new camera

My Canon ELPH S200 is gone. The SD700 is here. Finally.


I know it’s not the absolute newest model, but whatever. I saved $100 and got a two-gig memory card. (If only I’d made this upgrade before visiting that nude beach in San Diego…)



    Thats a nice camera. I only use the one on my phone which is okay. Anyway, Do you have any stats on how many minor leauge baseballs you have got.


    He took that while looking at a mirror.

    You can tell by the hat being backwards and it would be really akward to take a photo with one hand of yurself as you hold out another camera.

    Haven’t posted in a while so yea… will post in another long time HOCKEY SEASON O YEA!


    Zack- yeh i know the photos are blurry- i have a crappy $30 camera that blurs everything, thanks for the comment

    Kaylee- they coyotes were lucky- anybody can score against Rick DiPietro nowadays so I’m not suprised you beat us. Thanks for the comment(s)

  4. Zack

    Thanks. I don’t keep any records for minor league balls, but if you want to read my recap of the ONE minor league game I’ve been to since I started blogging, the date of the entry was May 6, 2005.


    The new one.


    Good call.


    There’s so much hockey talk here that I don’t know if you’re talking about the ones from New York or Texas. I’m hoping for the latter.


    Thank you. Another important stage in the production of my book will be happening this week, so I might post another update soon.


    A $30 camera?! Jeez. I didn’t know there was such a thing. You are forgiven.


    John-Curtis joseph is the same way i dont think you could send him to the ahl and he would have success right now!God georges laraque what the heck was that score for the other team why dont you.


    okay i am done talking hockey at least until my coyotes win another game.and that wont be tonight not the way they are playing oh god dallas is tough!


    I want to talk baseball…

    I’m so happy. School’s out. In NJ we have a four day weekend because of the NJEA teacher convention that no teacher in my school actually goes to!



    well baseball america has begun to release it’s 2007 top 10 prospects per organization. Today they released the Yankees…Phil Hughes and Jose Tabata as the top tier, then a lot of other guys like Dellin Betances, Joba Chamberlain, Tyler Clippard, Ian Kennedy, and others


    senor-think about that twice would you there are alot more better hockey teams out there.okay enough hockey.


    Hey Zack,

    I always am seeing you wearing a hat. My parents don’t like me wearing them inside the house because they say it’ll make me bald quicker, is this true?

  11. Zack

    Thanks for bringing the focus here back to baseball, and hey, congrats on the four-day weekend. That’s awesome. Interesting about the prospects. I didn’t know Baseball America had started doing it. Hughes is THE name we keep hearing about. Think we’ll see him in the Bronx next year? September call-up, perhaps? I voted. Yes. This country (and the world) is in serious trouble.


    That’s funny, and I really can’t provide scientific evidence. I never heard that balding theory before, but I suppose it could be argued that the hat would block the flow of oxygen to the roots of the hair follicles, thus making them weaker over time. But I doubt it. (And anyway, in New York City, the air is so nasty that it’s probably a GOOD thing to keep it away from your head.) I think baldness is more of a genetic thing. Plenty of people wear hats and never go bald. Plenty of people never wear hats and DO go bald. So who knows? I actually don’t wear hats all that often…pretty much only at baseball games and in random photographs for this blog. But everywhere else, I proudly flaunt my shaved head. Check out my photo albums. You’ll see it. As for the “No Hats Inside” rule…well, I don’t agree with that, and I will never enforce that when I’m a parent, but as long as you’re living in your parents’ place (and they’re feeding you and paying the rent), you pretty much have to do what they say.


    Hmmm… I’ll pass. But it would defintely make an interesting segment on CBS. Zack snags in the buff…

  13. Zack

    Parents are funny like that. I mean, something as harmless as a hat? In a place as harmless as a house? I mean, if you had a lucky shirt that you only washed once every three months, I could understand your parents asking you not to wear it at the dinner table. But a hat?! I mean, is there a gang logo on it? I don’t get it. What’s the harm? Anyway, I’ll stop. I don’t know how many parents out there are reading this, and I don’t want to get in trouble.


    Snags = Shags.


    I thought the DAllas Stars were good.HOW THE **** Are my coyotes beating them I love it but…………That would be a major loss for dallas.

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