Gus the cabbie

I made my acting debut yesterday as “Gus the cabbie” in an independent film that my friend Carl (from “Inside Pitch“) has been working on.



I had to be on location in an industrial neighborhood in Astoria, Queens at 7am, and to make matters worse, I had unexpectedly stayed at someone else’s place the night before…someone whom I’d met hours earlier at a holiday party…someone so attractive that my mind had trouble accepting the situation as reality…so I wasn’t too happy about setting the alarm for 5am and then having to crawl out of bed (with two hours of “sleep”) so I could cab home and grab the directions and eat and change into crappy clothes and cab out to Queens.


And then I was kept waiting for FOUR HOURS until my scene was ready to be shot.

At least I got paid. And at least I got free lunch. And at least I had extra time to memorize my lines. I had to say them while driving a cab (in actual traffic) while making eye contact with my passengers in the rear-view mirror while stopping the car at certain points. Not easy. But I think I pulled it off.

The film is called “Dirty Salsa” and it should be out next summer.



    Neat! So can you spill the beans a little and tell us something about the movie?

  2. Zack

    Heh. Yeah, I have a few, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to share them.


    Thanks. This has been a fun/lucky week.


    What do you want to know?

  3. Zack

    It’s about an hour and a half.


    I hadn’t thought of it that way.


    I actually don’t know what it’s about. The only page of the script I saw was the one with my lines. As Gus the cabbie, I had to explain to a couple of businessmen why Japanese companies are investing in salsa dancing.


    Where are you? We need a synopsis.

  4. Brady

    Congrats on the movie gig. Now if I can just stay out of trouble with the MLB….

    Merry Christmas, dude.


  5. Zack

    Hey. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve hardly been home for last few days. Can’t talk tonight, but should be around tomorrow, if you want to call.


    Thanks. I *do* feel very lucky.


    Nice! If I had to be anywhere at 5am, I’d just stay up. No doubt about it.


    I hope so, too. Yankee fans don’t deserve him.


    But if they do trade randy JOhnson are the yankees going to rely on Carl Pavano aka “Mr I crack my thumbnail and can’t pitch for a month” to not make up injuries and stay healthy????? That is going to come back and haunt me I know it.


    zack…i’ll be looking forward to seeing your movie debut…but on a different note…i can’t believe the giants just came up with a 126 million package for zito…i really was hoping the mets ( or yankees) would get him. alas.


    zack i MIGHT be going to florida for march break which means SPRING TRAINING! Id stay at my aunts which is 5 mins away from the twins field and all that ****. Have you been to spring training? ive heard its good for autos and i guess balls to? all be going in the middle of the schedule so on those days do they still practice and **** in the mornings? Who else is closes to the twins? there in Fort Myers? the **** jays are prety far though :(

    if anyone else knows anything plz help out :)


    hey truplaya…have fun…i’m gonna go down to tampa at some point in march to watch the yankees play

  10. Zack

    How many blogs and sites do you have?!


    Good point.


    Thanks. I hope I don’t ****. And yeah, I can’t believe the money that Zito got. It IS in line with what others are making—if Meche can get $11 million per season, Zito should get $7 million more—but still. These contracts are out of control.


    I haven’t been to Spring Training since 1995, so I really can’t give you any advice. But I can tell you that it’s a collector’s paradise. You’ll have a great time. I know it.



    I’m sure that this feature film will be a block-buster hit!

    Who knows, you could be the next Tom Cruise or Robert De Niro…

    Sounds like Clint Eastwood is directing this Taco salad movie script…

    Final word, did you know that there is a sportscaster who has his own show called “Cabbie on the Street” who interviews athletes from all the different sports…

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