Cal Ripken Jr.

Cal Ripken Jr. is BY FAR my favorite player of all time. He always has been and always will be (unless I have a son who one day plays in the big leagues), so in honor of his election earlier today to the Hall of Fame (in which he got the highest percentage of votes in history for a position player), I hereby present some personal Ripken sightings over the years:

Anaheim, 1995…


Chicago, 1999…


Toronto, 2000…


New York, 2004…


Cal, you are truly The Man. Thanks for being an inspiration.



    Yes, he’s an inspiration. Dedicated, with a terrific work ethic beyond the norm, intrepid, smart, a man of integrity who helped save the tattered image of the game when he broke the Gehrig Iron man record. A splendid man to be one’s personal hero.


    Absolutely, the man is pure class!!! He is so brilliant! Deserves to be in Cooperstown.

  3. Zack

    Yes, yes, yes.


    Glad you agree.


    The man on the left is…

    (I’ll let someone else identify him.)




    “the man on the left” is none other than……… billy ripken !!!


    YOU bet the sox need a real closer JOEL PINERIO reminds me of Rudy Seanez and Julian tavarez and senor can tell you they ****


    Well that just tells you the Sox will get owned.

    Schilling- too old

    Wakefield- too old and his knuckleball is gonna get destroyed by the Big Hurt

    Papelbon- Proabably will get lit up around 3rd inning every time

    Matzuzaka- Gyroball will be found outside Fenway park multiple times

    Beckett- Homerun machine.


    Am I the only person who finds it weird that and don’t have any info about individual game ticket sales? Doesn’t bode well for people who like to buy tickets close to game day. Thank god for ebay.


    Hold on a second! Is that Carlos Delgado in the background in the Cal Ripken picture from Toronto? Looks just like him. Do you remember, Zack?


    Scott Schoeneweis just signed with the Mets so I guess you can use your Jewish skills to get balls.


    jimmy u sont like that assessment our pitchers are better then the JAYS pitching………I definately think that joel is not the answer but it is better then tavarez eho they were going to have be the closer.GOTTA GO WATCH my coyotes win #7 in a row……….against THE RED WINGS


    Yea definitely not David Wells. But that’s pretty funny. Looking at that roster, the only other person it could possibly be is Tony Batista, but that seems like a long shot. He has slightly lighter skin.

    Jimmy – “Jewish skills”? Do you mean Hebrew?


    Congrats are definitely in order to one of the greatest Miami Orioles of all time! (Cal is the 4th Miami O to make The Hall.)


  13. Zack

    Foreign language skills are helpful only when a player doesn’t speak (much) English.


    You and your hockey…


    Definitely not Batista. Funny about the “skills.”


    Cool. Who are the other three?


    Anybody else find it disheartening that neither the Yankees nor the Mets have information about single game ticket sales on their websites yet?


    B-Day and was hoping Jays would make a good trade today or Brett Favre would announce if he is comming back next year. Looks like theres still 1 hour and 45 minutes left until my dreames are crushed.


    zack i hope that wasnt the last time you went to toronto. That picture makes the skydome look ugly… ill never call ti rogers centre. Its much nicer and what the **** theres no crowd at all then usually thers peopel scattered in the OF and alogn the lines all the time. you got lucky lol

    anyways good work cal


  17. Zack

    Do the Yankees even have any tickets left?


    It was your birthday?!


    I’ll be back someday…

  18. Zack

    No need to thank me. Really. But hey, you’re welcome nonetheless. Just checked your blog and found myself. Pretty cool. Thanks for linking to the interview.


    Hey Zack,

    Sorry it took me a while to answer.

    The other three HOFers from the Miami Orioles/Marlins franchise, besides Ripken are Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer and Furguson Jenkins.


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