Six things

1) I’m still in shock about Cory Lidle and will be for quite some time. I never said more than a few words to him, but I could always tell that he was a nice guy (and NOT just because he happened to toss me two balls last year…5/3/05 at Shea and 6/21/05 in Philly). He seemed to relate to people in a straightforward way. He was pleasant. And friendly. And sincere. Damn.

2) It’s clear that I know nothing about the American League. I said the A’s would beat the Tigers in seven games, and they’re already down, 2-0. Moneyball is letting me down. And so is the CashBig Hurt.

3) At least the Mets came through in Game 1. One step closer to the World Series. I’ve been searching craigslist, and I still haven’t seen a ticket for under $800. Not good. (Watch the Mets manhandle Carp in Game 2.)

4) I haven’t seen many close-ups of the balls being used in the League Championship Series, but it looks as if they’re just regular balls. Can anyone confirm this? No commemorative logos? That didn’t used to be the case. Even the Divisional Series used to have special balls. Is MLB trying to cut costs after setting an all-time attendance record?


5) For the people who never read the comments: You can find my “TIME for Kids” article here.

6) Remember my friend Sean from all those trips to Camden Yards? He’s just had his own baseball book published! It’s a novel called SEAMS. He’s read parts of it at my writing group, and it’s always been entertaining. Basically it’s about a kid on a college baseball team who meets a mysterious man and goes off on a life-changing path of self-discovery. There’s lots of baseball action, just as much crazy/wacky/funny stuff that takes place between members of the team, and plenty of thought-provoking scenes that border on the supernatural. It’s a cool book. I just ordered my copy from Amazon, and I encourage everyone to check it out.



    Hey Zack, I’ll agree that Lidle’s accident is sad. I am a pilot myself and it is a definitly a loss for the baseball world and another scar on the face of general aviation. Anyhow, when is your book due out? How is it coming along?


    1) Thanks for the plug. I can’t wait to hear what your fans think of my book.

    2) You’re going to cry when you hear this, but I met up with some friends last night at a bar to watch the Mets game, and when I got there, 2 of the 4 weren’t there. I asked where they were and my other friend said that someone in front of the bar offerend them tickets to the game for $75. Yep. Seventy five bucks. Granted, they didn’t make it for BP, but still…


    i was there last night.

    i dont know about the balls, with logos or whatever. i saw jeff suppan give a busch stadium inagural ball away.

    i was very very close to getting a ball from suppan. i was in the loge right above the last row (in the field) overlooking the grassy area. someone he knew happened to be there and he came over and started talking to him. i was right in line with the guy, and when he was done i asked that if he got a ball if he could give it to me. he said “i think we can work something out.” but sadly nothing came his way for about 10 minutes cause it was all the leftys taking bp and none of them were hiting em the other way, untill aaron miles hit a liner down the line, it would have gone strait to jeff. but the security guy darts in front of it and stops it and gives it to a little kid who didnt really care anyway. jeff looks up my way and just shrugs his shoulders. he then noticed that i had the number 30 printed on my hat in honor and memory of cory lidle. it was a nationals hat, but he didnt really take time to notice that. he pointed on his hat were it was on mine, and said “i like the respect, cory was a good man” i replied with a thanks and then two minutes later BP ended and i headed to the upper deck with my dad, and enjoyed the game.

  4. Zack

    My book was originally due out in February of 2007, but it’s been pushed back a month. The process is flying along though, and I’ll be posting an entry about it before long.


    1) Hey! You’re welcome.

    2) Reaching for the Kleenex…


    I’ve been so focused on playoff balls that I forgot about the ones with the Busch logo. That’s a great story about Suppan. Thanks for sharing it.


    Hey Zack–

    Do you when your gonna be on TV on CBS???

    Also, my parents and I are looking at baseball internships info…what was that website of the company that you got your internship through?


    hey zack about balls i was looking in sports illustrated and some guy back in the 70s created an orange ball?!? it wasnt used for long because batters couldnt pick up the spin off the orange, thats prety cool though.

    zack haev you ever seen a team win the WS?just think youd remember it forever and it would be amazing :) you gotta go!

  7. Zack

    Nope. Still don’t know. Should be any day. Or maybe another week. I’ll letcha know. Worry not. The company is called Interim. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs help finding a cool job/internship/travel experience, and the web site is:


    I’ve heard about those orange balls, and that’s just silly. Never seen a World Series end in person. I’ve only been to one WS game, and it wasn’t the clincher.



    How old were you when you did the internship? Does it always happen through this company between graduating high school and your first year of college?

  9. Zack

    I was 17, and it was right after high school, but that doesn’t HAVE to be when you go to Interim. Some people use them when taking time off during college. I’m not sure about kids still in high school who are looking for summer internships, but who knows, it can’t hurt to ask. And if you talk to Holly Bull (who runs the company), mention my name. Fifty-fifty chance she remembers me.



    Thanks for the info. I’m only in 8th grade, but a summer internship is something I’m looking for for like late high school (junior or senior, I guess)…for me, it’d have to be with an architecture firm or a baseball club.

  11. Zack

    8th grade. Right. I remember that you just had your Bar Mitzvah. Props to you for already thinking seriously about your future. It’s so easy to let time/opportunities slip away.


    can the tigers sweep the A’s or arew they finslly gunna decide to win one?GO TIGERS AND METS!and shawn green keep hitting!:)


    why doesnt oakland take out MILTON BRADLEY he clearly cant run with that leg injury he just suffered.They are risking him getting hurt worse.WHY?


    Tigers going to the WORLD SERIES Magglio ordonez hit the walkoff holy **** but i am happy….and i guess bradley could still hit oka off to bed.


    yea, i only got to talk to him for a moment at the hotel (he said later) but it wasnt like he was just saying that so he didnt have to sign. he was with his wife and son, and he clearly meant that he’d sign later. we didnt see him again, but adam (groceryman) said that he signed the next day and was incredably nice.

    yea, im still sorta in shock about it too. it was just so sudden and i think someone (im not sure who) said it best “you think these guys are invincable, but the truth of the matter is that they’re just another person who is just trying to live their life as best as possible. It was something he enjoyed, and sadly, in reality, something like that can happen, and it just happened to happen to cory. it just sorta shows that anyone can hit their fate at anytime, regardless of who you are.”


    The mets must think they can live off of homers.(That is way you hit Shawn green slap one for a base hit)That is all they have hit so far. What the **** was that cardinals 3 guys there and nobody gets iT.You arent gunna win playing like that.

  17. Zack

    Well said once again. At first I wasn’t sure who you were talking about, but I got it.


    I’m liking what I’m seeing…except frickin Eckstein just homered.



    So the Mets are winning, eh? Good for them! Being a Yankees fan, I could honestly care less…oh darn, I’m just soooooooooooooo jealous. I *DO* care and I’m just afraid to admit it…I’m downright jealous of their success…although this may not be as easy as they thought


    …and, of course, the first words out of my dad’s (who is a Yankee fan) mouth is “now I can go do my teeth” with ‘do’ referring to ‘brush’


    11 to 3, you’d THINK that the Mets have this game under control, but they’re so (as Casey Stengel said) “amazin'” that they could blow this lead in minutes, especially with that pitching staff



    It’s a trajedy that Cory Lidle was killed, but I disagree with you when you say that he is nice to the fans. I’m a yankee fan, and I love to come early to games to get autographs and collect baseballs. I use your glove trick to get the balls from the field, and one day Cory Lidle ran over to the left field corner and threw his glove at my glove to knock my first ball of the day out. I asked him why the **** he did that, and he said that I was “Cheating”.

    He had some nerve to do what he did, so I hoped that something bad outside of baseball would happen to him.

    I guess that those things come full circle :>

  22. Zack

    I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with him—but I hope you’re not suggesting that he deserved what he got.

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