My web site is even more done.

Yesterday, I added photos to all my yearly pages in the Baseball Collection/Lists section, starting with 1993. (Scroll to the bottom of each page and you’ll see them.) Since my last entry, I also added a section of “Bonus items” within the Baseball Collection/Photos page. Among the various items I’ve collected at games over the years, you’ll find some never-seen lineup cards like this…




    I checked out the bonus items, clicked on every caption, every photo. GREAT stuff! Like visiting a little cyber baseball museum.

  2. Zack

    Count ’em! About ten, I guess, depending on how you want to tally them. I think I have six complete pairs and four individual ones.


    Thank you!


    oh yeah and when the mlblog awards coming out? last year a few of them wer eprety jokez

  4. Zack

    That’s a shame.


    Thanks! And congrats to your Jays on holding onto Vern. Not sure about the MLBlog awards.


    Hey Zack-

    I got Bonds Home Run card #724 in a pack today.

    Email me your address and I’ll send it off to ya. No charge.

    On the back, it lists:

    Date 8-16-06

    Stadium: PETCO Park, San Diego, CA

    Opponent: Sand Diego Padres

    Inning: 2nd

    Pitcher: Chan Ho Park

    Men On Base: 0

    Outs: 0



    Hmm Matzusaka or w.e his name got signed too bad for him 6 years in Boston being destroyed by the Yanks and Jays, he’s gonna wish he never left Japan.

  7. Zack

    You rule. I’m gonna email you my address right now…


    C’mon, man, you can get his name right. His first name is pronounced “DICE-kay.” Everyone, let’s say it together. Ready? “Diiiice-kaaaay.” Good. See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Next week, we’ll tackle the first two syllables of his last name.


    Those outfielders have lots of real estate to cover at Coors. I think Willy is up for the challenge.


    matszuaka is gonna get lit up. he ll start strong but when teams see and experience the gyroball he ll get lit up. theres one guy in japan who destroys him and is like 7 of 13 or something with a bunch of homers. once mlb guys get that many PAs he ll be literally killed by someone in boston


    Oh all you anti-Red Sox fans will be in for a huge surpise when matsuzaka suceeds in MLB.Not saying he is gunna be any Roy Holliay (yes I admit he is good). or anybody as good as that But….He will do fine.He better do well we only spent $104 million on him for the next six years
    i am so happy we signed him though.cant wait foe tomorrow my birthday.



    Just looked at the fan page on the website, I think thats me! Ethan, from Van nuys, CA. That’s awesome that you put me under the fans! Ha! If you wanna advertise your technique and stuff, you can go ahead and say that I finished with 32 balls for the season.


  11. Zack

    Happy birthday!!


    Are you talking about the clickable words in my entries that take you to other sites? Are you on a Mac or PC?


    You noticed! Yes, I figured that had to be you. I started saving all my snag-related emails in 2001, and last month I read through them all and picked the best ones, so you should feel honored.


    Actually, I should thank you for allowing me to use your email. (Same goes for anyone else here who might’ve seen themselves in that section on my site.) That’s great that you finished with so many balls…not sure yet if I’ll add that fact to the site. But thanks again.


    I expect great things from you since your name has “ZAK” in it.

  12. Zack

    Oh. Yeah, It’s tough on Macs for some reason. On PC’s, there’s this little button that you click that looks like a chain link fence, and it lets you cheat and copy/paste the URL you want to link to right into a little box, and it links it automatically for you. On Macs, you actually have to type in the HTML yourself. I can’t even type it here to show you because MLBlogs will read it as code and make it disappear. My best suggestion is to go to this site…

    …and scroll down a bit to the part where it talks about inserting links and just copy the code that they use, but copy it around whatever site YOU want to link to. You should probably experiment first with one of the easier codes, like making text bold, or something like that.

  13. Charlie

    No, I mean you have this:
    //a section of “Bonus items” withi//

    and bonus items is a link to something else. How?

  14. Zack

    Guilford is small and cozy and gorgeous and mellow, and you can really have whatever type of education you want. If you want to take good classes and challenge yourself, there are plenty of EXCELLENT professors. But there are also some bonehead classes as well, if you’re into slacking off. It’s just a fun, fun place…not really a “party school” but there’s plenty of crazy stuff that goes down. Does that help? I recommend Guilford all the way.


    Did you check out the link with HTML tips? I can’t show you here because this blog doesn’t allow HTML in the comments. If you were here, I could just show you in 30 seconds, but it’s impossible like this. I have 5.513 total comments (not counting this one).


    Hey, now (including the comment made by Zack, Charlies comment, and mine) there is exactly 5,516 comments on this blog. And this one happens to be the most meaningless!

    Then again, I’ve said a lot of meaningless things.

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