I truly believe that he is genuine and in fact may be a genius amongst all of us because he shares the same values and reasons as to why all of us are blogging and that being our obsession and love for the game of baseball!

    ZACK: Your site is ranked number “1” on my list when it comes to discussing my passion and obsession — baseball!

    Any chance of U organizing a convention to be held in “Las Vegas” for all of us serious snaggle-toothed baseball collectors!

    JAYSFAN: I love your style and spunk when it comes time too express yourself…

    We need more people like you because you are the “straw that stirs the drink” around here and always gets the baseball dialogue party started…

    So bring it ON !

  8. Zack

    Wow. Passion is always welcome.

    Why would anyone organize a snagging convention in “Las Vegas” when there are no major league teams there?


    Upon further review and a coffee to clear my sinuses…

    YES, New York would be much better than my first choice…

    Perhaps, July 15, 2008 when Yankee doodle Stadium hosts the 79th Major League ALL-STAR game…

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