CBS Evening News

I’ve been informed that my segment on the (national) CBS Evening News will air on Tuesday, October 24.

It’s not a live interview. I won’t be in the studio. I can’t say “hello” to Katie for you or give her a kiss, so stop asking. (Actually, only two people have asked.) This segment was filmed last month in several installments–first at a game in Philadelphia, then in Baltimore, and finally in my old childhood bedroom at my parents’ place.

CBS must’ve gotten at least 10 hours of footage. It’ll be interesting (and painful) to see how they shrink it down to a two-minute piece.

The news starts at 6:30pm on Channel 2 in New York City–I don’t know about the rest of North America–and lasts half an hour. My segment will probably run during the last few minutes, but you might want to tune in earlier to be safe.

Hope you get to see it.



    Z –

    We’ll be watching. And now that the BB season will end, what are your plans between the awarding of the WS trophy and the start of Spring Training?


    It’s too bad that I will be in school…

    But anyways it’s good to know you’re still doing what you do, I haven’t read your blog in forever (just haven’t had time), but anyways…GO CARDINALS!

  3. Brady

    HAHAH ZACK GUESS WHAT. I BEAT KATIE COURIC TO A NEWS STORY!!!! I interviewed you WAY before Katie Couric had that special filmed…the article was written a ways back, but it’s going to be in the paper THIS WEEK. I’ve got your address, so I’ll send it to you…I think it may be in two parts because it’s so long. I’ll be taping the CBS special…great job, man.


    In the Cards



  4. Zack

    As much as I love baseball, I love it even more when the season ends because I actually get to be social and have a life for a few months. That’s my winter plan, as always.


    I’m not sure. (Hope so!) Have you poked around online yet to try to find the answer? Maybe some of your friends/neightbors know?


    No one should ever have to go to school. But anyway, thanks for checking in despite being busy. And yes, I guess I agree: Go Cards!


    You sure did. Good call. Katie doesn’t have ANYthing on you. Can’t wait to see your piece in print.


    anyone know who Ron Blomberg is? He is the first DH, and I own a signed copy of his book “Designated Hebrew” which I got as a bar mitzvah gift. Today he was doing something for his book tour in New City, NY (not New York City, just New City)…so I told my parents I wanted to go to see what he has to say.

    It was very cool. I enjoyed it. He also had a book signing in the palisades mall.

    Zack, are you gonna do a book tour for your book, or is it just not that type of book?

  6. Zack

    I do know about Blomberg. April 6, 1973. That’s when he made his DH debut. I mention it in a footnote in my book. Cool that you got to see him. I don’t think I’ll be doing an actual book tour, but I hope to do at least a few signings in New York.

  7. Zack

    Oh yeah, I’ll be doing plenty more writing before I’m through, including a revised version of “How to Snag…” (I hope).


    Glad you’re excited. Of course I am too.


    My friend Sean just invited me out to play softball with a bunch of guys, but it’s 49 degrees and I’m afraid I won’t be able to get a good grip on the ball. Can you give me any advice?


    Leave Kenny alone, the tigers deserve to win it. And besides the NL blows.

  9. Nick

    Hey Zack, havent been on in a while… been getting going with school and applying to colleges and all that great stuff…

    i just preorder your new book, i really look forward to reading it…

    too bad about your Mets, but hey, at least you don’t have to spend a rediculuous amount of money now right?

    how bout them Vikings! and the Wild! go minnesota!

  10. Zack

    Leave Kenny alone? Sure, as soon as he stops shoving camera men and CHEATING.


    I was wondering where you’d been. Welcome back, and thanks for ordering the book. You’re right about saving money, but I’d still rather be heading to the Series tomorrow night. Vikings? Wild? What? Football?

    (BTW, my evening’s softball team got slaughtered. I went 1-for-2 with a single and run and played errorless defense at 2nd base.)


    Nick I’m sry but I really hate the Vikqueens and Wild since I’m a big Packers fan and the wild aren’t that big of contenders.

  12. Zack

    Cool! Glad to hear it. It’s almost time. The fire escape was part of a different segment for the local CBS news.


    Correction. I didn’t like the mean stuff, but I thought it was overall well done.


    geez zack get a life and agirlfriend while your at it! lol funny stuff. why no curse on that usher? gustavo did basicallty the same thing


    Pretty cool…cooler that I was there to see it happen.
    Could have done without the cheap shots but oh well, us ball snaggers are used to it.

    Cya next season!



    Ha nice segment best line of the thing “Geez Sir way to use yur elbows” loving dat.

  17. Brady

    Haha crazy good segment. They were kind of cruel, though. Tried to get people from here to watch it, but not many did, because I was out of town when the segment came on…but I taped it.


    okay sorry but kenny rogers NEEDS TO get a life anyways anybody into hockey? cause i have to say this georges LARAQUE guy that the coyotes picked up from the Oilers is no too bad(except wayne gretzky thinks he needs to be more physical)on to baseball GO CARDS!carp beat nate!

  19. Zack

    Of course I was successful. C’mon! Anyway, yeah, CBS felt the need to insult me. Snore. I was really happy overall with the piece. No jinx for the usher. I got that ball back from a Twins player who saw the whole moronic situation from afar, but even if I hadn’t, I don’t waste my precious time/enrgy by putting jinxes on stadium employees.




    They sure did. Thanks for watching. I’m glad that The Incident made the final cut.


    I’m sorry YOU didn’t make the cut. But what can you expect from such a short segment, right? The cheap shots were exactly that: cheap. But again, it’s no big deal, and I’m happy with the piece as a whole.


    Did I say that? I don’t even remember. It all went so fast.


    I agree. I agree. What’s with people in Arkansas? No interest in baseball?


    Sorry. I know nothing of hockey.


    Well done, Zack! That was impressive! Especially with the languages. I was surprised you voice was so high. That was great man, I guess CBS couldn’t spare you a little criticism, huh?


    Uggh. Missed it.

    I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t used to watching the news when you get home from work; Couric, no less.

    I reminded myself to flip it on when I got home but forgot anyhow.

    Hoping someone recorded it and will post it on youtube or your blog.


  22. Zack

    My voice actually isn’t as high as it sounded in some places in the segment; I raise it an octave or two when asking for balls so that I sound younger. Anyway, thanks.


    Bummer. But that’s a great idea about YouTube. I don’t have a copy, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to convert it…so hopefully someone else can work their magic.


    Kaylee – Heard of the Anaheim Ducks, yeah thats my team, my friends have owned season seats for that team for many years and i go to many games, ive gotten autographs from the whole team. and u probably hate chris pronger :) but i love him :)

    Zack- Great segment, i loved it. it was funny when u were like: “oh im a true cubs fan all the way!” and i taught u how to ask for a ball in hebrew did i not? excellent segment zack, tu es muy famoso!

  24. Zack

    Thank you thank you. I hate to have to tell you this, but you actually weren’t the one who taught me that line in Hebrew. I learned it years ago…forget where…either from a high school friend or my older half-brother who’s currently on his way to becoming a rabbi.



  25. Zack

    Awesome! Thank you. I just posted a new entry with the link.


    You’re right. My voice IS high. Aarrghh!! I hate it. I just watched the video at the link that Richard provided above and…you’re right.

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