Card meets ball

If you’ve been reading the comments on this blog, you’ve probably seen a few from a guy named Rich Snodgrass. Last week, Rich mailed me a baseball card. For free. Just to be nice. Here it is (front & back):



And so, thanks to Rich, the card commemorating Barry Bonds’ 724th career home run finally gets to meet the ball itself…


Back in August, I posted a crappy video of my catch. Here’s a better one. It’s an AVI file, so I’m not sure if it’ll work on PC’s…and just to warn you, the file is about 37 megabytes, so it might take a minute to load.

Happy New Year, especially if your last name is Zito. (Are these contracts insane or what? How many overpriced Barries do the Giants need?)


  1. Brady

    Awesome, Zack. I think I still have your address, I’ll send you the copy of your book I bought for autographing once I get it. I may send my autograph too, because it’ll be worth something someday haha!



    Ahh… the card and the ball. Nice combo, maybe you should put it in a display case in the first place people see when they walk in. Enjoyed the post, especially the last line:”Happy New Year, especially if your last name is Zito. (Are these contracts insane or what? How many overpriced Barries do the Giants need?)” That gave me a pretty good chuckle!


    Hey Zack,
    Long time no talk, ive been busy with the holidays having hanukah, and ive been focusing mainly on hockey as of late, i am in a roller hockey camp and league as well. Anyways just wanted to suggest getting a nice frame that could frame the ball and card all in one. that would look nice.

    oh and happy new years and belated hanukah to you too. much luck in 2007 with your 1000th snag. – Adam

  4. Zack

    By all means, send me the book…but since my mailbox is tiny, you should send it to me in care of the Argosy Book Store. You can find the address on the Argosy site, which is in the links on my own site. And be sure to include a SASE, okay? And yes, include your autograph, too. I will save it, but only for the next 50 years. If you’re still not famous by 2057, I might throw it out. But that should give you plenty of time.


    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. A display case, huh? Well, my apartment is SMALL and already extremely decorated. Not sure where a case would go.


    Not sure where a frame would go either. I do like the idea, but I wouldn’t want the ball displayed in such a way that it would be frozen or locked in place. I want to be able to take it out and touch it and play with it…okay, that sounds gross, but you know what I mean…it’s a BALL, and I don’t want to forget that by having it stuck permanently behind some protective layer, you know? Anyway, happy Chanukah to you, and good to hear from you again. (I think/hope you mean 3,000th snag.)


    you should shomehow make room for a display case; the ball and card are really sweet together. nice piece of video as well,,,how bout that look on your face…it’s great. listen happy new year and all that

  6. Brady

    Excuse my ignorance…what’s a SASE?

    And yes, if I’m not famous by 2057, you can throw it out. Hahaha.


    ZACK –

    (From your entry):

    “video of my catch. Here’s a better one. It’s an AVI file, so I’m not sure if it’ll work on PC’s…and just to warn you, the file is almost 10 megs, so it might take a minute to load.”

    Yes, it does take a minute or so to load. But it comes through GREAT on my PC! I watched it a bunch of times just to see the guys in the area beneath you reach for the ball hoping to snag it, then react with disappointment when the King of Snagging snatches it out of their range. Your focus, skill and determination paid off BIG TIME. Great job.

  8. Zack

    Heh. No problem.


    Okay okay, I’ll really think about making room, if only for the ball/card if not for an actual display case. Anyway, thanks, and H.N.Y. to you too.


    Self-addressed stamped envelope.


    Only with my love.


    Thank you thank you thank you. Glad the video works.


    Hey Zack, haven’t checked in in quite a while. I’ve been so busy getting myself into college that I forgot all about snagging baseballs, and, in turn, your blog. Anyway, my Dad and I are planning a trip to Spring Training for three days in mid-March. Just wondering a couple things: Do they use different baseballs in Spring Training? And how early do the stadiums usually open on game days?

  10. albert

    Happy new year zack, ive been busy lately and havent commented on your blog in awhile,what is your total ball count to date? Go Giants and #75 Barry Zito

  11. Zack

    Hey, good to see you back on here. Very cool that you’ll be going to Spring Training, but I really can’t tell you much about it. There was a brief discussion about it in the comments section of my last entry, so you might want to check that out and get in touch with “True Playa.” Back in 1995 (which is the last time I went to Spring Training), the teams were using the standard, regular-season balls. Not sure if that’s changed, but I’m guessing it hasn’t. Can’t tell you anything about when the ballparks open, but some are laid out in such a way that you can get homers beyond the outfield walls, like on unused/unfenced patches of land, so I’d get there EARLY.


    Good to hear from you again as well. Current ball total is 2,961. You can always see it right at the top of my blog…in the little blurb underneath the title.


    No worries. Now you know.


    Who will leave the last comment of 2006 and the first of 2007? Hmm…

  12. Brady

    It’ll be me, Zack, cuz I’ll leave one at 11:59 with 59 seconds, and then one at 12:00 with 1 second. BOO YA!


    it will be easier for me, because if i post the ocmment at 8:59 Pacific time, which is the time zone i live in, then it will be 11:59 eastern time, which is the time zone zack lives in


    That article i just read in the boston globe,gave me nightmares.I dont think I can watch JULIAN TAVAREZ be a closer for the SOX I hope Theo is smarter then whoever wrote that article.


    I intend on making the last comment of 2006 and the 1st of 2007.

    Just 10 minutes to go on the Eastern Time Counter on NBC!


    well im the first one to comment you from the West Coast, and first from California, good luck this year Zack! and Happy NEW Year to all!


    First comment of 2007 from CANADA!! Ya! Even though our weather is very un-Canadian! Ha! Happy New Year’s, everyone.

  18. Zack

    You guys all kick ***. Fun bringing in the new year with you. I’d tell you what I did tonight, but you’d never believe me. All I can say is: “God bless the offseason.”


    come on, tell us what you did Zack.

    Did ya go out to Times Sqare for the Big Ball to drop? I would believe you.

    Although, you said “God bless the offseason”

    Well, I dunno, but we believe you when you say you have the Bonds ball, so why wouldn’t we believe you for this?

  20. Zack

    It’s funny. I’ve lived less than two miles from Times Square for the last 27 years, and yet I’ve never been there for New Year’s. I hate big crowds, plain and simple. I hate bars. I hate clubs (with rare exceptions). I hate most parties. I don’t do well with small talk. I avoid generic, impersonal gatherings. So I invited a few special people over to my place, and we created our own fun. That’s all I can say.

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