My web site is DONE.

Almost. Just in the last few hours, I overhauled my home page and Links, and before that, I added a couple dozen Photos. I even took an artsy-fartsy pic for the bottom of my Contact page. Last weekend, I wrote nearly 6,000 words for the FAQs, and since then, I went to my parents’ place, combed through my entire collection of baseballs, and photographed the best ones. If you click the Baseball collection link and select Photos, you’ll see the following:


From there, you can check out all six categories and learn more than you ever wanted to know about balls. (Let me know if you find typos or broken links, or if you see anything that doesn’t make sense.) I’m exhausted and excited, having worked on this thing non-stop for weeks. It feels great to finally have it up and running…



    particularly the scrabble stuff…i’m a bit of a nut myself, though not nearly as good as you

  2. Zack

    It’s my 1,000th ball. How does one earn comments? It can be learned, but it can’t be taught.


    Thanks. I’m impressed you got through the whole thing. :-)

    How good a Scrabble player are you?


    my brother and i started playing a lot about a year or so ago; like two or three games a day then i started playing on ISC for hours at a time. i only have a 350 ratingbut i’m hoping to get better. i haven’t been playing much the last couple of months cause i’ve busy with some projects and before that watching baseball everyday…


    that jeter imprint ball is crazy!!! im prety pissed that bonds is lielkly resigning with the giants and the jays play the giants but in SF! :( my goal is to catch a bonds homer only way t hat could happen though is if he signed with oakland but looks like oakland wont after get piazza so now im pissed. guess its gotta be franks 500th.

    im so pissed after my leafs lost there 7th ib a row

  5. Zack

    Gotcha. Not sure about the 350 rating and how that’d translate to the official rating scale of the National Scrabble Association.


    Very crazy. Thanks for checking out the site. Too bad about you and Bonds, but you DO have Frank coming your way. I was thinking that if the Blue Jays come to NYC and Frank has 499, I might have to **** it up and head to the Bronx.


    If Frank comes to town with 499, have a friend pretend to be crippled and then sit out in the monument park area with the wheelchair people. Then if it falls in a gap in the net or to the left of the net you can snag it

  7. Zack

    I’ve played online. Lots. Just not since college.


    That is an evil and excellent idea.

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