Go Tigers! I mean Cardinals!

CBS now has two versions of the segment online:

1) the standard one that aired last night on the news
2) the longer, web-only video that makes me hate my voice even more

I don’t know who to root for in the World Series. On one hand, I like Jim Leyland and Jason Grilli. On the other hand, I like it when the National League kicks heinie. And on the other hand, I’m planning to visit the New Busch Stadium in 2007…so I’ve been rooting against the Cardinals all season…because the more they win now, the more crowded it’ll be when I’m there. Oh dear.

Outcomes aside, I’m glad the sports world’s focus turned back to baseball and away from DirtGate. Did Kenny Rogers cheat? No doubt. And I hate cheaters. But just about everyone cheats in baseball. Does Moldy_strawberryanyone complain when Albert Pujols digs his right foot into the dirt two inches beyond the back edge of the batter’s box? No. And therefore, I’m not mad at Rogers for using pine tar. (I’m mad at him for the way he lied about it, and I’m disappointed at MLB for trying to cover it up.) It was 30-something degrees. His poor little berry-pickin’ fingers were cold. Perhaps numb. He wanted a better grip, and he tried to get away with something naughty. The sport is full of people being naughty: steroid users, sign stealers…even catchers who frame pitches to influence the home plate umpire. Where do we draw the line? I don’t know. I don’t care. It a beautiful game regardless.


  1. miraclehistory@aol.com

    (First comment….whoo hoo!!)
    Hey Zack…Saw the CBS thing. Very nice!! Too bad about the cheap shots, but don’t sweat it…screw ’em!! Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed the longer on-line version…very very nice!

    And don’t worry a bit about your voice…I’m a few years older than you and mine is nearly identical. It came in handy too, cuz I used to play drums in a band and I could do backing vocals like Geddy Lee…no joke!! So, don’t sweat it! Overall, an awesome piece, indeed!

    And by the way, I completely agree with you about Rogers. I was torn too, about whom to root for, as I really like both the Tigers and Cards. But, I think the whole Rogers DirtGate fiasco is just enough to point me in the direction of rootin’ for the Cards!! (Plus it doesn’t hurt that I once met LaRussa and he seemed to be a totally nice guy.)

    So…congrats again…and Go Cards!! (I pick ’em in 7.)


  2. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    NICK –

    Katie didn’t call Zack a “cat.” She called him a “catch!” Double entendre, yes?

  3. skykid3000@yahoo.com

    I’m trying to figure out what that noise is Katie makes after she calls Zack a “Catch” is that some Pirate Noise or something?

  4. sheffro1@hotmail.com

    They should do a follow up story on you and all of your “catches” in the off-season. I can see Katie doing an update piece where all she says is, “We followed up with Zack, and all I have to say is that he does okay for himself.”

  5. Zack

    Welcome to the top of the comment column. Thanks for watching both segments, and I agree with your assessment. I also agree about Rogers…I think I will root for the Cardinals because of him. But if the Cardinals win the next two games, we won’t get to see Rogers in Game 6…so maybe I’ll root for the Tigers to squeak out one more win.






    I thought she was just chuckling at her own joke.


    Well said. If only people knew what REALLY goes on. But then again, in certain cases (like the current one), it’s better that they don’t…

  6. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    At 1:47 in the long online version you imitate the guy who pushed you and say great sir way to use yur elbows thats what i was talking about in the earlier post. Pretty good acting, just hoped he saw you and poped you in the nose :)

  7. senoroctubre@boston-redsox.net

    i love the extended video, because you are talking all the time, and the reporter is not narrating anything. second of all, i have already hated kenny rogers before and i just hate his guts even more for cheating in the Playoffs, let alone cheating in general. Thats my two cents anyway

  8. kayleexxx@aol.com

    senor-(refering to you comment on the last entry)yes i love watching the mighty ducks play.I like chris pronger too as long as he dosent score against my coyotes.

  9. senoroctubre@boston-redsox.net

    im going tonight to see them play the oilers, ugh the coyotes at least not the Queens

  10. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I hope the Ducks and Pronger get smoked tonight in Edmonton. He’s gonna get booes like mad tdy, relavent to baseball, no but Zack CBS posted yur segment on youtube.

  11. kayleexxx@aol.com

    no jimmy-edmonton is not a good team I dont like them that is why I hate Georges Larraque(now on my coyotes).

  12. Zack

    You hope I got popped in the nose? That’s not very nice.


    Yeah, I have seen that video. It was another MLBlogger who made it and posted it.


    Rogers’ family owns a strawberry farm.

  13. kayleexxx@aol.com

    I really want this game to start.I dont want to be up til 1am watching a baseball game.and i have to suppan beat up bonderman tonight.

  14. dodgerdude511@aol.com

    This is the first time that i have ever gone four gams into a W.S and not known who I was rooting for.

    Frankly, I dont care. Most in the Nation dont care who wins. psh.

    Great segment! Too bad they showed mostly clip of you NOT getting the ball.


  15. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    hey zack…great piece on cbs…and thanks for calling out rogers for not only his cheating…but his lyin’ ways!!

  16. Zack

    I think most people probably don’t care during most late-Octobers, but we watch because (as Tommy Lasorda says), we’re baseball fans. When the Mets played the Yanks in 2000, NYC was in an all-out frenzy, but it was one of the lowest rated Series ever because no one else cared. Same for this Western Division yawner that we got on our hands now. Glad you liked the segment. More snagging footage might’ve been nice, but that’s not my call.


    Thank you, and you’re welcome. The phoniness REALLY irked me, and I’m glad I’m not alone.

  17. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    i’m hoping leyland has rogers pitch in game 5…and he FINALLYgets his come-uppance. anyway it would be nice to see the cards win at home

  18. Zack

    Wouldn’t it be even better if the Cardinals win before Rogers has a chance to pitch again?

  19. tswechtenberg@gmail.com

    either way would be sweet zack…i’d just like to see rogers pitch the losing game while being heckled to death at busch

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