Book Update #2


Just received bound galleys for Watching Baseball Smarter. They were printed based on last month’s version of the manuscript, so my final edits (which I submitted seven days ago) didn’t make it in, but that’s usually how it works. And that’s why it says the following at the top of the cover:

Please do not quote for publication without checking the finished book

This green-and-white cover is NOT the final cover. Not even close. The final cover is still in the works. I recently received an image of what it might end up looking like, but I’d get yelled at for sharing it before it’s finalized.

These bound galleys are going to be mailed to media and publishing people, and possibly some baseball folks, so they can look it over ahead of time and decide if they want to write a review or give a quote for the back cover. (Does anyone know Cal Ripken Jr.? And would he like to see the book? Or Kevin Costner? Or Hank Aaron? Or Peter Gammons?)

Click here for Book Update #1




    I remember buying the first book at a scholastic book fair when I was in 4th grade!

    Just wondering, were you ever going to go to another NHL game and try to get a puck?

  2. Zack

    Where’ve y’been?


    I started with ten copies, and within a few hours, I was down to five. My parents each got one, then took an extra to give to a well-connected friend. I’m keeping one for myself and already mailed another to someone at the top of my list. The list is long…and yet these remaining five copies need to last until the book itself is ready. That’s four months from now. I’m not even giving a copy to my girlfriend. Oh wait, I don’t have one. But if I did, I wouldn’t give it to her. Unless it was Lia. I mean, are you just eager to check it out or are you involved with the media or MLB in some way? If you have a great reason why you should get one, I could talk to my editor and see if she has any extras, but otherwise, I’m afraid there’s not much I can do.


    Heh. And where have YOU been?


    I’m excited that you’re excited. Fourth grade for the first book? Jeez. We’re going waaay back. My hockey phase lasted about a week, and it never really was a phase. I’d go to another game if someone gave me a free ticket, but I’m already juggling too many obsessions as it is.


    Aww dude i cant wait, but until then i will stick around in Hockey Season and my ANaheim Ducks baby!


    if they s*ck then how come they are first in the nhl, and your ****** coyotes are in ***** last place? how is that


    Get ready for next season predictions.

    Jays vs Mets in W.S and Jays win in 6

    Why because we’re beefed with power with Thomas Overbay Wells Glaus Rios and Zaun

    Also we’re looking at getting Gil Meche and our rotation will look very solid.






    Marcum #6

    O YEA!


    Tee hee. Gil Meche.

    Hey Zack, no idea if you need more people to review/pimp the book, and our baseball book group out here is kind of on hiatus for the offseason, but I’m still reading and reviewing baseball books on my blog on a regular basis, so if you’re looking for any more pimps once the book has a cover to judge it by, let me know.



    Since when has one team been so affected by a trade of one good player? Look at what happened to the Miami Dolphins this year when they were predicted to finish first in the AFC East over my Patriots. THey did nothing with Culpepper

    Look at the Chicago Bulls so far since when they got Ben Wallace. THey aren’t doing good at all

    Look at the Yankees since bringing in A-Rod. Sure they have won the division so many times in a row, but have they made it to the World Seires since bringing him? No they haven’t, have the Red Sox? YES!

    SO when you predict something big like that, wait until SPring Training is over and definetely dont base your prediciton on one trade of an aging player.


    senoroctobure -when I said that the anaheim ducks s*ck I was not really basing that on records.I just said that In general they *****.Jimmy-make all the predictions you want but I am telling you that my red sox will win this year.Manny has been in many trade rumors.I want the sox to keep him. But,I hate his attitude.Either play the game you are paid to play or go to another team that will put up with your so called injuries.But if they are gunna trade him I say do it now do it now before you end up paying half of his remaining contract.


    lol senor thats the dumbest comparison

    comparing the jays to the dolphins is the stupidest thing you could do. who cares about the phins culpepper was comign off a major injury and has barely played this season.

    wallace hates the bulls coaching which is way to strict

    and the yankees **** with or without e rod


    I am watching Espn and I hope what steve phillips said is not true.He said the red sox may be interested in BARRY BONDS as a replacement for Manny Ramirez.God i hope not.


    At the end of last year, he was looking like an allstar caliber player again. He’s good.


    Nothing is wrong with him except the obvious steroids he is on but so is Jason Giambi.I just think that David Ortiz will get walked alot without manny Ramirez in front of him.

  13. Zack

    You’re excited about Zaun?! Haven’t we been through this before?


    Tee hee, indeed. I’ll take all the pimps I can get. Thanks! Do you want to just wait ’til the book is out? As soon as my editor tells me I can share the cover, I’ll post it here. At that point, feel free to grab it and re-post it, or whatever. Or is there something else you have in mind? Yay.


    I like your argument.


    You don’t like his argument? Awww.


    I’m already prepared to stop rooting for the Sox if the J.D. Drew deal goes through. If the Sox add Barry to the mix, I will never root for them.


    Riiiight, because on-field performance is the only thing that matters.


    Thanks. I’ve actually written him a number of comments since last year, but never heard back. So I don’t know what to say.

  14. Benjamin

    I am an extremely influential and well-connected individual who writes for the highly-esteemed MLB Advanced Media juggernaut. One of my quotes on the back cover of your book would result in a sales spike of at least 25,000 copies. If you wish for me to read your book, then deliver it to our Chelsea Market offices. Come at night, and come alone.

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