First of all, Jeter got robbed. I don’t even like the Yankees, so I’m allowed to say that the man had a MUCH better year than Less-neau.

Secondly, what’s everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Traveling? Family? Big plans? No plans?

I’m traveling to my parents‘ place, which happens to be seven blocks away. All three of my siblings will be there, plus half a dozen family friends including Jules…the “family Jules,” if you will. He’s the guy who went to Camden Yards with me on my birthday.



    How’s the book coming? Did you send in the final edits? I’m going to go watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, in Manhattan, for the first time in my life so I guess that should be good. Going to the Islanders game on Saturday but I’m really not sure if I want to stand in 20 degree weather for some autographs.


    yeah i’m really bummed about jeter…his best year since 99 and they shunned him.
    happy t day zack…i’m going to my dad’s …i miss the upper west side…(a w78th st guy for 23 years!)


    robbed *** are you talkign about? morneau lead a team not even close to the playoff picture to 1st place in one of the hardest divisions in baseball. Its movst valuable player not best stats. Morneau started off **** and the twins were **** to. When morneau got good the twins exploded and look where he brougth them… 1st place! Oh yeah and the 2nd most wins in the AL only behind the yanks.

    oh not to mention his 321 average 34 homers and 130 RBIs. CANADA HATER!



    You guys don’t know what you’re talking about except for Mark :-)

    First off, Morneau may not have even been the best on his team. And it is arguable that Joe Mauer had more VALUE than Morneau (it’s the Most VALUABLE Player award, not the best player award).

    Mauer had a WARP3 of 10.6. WARP3 is a cumulative statistic that says overall offensive performance. Morneau had a WARP3 of 8.6. So not only did Mauer have a better offensive performance, he played at a much more offensively “depressed” (if you will) position, catcher. First base is the most important offensive position in the game, so a lot of first basemen in the American League put up comparable numbers to Morneau. Adding to this, Mauer’s position is a much more important defensive position.

    Now that we’ve proven that Morneau wasn’t even the best/most valuable, offensive player on his team, let’s throw Jeter into the mix.

    Jeter had a cumulative WARP3 of 12.1. That makes him the most valuable of the 3 players in terms of offense. Jeter plays shortstop, which is more important than first base, but less important than catcher. So there’s another up for Jeter over Morneau.

    Also, Jeter was the ONLY true consistent, uninjured player on the Yankees this year. Without him, they for sure wouldn’t have made the playoffs. Jeter was the single most valuable player to his team in the American League.

    So, JETER IS THE BEST.***** THE Baseball Writers Association of America. Retards.


    So it IS TRUE. Jeter was robbed of the MVP. The Twins had a lot of valuable players and most likely would have made the playoffs without Morneau, though I must admit that Morneau was important, but not as important as Jeter.


    How is Mauer more valuable than Morneau??!! I just can’t seem to get why everyone is against Justin. Where would the Twins be without Morneau? Where would the Yankees be without Jeter? And how in the world is shortstop a more important position than first base??!! That’s ridiculous. If you didn’t have a first baseman, you wouldn’t get many outs, would you??


    I mean in terms of defense, dannyzhang. It is important for short stops to be excellent defensive players…at first base, it’s not important (see Giambi, Jason starting 1st baseman for the Yankees 2002-2006). In fact, Giambi is so bad that they’re converting him to a full time DH for 2007 and beyond.


    Yeh Charlie I wouldn’t probably stand in an empty pit with lion/s to get an autograph… Wayne Gretzky’s or Michael Jordan’s autograph but not for some Wahington Caapitals even though I may consider freezing my extremities.


    * I would stand in an empty pit with lions
    to get Gretzky’s or Jordan’s autograph


    never have i heard and baseball analysit or any baseball personality talk about the WARP3. you might want to find a more knwon stat.

    BUDDY LOOK! When Morneau was doing bad hitting in the low 200s the twins were **** an dlooked liek they would be teh biggest disappointment in baseball. But Morneau tehn lit it up and what happened to thw twins? They took over the last years champs teh white sox then the powerful tigers. That is what shows how valuable he is. Without him the twins were nothing with him they were Central champs.

    Look at jeter without jeter the yansk would be worse but theyd still win and overall have a good record.

    The posistion doesnt matter though SS is more important then 1B the SS leader of the infield that doesnt matte rwhen determingin MVP.

    morneau had great stats its not like he was hitting low 300s minimal homers and less then a 100 RBIs.

    Justin deserved it FACE IT!


    I’m not using my Yankee Bias; I’ve stated the facts and it proves that Jeter is most valuable, *****.


    Wow everybody is getting REALLY worked up about this, I’m a Yankee fan and I agree that Jeter played amazingly this year but Morneau was just as valuable to the Twins as Jeter was to the Yankees so I guess he deserved it


    youve stated 0 facts except your stupid WARP3 **** that noone has ever heard of.

    hold on im checikng my statbok now. LOOK! morneau has a all star rating of 100/100 and jeter has one 90/100. that all star ratign is a huge stat isnt it? anyone can make up some BS noone cares about.

    the most important stat is MVP votes and guess what morneau won! deal with it!


    Jeter came through when his team needed him to this season, batting .381 with runners in scoring position. Mauer hit .360 with RISP, while Dye hit .351, Morneau .323 and Ortiz .288.

  15. Zack

    Wow. Didn’t mean to start World War III with my MVP comment. But that’s cool. I like the passion. I’m still in shock over the selection, though. As Yanks Fan pointed out, Less-neau wasn’t even the most valuable player on his TEAM. He wasn’t even the SECOND most valuable. Mauer and Santana were both much bigger parts of the Twins’ success. Anyway…


    Fun video. Thanks.


    I did send in the final edits…three days ago. Did you go ahead with your plans to see the parade? The weather is NASTY.


    78th Street? Hello! I’m surprised we never ran into each other. I forget if I’ve mentioned that I (unfortunately) went to Collegiate.


    Uh, I think Jeter plays in a slightly harder division than Less-neau, and for the record, this has nothing to do with Canada. I mean, how can you hate Canada? Hating Canada is like hating Jeter or A-Rod. Canada has never done anything wrong. Anyone who hates Canada is jealous and self-loathing.


    Excellent points. But seriously, what’s with this WARP3 business? I’ve never even heard of that. Is that some new “Baseball Prospectus” goop?


    That’s funny about 1B vs SS.


    I’m gonna eat you. Sorry.


    No we didnt want to get soaked so we decided just to go out to eat, we still got soaked though.

  17. Nick

    Ok. Ok.

    First of all, I hate the “not the most valuable on his own team argument.” It holds no water. A pitcher can’t be a most valuable player, he doesn’t play every day. Morneau was more valuable than Mauer. Period. Mauer didn’t even drive in 100 runs. Last I checked, Morneau drove in the second most in the American League.

    I’m not going to say that Jeter didn’t deserve it, thought. I’m not going to say anyone didn’t deserve it. I think it was on Around the Horn, or some other ESPN show where someone said something like: “you cant make a case AGAINST any of these guys, you can only make cases FOR them, and Morneau just got more votes.” And for the whole “position argument,” the only two positions that hurt a MVP candidate are pitcher and DH, because they dont play the whole game.

    Anyways, (Being from Minnesota) I’m VERY VERY happy Morneau won it, and to tell the truth, I thought Jeter had it wrapped up. Jeter is from NY, Morneau isn’t. I thought the NY media would bring their boy the hardware, but I guess not.

    What is it with Jeter? The man who they call Mr. Clutch or something like that has never won an MVP. Yeah, I’d like to see him win one, but that being said, I LOVE to see my Minnesota boy win. So, power to ya, Minnesota: MVP, Cy Young, and Batting Champ.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  18. Zack

    I got (semi-)soaked even with an umbrella.


    I hope you ate lots of other good stuff.


    Aww, you hate my argument? That’s okay. I’m just glad to hear from you, and anyway, you have a mighty fine argument of your own. Your team DID kick heinie in the awards department. But you know what? Jeter doesn’t need the hardware. He’s got four rings, and he transcends the MVP award.


    Morneau: .300

    Jeter: .309


    Morneau: 190

    Jeter: 214


    Morneau: 72

    Jeter: 52

    K/BB ratio

    Morneau: 1.754

    Jeter: 1.478


    Morneau: .321

    Jeter: .343


    Morneau: .559

    Jeter: .483


    Morneau: 16

    Jeter: 39


    Morneau: 8.6

    Jeter: 12.1

    EQR adj

    Morneau: 116

    Jeter: 127


    Morneau: .934

    Jeter: .900

    In all these stats It’s either Morneau wins slightly or Jeter wins by a landslide. Jeter has much better defensive stats and very similar offensive stats, so i think you have to give it to Jeter.

  20. Zack

    Thank you. Thank you very much.


    Good point, I guess, but you’re using stats that no one (except eleven people) has ever heard of.


    Really? You’ve never heard of hits? How about average? What about slugging, OPS, or K/BB ratio, or even XBH? If you’re thinking “what’s XBH”…it means “extra base hits…” I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of those. OPS is slugging+on base. That’s not tough. K/BB ratio is easy to grasp, too. It’s just a ratio of how many strikeouts per walk. The lower, the better.

    I’ve heard of all of those except FRAR.

  22. Zack

    Some of those stats (like “WARP” and “EQR”) are pretty obscure and limited to the Baseball Prospectus crowd, no?


    Well…I guess they are. But I’m a real baseball nerd. So I have to defend those wierd stats. But, they aren’t hard to grasp…

    EQA is simply the players batting average adjusted so that there is no such thing as ballpark effects. i.e.-You know how high altitude make the ball travel further, that’s a ballpark effect. This stat neutralizes it so that all players have the same basis for their batting average.

    EQR is the same concept, except with runs scored.

    WARP3 is “wins above replacement player.” A replacement-level player is your typical .260 batting average guy. Average power. Average getting on base skills. They are said to chip in for zero wins to their team. Anybody better than a replacement-level player contributes “wins” to their team.

  24. Zack

    Excellent explanations. I didn’t know all of that, and I suspect lots of other people reading this didn’t either.

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