I thought it might be cool to post one giant pic of all the autographed ticket stubs I got this year (including some from ’04 and ’05 which were signed this year). Can you spot the future Hall of Famer? Or the ESPN announcer? What about the NL recipient of the Hank Aaron Award (presented by Century 21)? Don’t miss the Jose Reyes cycle stubs…



    i’m guessing the future hall of famer is ryan howard ( R.H. on the phillies ticket)
    kinda hard to read most of them…but you should see my handwriting



    you should put all of your autographs and lineup cards as you wall in your room with the magazine clippings


    I actually think its really interesting to see how much you spend to get in. Very cool. The signatures are so hard to see!!

  4. Zack

    Actually, no, that’s not the guy I’m talking about. (And it’s not David Wright, either.)


    Good idea in theory, but it wouldn’t be all that sexy. Maybe when I’m married and have a bigger place…


    Cool. Even Helton? I’ve never gotten him.


    These ticket stubs are not necessarily the ones I bought. I find a lot of stubs on the ground after games, and I also hang out near the exits and ask people for their stubs as they’re leaving. So it’s hard to say. I can tell you that I never spent $50 to get into Shea, nor did I get into Great American Ball Park for free.


    the 2nd last one by andre either was teh future hall of famer.. the announcer was the one that said to zack hi! adn the hank aaron one is teh howard one

  6. Zack

    Fingers are overrated.


    Actually, the second-to-last autograph (SEPT 7) is Nomar. Ethier signed the back of that stub, but I’m lazy and didn’t bother scanning it. You’re right about the announcer, but do you know who it is?




    JohnJamahoney – You go to hockey games??? finally another avid hockey fan on this blog besides me. my friends own a Club Box for the Anaheim Ducks and i go quite often. ive gottein a puck on my birthday that was signed by selanne.

    My autograph list is for Hockey as goes:

    Teemu Selanne – ticket stub, and game used puck

    Sergei Feodorv – puck

    Chris Kunitz – puck

    Scott Niedermayer – puck

    Chris Pronger – Puck

    Andy Macdonald – my jersey, and puck

    Travis Moen – my jersey

    and many other players on the ducks included those who tried out and didn’t make it who are no on the portland pirates. id love to hear more about your autographs.Peace


    hey i like hockey and would talk about it more if my coyotes would even win.I dont like Georges Laraque they got from edmonton though.He cant play.


    John jahomey – i do not have a blog, but i have a myspace. do u?

    zack – you should know you caught a puck :]


    not only you get a lot of baseball you seem to get a lot of jose reyes autograph as well. I got david wright and a few at batting practice. You remmeber when you got yours and jose reyes too. you probably caught a lot of baseball as well.

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