Book Update #3

Okay, so it’s still not the absolute final version, but the cover is basically ready. Check it out:


The thing that’s going to change is Keith Hernandez’s attribution. Initially, it said “former Mets captain and Golden Gloves winner,” and now the line is omitting his on-field exploits altogether. It still needs a tweak, and I’m not sure what it’ll end up saying. Maybe something like “former Mets captain, MVP, and five-time All-Star,” although the issue there would be that he didn’t actually win the MVP in 1979. He tied for first with Willie Stargell. So my editor might leave that out and mention his 11 Gold–not Golden–Gloves instead.

It’s a total fluke that I ended up getting the quote. My friend Jules (from 9/14/06 at Camden Yards) has an ex-girlfriend whose new boyfriend is best friends with Keith. That’s the connection. They all helped get my book into his hands. Lucky me. (And lucky Keith. I’m sure he learned a few things that’ll make his broadcasts next season even more colorful.)




    I wish I could say I already pre-ordered a copy, but I haven’t a dime to my name at this point.

    Anyway, I have BIG news! My parents found a “teen tour” for the summer that is PERFECT for me. I always said I wanted to do a ballpark tour, and they found a tour that goes to 14 baseball stadiums for the summer of ’07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’ll be awesome!


    …and Keith IS very lucky. I’m sure it’s one of the best books out there for baseball trivia.


    Zack…yeah, there were some empty seats at Wrigley on opening day in 2003…reason—the game was to be played on april 7, 2003 but it was snowed out and rescheduled to the next day. Temp was 35 degrees,NEAR THE LAKE !!! oooh, man!! I figure that some people couldn’t get another day off from work/school, and the weather was a factor. Actually, there were some guys in the row in front of us until the 3rd or so, but they left–never came back. The ball doesn’t have an opening day logo, it’s a regular ball. Hey, the book cover looks good ! I’m getting this book…I never did get your 1st one. Best of luck with this !! Take it easy.

  4. Zack

    Double thanks.


    How come you didn’t request a copy as a Bar Mitzvah gift? Oh wait, was the book even availablle then? Congrats on the baseball tour. That is AWESOME.


    Okay, well that all makes sense. It’s a shame that your ball doesn’t have the special logo, but maybe since it was your first ever, it’s nice that it was a regular one. Glad you like the cover, and thanks for planning to pick up a copy when it’s ready.


    Cool. I wasn’t sure if there was a semantics issue…you know, like a requirement to say “co-MVP” or something. Because that would just look messy on the cover.


    Will there be a Zack Hample signing once the book is finalized? Will there be a picture deal and if so who will play the part of the amazing Z?

  6. Zack

    Cool. I would’ve left you a comment, but you don’t have it set for anonymous comments. But why the new blog? What’s wrong with MLBlogs?


    Thank you, sir.


    I have no idea at this point. I assume there’ll be a few NYC signings, but I don’t know about the rest of the country (world?). Picture deal. I like it. Make it happen. I’ll need a stunt double. Are you interested?

  7. Diane

    I’m not an editor (nor do I play one on TV), but should there really be a comma between “Semi-experts” and “and Deeply Serious Geeks” ???

    I thought you never put a comma between the last two items in a list ….

    Regardless … I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  8. Zack

    There’s no firm rule about the “serial comma.” Newspapers generally avoid it to save space, but it’s a different story for books. Regardless, THANKS. I’m glad you’re looking forward.

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