Two great balls

The World Series is almost over. I had to break these out…


…or IS it almost over? Verlander vs. Weaver? Detroit has the pitching edge tonight. Is a Tigers win out of the question? No. And if they win, the series goes back to Detroit. Who knows what could happen then? I think we might have a seven-game extravaganza on our hands.

(Someone just alerted me that I’ve been written up in England. Baseball matches. I love it.)



    could that be any more ugly? the one on the left is brutal but because its world series its one of the best


    great pic zack…i put it on my desktop…about this years series…as much as i’d like to see the cards win at home and rogers discraced i’m also faced with the reality of no more games to watch if it ends tonight. i dont think i’m ready yet…


    zack just notcied jays play teh tigers early in april next season!:D think theyll possibly have any left over balsl from the world series that are marked? :) definately going ot thats eries :D


    I saw the CBS piece on the evening and morning news while I was in Queretaro, Mexico. I thought it was a good segment, but I didnt like how he portrayed you (and by association, other collectors) as a person who only cares about the hobby, as if nothing else in your life matters to you. Also, I didnt think the closing sentence was necessary, and Hartman came off seeming (at least to me) somewhat demeaning and rude. Aside from that, I thought it was interesting and fun to watch.
    And it looks like St Louis will be pretty crowded next season.

  5. Zack



    I think it IS cluttered, but I kinda like it. I’d say there’s a good chance there’ll be some World Series balls left over. You should go for it.


    Uh oh. No more baseball. NOW WHAT?! (Actually, I’m kinda relieved.)


    Wow, the piece aired in Mexico too? I agree with everything you said, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. It really WAS an insult to all (baseball) collectors. I’m now having second thoughts about visiting St. Louis in 2007…but no, I should just go and get it over with. I can already tell that I’m going to hate that place.

  6. Zack

    Not at Coors. Maybe at Shea, or in Philly or St. Louis. I’ve already been to Coors. Before I think about going back, I gotta hit up all the places I haven’t been to.



    You can now focus on snagging phone numbers! Keep track so when you break Rose’s record and they do another segment on you, you can boast, and maybe get Katie Couric’s number too!

  8. Zack

    I prefer collecting email addresses, but yes, good thinking.


    I got them during batting practice the following seasons in NYC. Cool, huh?


    CONGRATS TO THE CARDINALS!See the Nl is better then the al but not next year the red sox will be back.



    congrats to st.louis for the ws championship. they became the team with the worst regular season to record to win the world series and the second worst record team to make a world series (73 mets went 82-80, lost to OAK)

    congrats to david on the ws mvp, and the new corvette.

    and i know one person who enjoyed seeing stl win, and he had the best seats in the house.




    zack how about a trip back to T.O next year and check out the recently renovvated rogers center. i want to see how much i **** compared to you at the rogers center lol



    Definitely cool. I NEED to catch a ball next year…it’s a **** shame my family is getting Yankees season tickets…because I know that my parents definitely won’t go to any other games. I wouldn’t go to Shea next year; I would think that probably the best ballpark to go to in our area next year would be Baltimore when a West Coast team, the Royals, or the Devil Rays are in town.

  13. Zack

    The best thing (for me) about the Cardinals’ victory is the brief silencing of American League fans.


    Well said. DK is still very much in my heart/mind.


    As I told Charlie above, I need to focus on the place(s) I haven’t been to before I start returning to my favorites…and SkyDome always WAS one of my faves. What renovations have there been other than the removal of that beautiful AstroTurf?


    Come on now, you can’t really be complaining about your parents getting season tickets. I think my parents have attended a grand total of 10 or 20 games in their entire lives. Good call about Baltimore. I think you’re right.


    hey now…just cause i’m a yankee fan doesn’t make me an american league fan…after the yankee’s had their pathetic meltdown i was ALL for the mets…and then the cards…i just couldn’t root for detroit…more for rogers behavior (as you know) than for detroit beating the yankess…or am i kidding myself?

  15. Zack

    I like you more now (if, indeed, you’re not kidding).


    **** no. If I don’t catch it myself, I don’t want it. (Too bad more people don’t feel that way.)

  16. Charlie

    That is a big ripoff the way they sell balls for $15 while you can just take a little time and energy to get a ball at a game.



    Wow! Your parents only saw like 10-20 MLB games…this season alone my parents saw like 6 or 7…AND when my mom was growing up, her family had a corporate suite at Shea Stadium, so she went to a lot of games.AND my father went to a lot of games growing up at Yankee Stadium (i’ll ask him how many) AND saw 1 or 2 games at EBBETS FIELD (my dad is probably just a little bit younger than yours)

    Anyway, yeah I guess I shouldn’t be complaining…it’s the 15 game plan, we get opening day, old timers day, and every sunday game (Yikes!). AND my parents say that they’ll probably sell some of ’em. So say I go to 10 games at Yankee Stadium…I wouldn’t let them sell opening day and old timers day…and MAYBE 1 game at Camden Yards or RFK down in D.C. I have ZERO career balls snaggeds, but about 20 autographs…maybe I should become an autograph collector. Why am I rambling like this? Oh well, I better stop.

    Good talkin’ to yah


    hey zack…these were my thoughts about who to root for in the world series:
    after the tigers beat the yankees i was really hoping and expecting to see the mets cream them. i’m not one of those yankee fans that hate the mets…i’m a guy that loves nyc and BOTH its teams. i was shocked and speechless like everyone else when yadi hit that homer in the 9th. my best friend and i were talking the next day about who we wanted to win the series. i had watched a lot more tiger games this summer than cardinal games but i had never rooted for them…but i felt , like a lot of other folks did, that they were an inspiring story this year…and jim leyland is SUCH a classy guy…i was thinking like maybe i should let bygones be bygones and root for them…but i found myself watching game one and yelling my head off for the cards. i know it sounds corny but they showed a lot of heart. i was pulling for them as much as i pull for the yankess when i watch them play. that ugly rogers mess only confirmed what i was already feeling


  19. Zack

    I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ripoff, but personally, I would never spend that kind of money for ball.


    Feel free to ramble anytime. I’ll bet my dad is considerably older than yours; he was alive when Babe Ruth hit 60 homers. Very cool that you’ll be attending all those games. Next year you NEED to snag at least one ball. That is an order!


    That all makes a lot of sense. I’ve been trained to laugh at people who say they root for both NYC teams…but when I step back and think about it…well, what’s wrong with having pride for the CITY itself, right? I think Leyland is classy, too, but I thought that when he blamed himself after his team’s loss, it was really just a way to blame the team. “I didn’t have them ready to play” means “they weren’t ready to play” which means “they ******,” so I’m actually reconsidering my opinion of him.


    well you know what…they did ****…they were almost comic in their patheticness…but i really think leyland speaks from the heart…i think he really does blame himself…i just cant see him as a liar

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