Thanks to my friend Lia for telling me about this:


It’s a screen shot of the page on for Cal Ripken’s new-ish book called Play Baseball the Ripken Way. Check out the “Best Value” book that it’s been paired with at the bottom.



    Holy Moly! GREAT company to be in! For Ripken, I mean.
    This puts your book in the on deck circle. And when it comes up to bat, it’s gonna hit one outa the park.


    Holy Moly! GREAT company to be in! For Ripken, I mean.
    This puts your book in the on deck circle. And when it comes up to bat, it’s gonna hit one outa the park.

    Posted by: | January 13, 2007 09:48 AM

    Z –

    Re your response to my comment about your book being connected to Rip Jr’s:


    Love those baseball metaphors.”

    Wait’ll the book comes out and you hear my metaphives!


    I am a blog late as always… If Ripken is your favorite, who is your favorite Active MLB player or professional athlete?

  4. Zack

    It’s hard to say. I felt a CONNECTION to Cal because I was playing while he was playing. He was a shortstop. I was a shortstop. Everyone thought he was too big for the position, and for a couple years when I was bigger than most kids my age, everyone thought I was too big as well. So I’ll never feel as strongly about any player as I felt (and still feel) about Cal. Plus, he and I have the same haircut these days.

    Current favorites include Jeter, Pujols, Ichiro, Mariano, Reyes, Wright, Manny (even though he’s a space cadet), and Maddux (even though he’s mean).


    Guess which stadium got the 2008 all star game…


    What a great sendoff for it’s final year!


    Wow my final summer before college. Should be fun. Where you gonna try and sit for the home run derby? My advice would be right above the rail in the RF tier box.


    Charlie? Yankee Stadium? A DUMP?????????? It’s got a ton more history and is a ton more important than coors field!


    I’m a Yankee fan, and that place is a dump. I hate it. Or maybe I just hate the secret ser-err Burns Security guards.

  9. Zack

    Have you been to Yankee Stadium?


    I have no idea where I’d sit. I mean, if I had my choice, I might pick a seat in the RF bleachers along the CF edge…you know, next to the batter’s eye so I’d be able to jump the railing and run for balls that make it out there. But that area might *really* be off limits for such a high-profile event. I wouldn’t say Yankee Stadium is a dump. I’d say it was HORRIBLY designed. It holds 55,000 but can’t really function properly when there are more than like 35,000. Narrow aisles and cramped concourses. Way too many railings. Ugh. Don’t get me started.




    Hey, Zack, have you ever watched “Modern Marvels” on the History Channel? Well, tommorow (Wednesday) at 10:00 PM, they’re doing an episode about the making of all kinds of different balls in sports, and apparently they were able to take an in-depth tour of the MLB factory in Costa Rica. You should check it out. It’s a very interesting show, and an especially interesting topic.

    Here’s the official synopsis from the History Channel website:

    “From professional sports to the playground, balls have been a way of life for generations. We will explore the research, development, technology and performance of balls as they spin through our sporting lives, bouncing evenly, spiraling tightly, and careening off our feet, bats, racquets and clubs. We’ll tour the Wilson Football Factory and the Rawling’s Costa Rica Baseball Factory as well as visit the National Soccer Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.”


    first of all whether one likes the yankees OR their stadium it is absolutely fitting that the 2008 all star game be played there. it is a palace of monumental proportions that resonates not from its brick and mortar; but from the men who played there. not just yankees, ALL the men both great and the forgotten made their mark on that venerable field.
    ok now that i’ve finished ranting lemme congratulate zack on having your book paired with your heros…that must feel awfully good. kudos to you man!



    They are also tearing down Shea! In commemoration of this event Shea will host the World Series in 2007 and 2008!

  13. Zack

    Ohmygod, I would looooove to watch that, but I’m having a bunch of people over this evening, and I’m not sure they’ll be gone by 10pm. Gah! No DVR for me. I either watch things live…or never.

    MIKE #1-

    Beautifully said. And thanks.

    MIKE #2-

    Beautifully-er said, mwahaha.

  14. Anthony


    Thanks for the comment on the blog! I greatly appreciate it. Are you planning to hit Baltimore anytime this year? If you’d like, maybe I could interview you and put it on my blog…

    My ball hunting days are over, but I have caught a few in my time, though not to the lengths you’ve gone – haha.

    Very cool to see a true baseball fan to the core.

    Question though, what do you do around larger guys? Haha.

    – Anthony, the Oriole Post


    Aww, that’s too bad. But lucky for you, every night History Channel repeats its entire primetime lineup starting at midnight, so the episode will be on again at 2:00 AM. So if you’re up late, you could watch it. Hopefully your company will be gone by then.

  16. Charlie

    Sorry. I was talking about the team.
    I’ll never make fun of that armpit of a stadium again!

  17. Zack

    You’re welcome, and yeah, I’ll almost definitely make it to Baltimore in ’07. Not sure when, but I’ll probably mention it here on the blog, so be sure to check back in. I’d love to do an interview. In person? By phone? Over email? As far as large guys…you mean, like, other collectors who are just bigger than me? Easy. I outrun and outsmart them while taking special care not to make them mad.


    Don’t root for my company to leave. There are currently eight women in my apartment (plus a few guys, unfortunately). If any of them are still here at 2am, I’ll gladly skip the stupid TV show. :-)


    Oh, Charlie…



    The Yankees are much better than the Rockies. So I wouldn’t be talking.


    Good point about the ladies. I like your spirit. As for the TV show, I’m going to try to watch it on Saturday (or maybe I’ll tape it tonight), and if it’s worth watching, I’ll tell you.

  20. Zack

    God hates me. I still have one person at my place, and it’s a guy. It’s a fun guy, though…one of my favorite people in the world…so it’s not exactly a BAD thing. But still. Anyway, did you catch the show? How was it?

  21. Anthony

    Hey Zack,

    Thanks for the response. We could do either a chat on the phone, or email – your choice.

    Well, yeah, about the large men question, I was asking about bigger, meatier, burly guys.

    I’m 6’4″ about 200ish, and I know the bigger guys can make things awful – like falling over kids, etc. When I used to it, I ended up banged up, bruised and scratched at times, as I had been playing football, usually by men bigger than I (and I’m not small to begin with).

    Anyhow, email me at if you get a chance.


    I saw the first half hour or so of the show, and the baseball part was very cool. They took an in-depth look at the process of making a Major League ball at the Costa Rica plant and they talked to a bunch of the workers about how they make the ball and test it to make sure its not “juiced.” And its pretty cool how they print the logos on the balls – they have this machine with three inked panels. The ball is placed underneath it and it lowers onto the ball, lifts up, and the ball is beautifully stamped. The interesting thing about the Costa Rica plant is that the balls are made completely by hand, i.e. there is no automated machine/conveyor belt process. You should definitely check it out on Saturday if you’re at home.

  23. Zack

    I just emailed you. You’re 6’4″? Jeez. What I would pay to be that tall…


    History Channel…7pm…tomorrow. I gotta check it out. It sounds amazing. Thanks for the preview.

  24. Zack

    Well, that’d be up to the publisher, and unfortunately I’m not famous enough to warrant a book tour and all the expenses that it would bring. I’ll probably do some local signings, tho.


    I saw the show about the Rawlings plant. Good stuff! Thanks so much for letting me know about it.

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