World Series tickets?

Another online drawing.
Same story…


I feel completely defeated. I have no connections…at least no definite ones. It’s pathetic. I’m so pissed off that I’m not famous. If I were, I wouldn’t have had to call a ticket broker. That’s what I did yesterday. And guess what. THEY don’t even have World Series tickets. They “might” get some, and if they do, the prices will probably range from $350 to $3,000 per seat.

This uncertainty is killing me, so I have to ask: Does ANYONE have a Mets World Series ticket that they’d be willing to sell me for a reasonable price? Triple the face value? Is that reasonable? If you can hook me up, I will personally give you (or your son or daughter or whoever) a snagging lesson at the game of your choice next season.



    Mr. BB Collector –

    If I had one, I wouldn’t sell it to you! I’d GIVE it to you. Good luck. To you. And the Mets.

  2. Zack

    You are too kind.


    Craigslist is great for some things, but I don’t trust it when it comes to tickets. I do appreciate the suggestion, tho.


    I’m working on it.


    Try ebay/stubhub. I buy tons of tickets from both places and have never had a problem

  4. Zack

    I’ve never used Stub Hub…or any web site, for that matter. Hmm.


    There was just a Todd Zeile spotting in the post office at 68th and Columbus.


    PRIVATE snagging lesson, eh? Oh man, I’d love that. I might have to get my hands on smoe tickets, somehow…

    But seriously, if I were to buy tickets, would you PROMISE to buy them from me? I’m serious. I trust you. I’d be happy to sell ’em to you for a reasonable price…they’d be upper deck tix, though. Is that OK? I’d do that for snagging lessons+money


    Too bad you haven’t been able to come up with tickets yet.

    Like you, I submitted my name for the lottery. I submitted mine a while ago when the Twins still had a shot at the WS. I figured that if they made it, I’d fly out to NY. Unfortunately, I received the same, “Thanks but No Thanks,” email as you. Sorry that I can’t help you out.

    Usually I buy tix off ebay. Now would be the time to try there before the Mets are actually in the WS and the demand and competition on ebay would sky.

    Another site that usually sells tix is FYI Haven’t tried them or stubhub as of yet.

    Good luck on your quest.

    Any word on the Couric spot yet?


    OMG! A TODD ZEILE sighting!!! OMG!!! Ehh, my baseball player sighting puts the Tood Zeile sighting to shame…

    Remember how my BarMitzvah was at that sweeeeeeeet at Yankee Stadium? Well, it was for that friday night game that was rained out…so when we got to The Stadium, we went up to the sweeeeeeeeet only to find out that the game has been cancelled. So, we all take the elevator back down to the lobby, and you’ll never guess who me and my friends see as we are coming out. Who else but ALEX RODRIGUEZ!!!! We were waiting in the executive lobby for the other group of my friends to come down so that we could leave for the bus, and A-ROD!!!! comes walking in…I didn’t think I would get autographs cuz my mom wouldn’t let me down on field level for BP that game, but I brought my autograph marker just in case, but my mom had it and I wasn’t able to get to her in time. I said “Hi” to him, though, and just having him say “hey” back to me was amazing. I’ve never talked to anybody with about $200 million dollars in assets in my entire life. It was a thrill.


    Yeah, I’d be willing to sell the cheapest ticket ($150 face value) for $300…is that ok


    But only if you SWARE and PROMISE that you’d buy em from me…****, I’d sell em for $150 if you were to PROMISE YOU’D BUY THEM!!! I HAVE NO USE FOR THEM, SO IF I WERE TO BUY ‘EM I’D NEED YOU TO PROMISE YOU’D BUY THEM FROM ME FOR ANYWHERE FROM $150 to $300…ONLY 1 TICKET!


    My friend’s dad owns a suite or something at Shea at I was talking to him about going to a game at Shea during the series( if they get there) I really don’t want to get your hope up but I might just be able to get you a ticket, for free of course. I’ll see what I can do but don’t get your hopes up!


    If the tickets are 9.99 on ebay, they will get bid higher. I have no ins for tickets, but if I did I’d ask for a few of your signed stubs, like the Reyes cylce.


    hey guys the mets still have to win 2 more to even get there but i no reason to believe they cant.but who is the game 7 starter?not trachsel i hope!of course we could just beat carpenter and weaver then we wouldnt have to go to game 7 right?


    good luck! I know you’ve already gotten this, but If i had I would give em to you for free.

    Will there be special balls for it for sure?


  14. Zack

    You can really get a ticket? Wow. Yeah, I’d take one in the upper deck. Face value for those is $150? I’d pay $300. Absolutely. And I’ll give you a snagging lesson next year. (But I’ll still need to catch a few balls for myself so my streak doesn’t end. Is that okay?) But listen…just because you’re hooking me up with a ticket doesn’t give you the right to poop on my Todd Zeile sighting. Well, maybe a little. Cool story about A-Rod, but I think it’s even cooler to spot a player completely out of context. I mean, you were AT Yankee Stadium when you saw him. What kind of sighting is that? Oh…when/where will we meet to exchange the money for the ticket? I forget where you live. Will you be in Manhattan anytime soon? Or do you want to do it by mail?


    I feel better knowing that I wasn’t the only person who got shut out. Too bad we both didn’t get tickets.…huh…haven’t heard of that. Thanks. I appreciate all these suggestions. As for the Couric piece, it should be airing any day. I’m hoping to talk to my contact at CBS and find out for sure. I might even post an update later today if I hear from him.


    I love you. I’m fighting to keep the hope down. But I still love you. Just keep me posted. And even if it doesn’t work out, THANK YOU anyway.


    That ticket on eBay is already over $200, and the reserve hasn’t even been met. Yeesh.


    The pitching for Game 7 is a major issue. No one wants Trachsel. There’s been talk of using Darren Oliver or even Aaron Heilman!


    You’re the man. And yes, there are always commemorative balls used during the World Series. Ohhhhh, how I want one.


    Yo, Zack, thanks for the comments on the NLCS blog. Since I’m surrounded by Cards fans, I might as well ask: What “Mets World Series” are you talking about? :)

    To me, it’s a 2-2 series, there is no such thing as a home-field advantage the rest of the way, either team could win it, both evenly matched with stars, Carp/Suppan would be pitching edge in last two games, Beltran/Delgado/Wright an advantage at this point, bench maybe a little in STL favor…I think it’s going to be an electric ending to a great NLCS. Both teams have won on the other’s turf. Anything can happen. Stay tuned. Hit up my blog…



    And by the way, I can’t imagine anyone other than D-Oliver starting Game 7 if there is one, in response to previous commenter. Cards have been scorched by LHP starters in 2006…would be crazy not to go with Oliver if it comes to that.



    Hey, Zack…My hope is that you’ll get a Series ticket if and when the Mets make it. If somebody hooks you up, great! But listen…if nothing else, strongly consider getting a ticket from a broker…I went to the Stadium in ’01 for game 4 with a ticket from I got tickets for a tom waits concert from stubhub. No problems either time. yeah, I was nervous about paying and getting screwed, but it went fine. Look, I’m 51 years old and have some perspective. It’s definitely too much money to pay for a ticket from one point of view. On the other hand, if getting to Shea for a Series game is a life long dream, take out a loan if need be and go. Some years from now, you’ll look back and be glad you saw the METS IN THE SERIES!! THE METS IN THE SERIES !! If reading that makes you smile, go. If reading that sounds good, but you can take it or leave it, then maybe don’t spend the dough. Your call. You’ll know what to do. p.s. remembering game 3 at Shea in ’69 still makes me smile :)

  18. Zack

    Thanks for checking in. I literally can not WAIT for the game tonight, and I’m very much looking forward to your next report. (Everyone oughta check out the NLCS blog.) I think the Mets have the edge. Glavine should win tonight, and even if he doesn’t, the Mets could easily win two in a row back at Shea. But you’re right. This thing is far from over. I don’t know about Oliver, though. Yikes.


    That is an excellent point, and it DID make me smile. I’m smiling right now as I’m typing this. I almost get chills thinking about being at Shea for the series. I think my determination just cranked up an extra notch.


    Any update?


    Please lose. Thank you.


    Zack…I just read your response. If the Mets go, you go. Take it easy, pal.
    -dave “wishin’ i was back in queens right now” riyeff


    Yes…remember I’m in 8th grade….I will be able to get the ticket. If you give me your address, I’ll mail ’em to you…but first you must mail the money. I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU SEND THE MONEY I’LL GIVE YOU THE TICKET!!!! I SWARE! I’ll give you my address. Although, I may be able to get into Manhattan over the weekend…I live in NJ.


    WE DIDN’T purchase the ticket YET! So don’t accept anything or do anything else. But it is more than likely that we will buy it…so our settling price is $300? OK? That’s step 1…let’s settle on the price of sale before we go any further.


    we are having some trouble…if I tell you where I am getting these tickets for face value, will you at least give me the snagging lesson?

  23. Zack

    I’m so nervous about tonight’s game. If the birds win, my World Series chances will be in serious jeopardy.


    The snagging lesson is for whoever comes through with an actual TICKET…not for the mere suggestion of where to go for a ticket. Sorry. But c’mon, that’s fair. Also, now that I’m thinking about it, if the ticket has to be mailed, I’d rather get it first and THEN send you the money. I have $300 in my bank account. That’s a guarantee, and the money is not going anywhere else. But there’s no guarantee about the ticket. See where I’m going with this? I know you don’t want to get screwed here—no one does—but don’t you think that the person with the less reliable item be required to deliver first? What do other people think?


    Well, Zack, as it turns out, I will be unable to acquire a playoff ticket. I understand, and I don’t mean to start up a fight. I was screwed over by the Mets, anyway. I went to their website, and I didn’t realize that to purchase the last minute tickets (at face value) that you needed to win the drawing. Apparently, I don’t have good reading comprehension or something. Oh well, I wasn’t even doing this for the $$$…I just want the snagging lesson.


    Hey Zack!,
    It’s George… I didn’t win the lottery and i must have entered 20 times with different/friends’ emails…. just wanted to say that your suggestion for tickets sounds better: receive the ticket before sending any money… sounds much more reasonable — also, while stubhub is reliable, ive stumbled upon another site recently that has access to pretty much all ticket brokers on the internet and posts all listings (including stubhub, ticketsnow, etc)– you are always able to find the cheapest price on the internet from here:

    hope that helps! and that you can get out to a WS game if/when they make it!


    and yanksfan— World Series tickets at face value accessable to others??? Hmmmm gotta be skeptical there


    okay can somebody confirm this I heard that TRACHSEL will not play another game for the mets and el duque will take his spot should the mets get to the world series is that true?
    if it is i would be happy much rather have elduque then trachsel pitch in the world series.

  27. Zack

    Ahh, yes, the lottery. I was wondering how you were going to pull it off. Don’t worry about it. No harm done. I appreciate your thinking of me, even if you were in it for personal gains. :-)


    What’s up! Thanks for weighing in on the ticket issue, but as you can see, it probably won’t be an issue…unless someone else comes up with a ticket that they’d consider selling. I’ve never heard of seatsmart. Wow. Yet ANOTHER suggestion to add to the list.


    There’s so much talk right now in NYC, and all of it seems to be speculation. I don’t even know what to think at this point.


    The way to enter the lottery is to use about 10 email addresses, or more. If you have to, make up people. The name doesn’t matter, as long as its close and the address is the same. You could’ve been Zach Hample, Zak Hample, Zac Hample, Zack Himple, Zach Hampel, Zach Hmple, Zck Hampl, etc..


    I’m workin on that ticket and it looks like I should be able to get it for you. I don’t know for sure but I’m hopeful. If i do get the ticket I guess I would send it to you. Like I said it isnt definite but it’s likely. I’ll be able to tell you by friday.


    Zack do you have any idea why the cheapest I can find your book on the internet is $20.00, a few weeks ago I saw for $2.50


    **** yanksfan “send me 300 dollars in the mail and ill pull a world series ticket out of my ***”

    but zack man you gotta get a tick no matter how much it takes:) good luck!

  32. Zack

    Darn. I should’ve done that. I’m so naive. I just figured I’d enter once and win. Himple. I like that one.


    You rock. Thanks again for your help with this. My first book is out of print. I guess all the used copies have pretty much disappeared from circulation. It’s not worth 20 bucks. I recommend that you read my blog for free and pick up my new book in the spring.


    Can I jinx an entire team? I’m afraid it might be too late. The Cards just took the lead and have the bases loaded with one out in the 5th inning.


    As John said, go easy on him. It was an honest mistake.


    No worries.


    oh DUNCAN dont homer you…….B*tch.STILL TIME TO COME BACK METS ONLY DOWN BY 2.


    ZACK –

    No WAY “Poor Mets!” Those dudes’ll rebound tonight – AND tomorrow night – to make it to the Series. AND they’ll pound the sheet outa Dem Tigers! Or else there ain’t no God.


    Haha looks like you won’t need a ticket! Shea will still be a zoo next year. I’m in the mood for a sub .500 season by the Mets, which could be possible considering the age of many of their players. The Mets good players next year are Beltran Wright Reyes Maine and maybe Pelfrey, but I don’t see any of the old guys having good years.


    i didnt mean it like that… i meant why would zack trust some person he doesnt even know and send him 300?


    zack….i’m wondering this…if you take one of your baseballs, a special one, and put it on top of your tv, if that will give the Mets the juice they need to get two “win or go home” games in a row? just a thought… -dave

  38. Zack

    Less than 90 minutes ’til game time. Guess we’ll see…


    Awww, yer crazy. The Mets’ll be fine next year, and they’ll be competing for years to come.


    Ahh, yes, I see what you mean.


    Interesting thought, but the only ball I have in my apartment is the Barry Bonds homer. Not the kind of “juice” you’re talking about, I assume.


    It looks as though I’ve found a World Series ticket connection after all. More later. Let’s wait and see what happens with Game 6 tonight…


    Lets Go Jose Reyes!!!
    Anyway Zack if you can get a ticket great because I would have to pay my friend $150 for a few tickets which I definetely would be happy doing but I don’t think I would be able to get to the games so if I don’t have to let me know.

    Lets Go Mets!!

  40. Zack



    Wait, what exactly are you telling me? That I should let you know whether or not I’ll need your help?


    Thanks! I’ll be keeping my eye on this…although the bidding is already well over $200, and if my connection comes through, it’ll only cost me $155.


    U R gr8!!!



    Re last night’s win: did I tell ya? Huh? Huh? Did I? (See entry 10 entries above this one)

    Well, what I said about that game goes DOUBLE for game 7. The Mets will WIN & head for Detroit!!!!!

    So they – and YOU – will be @ the World Series.


    Dig into some of the money you got for writing that book when you were a kid and just buy a ticket. Special occassions demand special costs sometimes. I’m sure there’s a few ducketts left in your account somewhere. Just man up and outbid somebody and go to the World Series and see YOUR team. You gotta do it Zack. Also, you could sell your Bonds ball to some idiot and SF to raise the cash.

    Wishing the Padres were where the Mets are……


  43. Zack

    I’ll know a whole lot more in about four hours.


    You da man. I hope you’re right again.


    Good point(s). But the Bonds ball is NOT for sale. I have it sitting right next to me now, protected in a BallQube, and the joy of owning it and looking at it and being able to take it out and touch it is far greater than that which any (reasonable) amount of money could bring. But again: good point(s). If and when the Mets win tonight, I’m gonna spring into action…


    You should consider buying season tickets. That way you are guaranteed playoff tickets. You attend many games now, don’t you?

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