Book Update #1


My new book has a new subtitle.
Originally, it was going to be called:

A Professional Fan’s Guide to the Ins and Outs of the Game

Instead of that, it’s going to be:

A Professional Fan’s Guide for Beginners, Semi-Experts, and Deeply Serious Geeks

I prefer the new title. What do YOU think?

The publication date has also changed. Initially, Vintage was set for February 13, 2007, but it’s been pushed back six weeks. New date: March 27. (For the deeply serious geeks who are keeping score at home and too lazy to do the math, that’s 137 days from now.)

For the last couple months, I’ve been working hard with my editor to tighten up the manuscript and find all the things that needed to be clarified, simplified, added, deleted, and updated. Just the other day I received the galleys, which is publishing jargon for “the unbound version of what the inside of the book will look like.” Before I got the galleys, the only version I’d seen was the one my printer spat out–and that looked about as interesting as my fourth grade term paper on Eskimos. (No offense to Eskimos.) It feels great to finally see the “book” looking like a BOOK with all the different fonts and headings and footnotes and lists and charts and diagrams and illustrations.

I have 10 days to make all my final changes. If I want to change something small (for example update Randy Johnson’s career K/9 from 10.95 to 10.77 or add “Steve Blass Disease” to the glossary), I’ll simply hand write it into the galleys. But if I want to do anything big (like add a section that explains the runner’s box), I’ll have to type it separately and print it and paper-clip it to the page where it’s supposed to go. It’s a lot of work. But it’s fun work. It’s the kind of work I’d been hoping I’d have to do one day.

I still don’t know what the cover will look like. I’m assuming a decision will be made soon…



    hey…i think you’re right; the title is probably better beacuse right “off the bat” it will appeal to all baseball fans. the earlier title might have alienated newbies…they might have thought it would be too technical for everyone to understand and enjoy. meanwhile, a bit of a drag about the delay, but i guess these things happen. say…how long is the book?


    Hey Zack-

    Sounds good. I like the title a lot. They’re both good, actually. Whatever. It doesn’t matter to me; I’ll be buying the book no matter what. Do you know how much it will cost? Will it be hardcover?

  3. Zack



    I’m glad you think so. I agree. I think the new title also has more energy, you know? I’m not bothered by the delay. It’s fun to have a book “in the works” so the way I see it is that I get to enjoy this time even longer. Plus, it’s probably better that it’ll be coming out closer to Opening Day. Right now, it’s 252 pages, but that will probably change somewhat.


    Thanks. It’ll be paperback (but not one of those cheap ones like my first book), and I think the price will be $13.95.

  4. Zack

    Where? Why? What’s the plan?


    Oh yeah? In that case, hang on while I write three more chapters. :-)



    I’m gonna be all over the place. I’m gonna be at Sara Beth’s kitchen for lunch over at (East)

    1295 Madison Avenue (92nd St.)

    That’ll be lunch/brunch/breakfast…

    probably around 9 or 10 AM. After that, I honestly have no idea. We are possibly going to the top of the Empire State Building. We might also go to Dylan’s Candy Bar at

    1011 Third Avenue

    New York, NY 10021

    If you know where Seredipity 3 is, Dylan’s is near there. I’ll keep you posted as to what we are doing.


    I cant wait for it to come out. Yesterday I snuck into the joe torre foundation at chelsea piers I got these autos: jeter, torre, berra, bob gibson, oneill, tino martinez,hideki matsui, cecil fielder,pettitte, bernie williams, posada. The food was great and they had robert klein do comedy and the hot mariah carrey sing. The amazing thing was I wasnt in a suit and I didnt get kicked out.


    Hey Zack–

    Yeah, I’m definitely gonna be going to Sara Beth’s and the Empire State Building tommorow. Just my mom and I, most likely. Tonight, we’re going to the famous pizza place on Bleecker Street…

    Bleecker Street Pizza is at the corner of Bleecker Street and 7th Avenue South, I think.

  8. Zack

    Sounds like a great time, but it’s all downtown and on the East Side. I was thinking that if you were going to be in my neighborhood (Upper West Side), I could run downstairs and say hello. But maybe it’s just as well. I’m in CrazyWriter Mode right now, working extremely hard on making these final edits.


    Excellent. Geeks are my favorite people.


    WOW! How’d you pull that off? I hadn’t even heard about this event…but then again, I’m in my own world this week.


    AMAZING…i would have LOVE to have been there and met all those guys. i read about the event in the times



    Upper West Side, huh. Yeah, I’m not gonna be around there, I don’t think. Oh well, I’d rather meet you at a baseball game anyway.


    Not so fast. The Nats will be coming to Shea during the first homestand of the season, but it will be a weekend. So maybe Manny will still show love for Zack…


    any chance for some freebies for the posters ? :) i know its been talked about before but this way you could sign it :D

  13. Zack

    Only one exclamation point? A statement like that deserves at least eight or nine.


    Good point. It’s not like Manny’s going to the alien AL West.


    I could also sign it if you buy a copy and mail it to me.


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