O’ What Might’ve Been…

Just received the following from an anonymous donor:


  1. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Cool! Actually, some friend at school’s father had purchased those world series tickets for the yankees and printed them off his computer and when the Yankee’s lost the division series, he put the reverse side back in the printer, and i have a yanks world series ticket.

    In other news, any tall building or architecture lover such as myself would love this…


  2. Brady

    What a joke! That’s a slap in the face to Cards’ fans. Guess you can thank Yadier Molina for that one, huh?
    O’ What Might’ve Been ain’t half as good as O! What Actually Happened!



  3. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    hey yanks fan…that was cool. i hadn’t heard about that india tower before. thanks

  4. Zack

    My Mets ticket could kick your Yankees ticket’s ***. Very cool video, BTW. Thanks. Do you happen to know if that woman likes to snag?


    What? Did you say something?



  5. senoroctubre@boston-redsox.net

    ahh, what might have been of the supposed Red Sox vs. Mets World Series rematch… sigh……

  6. kayleexxx@aol.com

    no,there can never be a redsox-mets world series again because then I would have to root against my SHAWN GREEN or MY RED SOX…..lets just hope I never have to do that:).

  7. Zack

    Yep, I’ve checked out the blogs. Haven’t had much time to read them or revisit or do anything on my computer lately. Life has been busy/insane lately. No snow in NYC.


    Indeed, we shall see…

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