Zack cards

Check out these cards my friend Sean made for me:


That’s it. Just wanted to share. I’ve been adding a ton of photos to my site. Final edits for Watching Baseball Smarter are due tomorrow…



    hey zack, congrats on turning the final version to them tomorrow. i would imagine that this must be what a broadway director on opening night feels…one has done the best work one could and now it’s in the hands of the editors etc…but i seem to recall in one of the last posts that you are very simpatico with your editor… from what i gather a good author editor relationship is essential for a good book…and more importantly keeping one’s sanity. i seem to be rambling here/…i cant wait to get the book and you’re right…it will be better closer to Opening Day…and btw i’m gonna take the liberty of e mailing you with 2 or three small improvements for the new…these would involve small navigation issues etc…as well a more focused home page…
    on the other hand , what the heck do i know about web design…well i know what u like and what works with.

    i reaaly didnt want to bring in one th

  2. Zack

    First of all, why the **** are you awake? Are you already up? Are you still up? I’m still up.

    Secondly, I think the publication date will be more like the Broadway opening. And actually, Vintage IS located on Broadway. Hmm…

    Thirdly, you’re right about the editor-author relationship. I like my editor a lot, and not just because she looks like Jodie Foster.

    Fourthly, I welcome your thoughts on my site. I know the home page is not the best. I’m probably going to redesign it to look (more) like the other pages. All my energy right now is going toward the photos. Overall, I’ve probably done less than 10 percent of everything I have planned. Perhaps less than 5 percent. Fixing the site is going to take weeks, if not months. And that’s fine. I just need to have it ready by March 27 because that’s when the book comes out, and my site’s URL (as well as this blog’s URL…yes, two URLs) is going to appear in the book under my “About the Author” blurb. So a LOT of people are probably going to be checking it out. But for now? Meh. I’m only getting about 100 hits a day, and most of them are coming from here, so it’s not a major concern. But of course that doesn’t mean I’m not obsessed with working on it.

    (Talk about rambling…)


    yes, as a matter of fact i had been up all night editing music for a project i’m working on…and now that i re-read my post it seems i stopped in the middle of a sentence…at least i didnt fall asleep in my chair.
    i definitely agree with you about having the site as impressive as possible before the book launch…i’m sure you know that a great website can really enhance your career.

    i was wondering if it is possible for you to have the video clip from the times and the one from cbs embedded on your media page. also the red type on the home page is difficult to read (at least in safari)



    Nice pictures Zack.Okay my coyotes are on a winning streak but that might stop against the mighty ducks tonight I hope not!

  5. Zack

    I was wondering about your mid-sentence stop. I don’t know how to embed video clips. I’m using an OLD version of Dreamweaver, FYI. Red font no good? Huh. Maybe orange? I’ll play around with it as soon as I write my final paragraph for the book. Thanks.


    Glad you like ’em. Good luck to your Coyotes.

  6. Zack

    Will do later on…this has turned into a crazy day.


    In 1994, my summer ball coach knew someone with the Mets and recommended a few of his players for a tryout. There were many players that day from all over the region; you just can’t see any of them in that photo.


    I sent in my final edits. Woo-hoo!!!

  7. Zack

    No, I’ll continue to LOSE sleep by obsessing over my web site.


    What did the scouts think? Well, um, you don’t see me playing anywhere now, do you? I did well at the tryout but didn’t dazzle anyone. I was only 16, and there were guys almost a decade older who were SERIOUSLY good. I mean, you could just tell that they were pro-ball caliber. As for the rubber band ball, there are already a bunch of pics of it on my site. Just comb through the photos section, and you’ll find ’em.

  8. Zack

    Thanks. I wonder if I should make some of the links that color…for example the final word “here” in the long description about the new book. I hope to finish adding photos within the next few days and then move on to other sections.




    yeah i think you should…i noticed the red “here”…it is a bit glaring and that shade of blue you picked not only attractive but also easy on the eyes

  10. Zack

    I just checked out the link about creating Flash videos—thanks!—but I have to say that it made my head spin. I’ve bookmarked the site, though, and the next time that of my genius computer friends comes over, I’ll start asking questions. It’s a shame about Jeter. He got mugged.

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