I’ve completely overhauled my web site. Remember what it used to look like? If not, I envy you. Seriously, what the hell was I thinking? How come none of you people ever told me how embarrassingly pathetic it was?

Doesn’t matter. I’m moving on.

Unfortunately, I’m not a master web designer. Not even close. If my web skills were converted into snagging, I’d struggle to average one ball per game–better than most of the population, but lousy compared to the veteran ballhawks–so keep that in mind when you check out the new There’s no sound or moving graphics. I don’t even know how to do that. Maybe I’ll teach myself some day, but for now, I’m just going to focus on filling in the basics. I need to write a new bio. I want to make pages for each of my books instead of linking directly to them. I plan to put all my geeky snagging lists back up after I make them more presentable. And I’ll be adding a LOT of photos. Oh yes, get ready for the photos…



    hey zack…i thought you were trying to parody
    a really bad website…or perhaps you were forced at gunpoint to let an eight year old design it for you. anyway it looks swell now…nice color on the home page as well as great font. my favorite pic is that cool angle of the baseballs.

    and i DO think it’s a good idea to have internal links to stuff like your books instead of making it so easy for people to stumble away before they see everything…



    hey zack THOMAS A JAY! :D I can tell you know come baseball season ill be postiong about catching #500!!!

    Go JAYS GO


    zack- The mets released their scheduls today. Openingday at shea is monday april 9th 1:10, they play the yankees at shea may 18-20th and oakland and minnesota come to shea.

  4. Zack

    Do you disagree?


    Nice. The story is that the site didn’t even exist when my first book came out. A year later (2000), it hit me that I needed something, and my college girlfriend had this aunt who worked for a company that designed sites, and they threw it all together for me really fast. Anyway, thanks. I’m glad you like the new site. It’ll get better. I might redesign the home page to look like all the others, and I’ll definitely be adding a whole lot of content in the coming days/weeks/months…


    I love the Big Hurt. I’m glad to finally see him playing for an Eastern Division team.




    Just dont except to make the playoffs this year(at least as the division winners)Thomas isnt gunna matter that much.He isnt that good.


    38 homers 114 RBIs isn’t good?

    The Soxs are going dwn I really doubt Matsuzaka is going to be all dat cause hes playing in a sandbox in Fenway and he’s gonna get rocked.

    Just watch once we add another pitecher, catcher and maybve Lugo we will be unstoppable.


    i love big frank and am glad he got a great deal…im kinda sorry he’s in the same division against the yankees though


    Hey Zack,

    Apparently, you have a wikipedia page now. Go to and search Zack Hample

  9. Zack

    It’s only November and you guys are trash-talking already?! Wow. But that’s fine. Carry on.


    That’s nice of you to say. I had two main issues with it:

    1) It was both simple and sloppy.

    2) It ONLY talked about my baseball collection, so it made people think that that’s the only thing I do with my life.


    I’m not sorry. Haha.


    Whoa! Who put that there?! Too bad they got the date wrong when I started collecting. It was 1990, not 1992. Thanks for pointing it out. Now I’ve really hit the bigtime. :-)

  10. Zack

    Oh! You mean it’s that easy? Wait…Did you have to set up an account on there to make changes? How DOES it work?

  11. Zack

    There’s a picture of it somewhere on THIS blog. You didn’t see it? Then how did you know? Are you saying I should put the pic on my site? I’ll be adding lots of pics over the next week, including several of the ball.

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