The playoffs

So a few weeks ago, I entered the random online drawing for playoff tickets on, and I just received the following:


I’m screwed. I have no connection for playoff tickets. It hurts. But you know what? I don’t even care about the NLDS. I mean, I care, and I’ll be watching every pitch of every game on TV, but I’m not too upset about NOT being at Shea. It would’ve been nice to get to the NLCS, but whatever. I’ve been to five different NLCS games at Shea. But the World Series? That’s a different story. I’ve only been to one WS game in my life, and that was in Philadelphia, back in 1993. Game 5. Curt Schilling hurled a 2-0 shutout. Good stuff. But it wasn’t Shea. I need to experience World Series baseball at Shea. That’s all there is to it. If the Mets make it that far–and they should–I might just have to call a ticket broker and pay whatever it takes to get in. Give me the last seat in the last row of the upper deck. I don’t care because I won’t actually be SITTING there. I just need to get inside. Unfortunately, from the looks of things on craigslist, it’s not going to be cheap. And thus, the waiting begins.

Here are my playoff predictions:

Mets over Dodgers in four games.
Cardinals over Padres in five.
Yankees sweep Tigers.
Twins over A’s in five.

Mets over Cardinals in six.
Yankees over Twins in five.

Yankees over Mets in seven.

Of course, that’s not how I want it to play out…
I had such a great time in San Diego this season that I’ve been rooting for the Padres. And ever since I read Moneyball, I’ve been pulling for the A’s. I’d take an all-California World Series–as long as the Dodgers aren’t in it. The Dodgers do nothing for me. I don’t care that they once played in Brooklyn. I wasn’t alive then, so the hell with ’em. I like Tony La Russa and David Eckstein and the Mighty Pujols, so it’s tempting to root for the Cardinals, but the more they win, the more crowded the new Busch Stadium will be when I go there next season. I was hoping the Cardinals wouldn’t even reach the playoffs, so now that they’re there, I need them to go down. The Mets are my favorite team, but again, I’m faced with the issue of attendance. It would be AWESOME to see the Mets win it all, but if that happens, Shea will be an absolute zoo next year. As it is, the Mets drew over 3.3 million fans this season. Good for them. Good for Major League Baseball. Good for the Wilpons. Good for Willie. Good for Omar. Good for my friend Mike Marshall who works at Shea as a vendor. Bad for me as a baseball collector. As for the Tigers…I hate them. Why? Not only is their new stadium fugly, but I was treated very badly at their old one in 1999, so I hope they lose BIG, even though it means I’ll have to root for the Yankees. Yankee Stadium is already a zoo, so it’s not like another championship will make things any worse there. And you know what? I like so many of the Yankees that it’s often hard to root against them. Jeter is one of the few players that I’ll never root against in any situation no matter what, and the same goes for Mariano. Bernie is pretty much in that category, and believe it or not, so is A-Rod. What can I say? Ever since he signed three autographs for me in one day in 1995, I’ve been a huge fan. And I can relate to greatness. But enough about that. The point is that even though I’m somehow supposed to hate the Yankees, I’m kinda pulling for them, at least through the first round, and possibly beyond. A Subway Series would be the most entertaining of all, at least for those of us here in the northeast, but it won’t be the cheapest.

It’s 3:59am.
I want my bed, and it wants me.



    Zackypants, I won the NLCS ticket lottery. I’ll have to talk to Kip about what we’re doing with my extra two tickets, but I might be offering ’em to close personal friends for face value.

    Here’s hoping the Mets make it that far!


    Zack, if the Mets make it, you’ve got to get to a Series game at Shea.My dad took me to the 1st Series game ever at Shea…game 3 in ’69- I was 14. Palmer vs Gentry…Agee makes two great catches and hits one deep. Kranepool jacked one, too ! Nolan Ryan makes his only series appearance.I’ve been in the mid-west for 30+ years now, and it’s great, but there’s nothing like baseball in October in NY!! If the Mets make it, you got to go! _


    Okay Zack, I know this isn’t on the topic of the playoff’s (My Mariners finished way out of the race again), but for the first time ever I think I can confidently say that I’ve topped you in an aspect of baseball collecting. No, I’m not talking about setting a personal best of 9 balls in a game, my recent streak of at least 8 balls for 4 straight games, or the fact that I averaged 5.53 balls per game this year (a personal best). For the last M’s game of the year I always get behind the dugout in hopes that the M’s might toss something into the stands. For example, a couple years ago I got Willie Bloomquist’s sunglasses. Now I remember a post of yours talking about getting a GLOVE from Ryan Spier… let’s see… 9/29/05 at Shea Stadium was the post. You seemed pretty shocked, but the glove you said, had a hole in it, thus the reason for his giving it away. So anyway, back to my story. I get in the first row right behind the Mariners dugout at the end of the game (they won 3-2), and the M’s start flinging stuff into the stands. I grab a hat, a batting glove, and then I manage to snag Yuniesky Betancourt’s glove! No rips, no nothing, just fresh out of the game, it’s an absolute beauty! And seriously… what is better than a game used glove?!?! How about 2 game used gloves! Not more than about 4 minutes later JJ Putz is walking off the field and throws his glove into the stands… and I snag that one too!!! Fresh out of the game, the glove was still warm from JJ using it to record his 36th save of the year! The day ended with 1 batting glove, 2 gloves, 3 hats, 4 baseballs, and 9 autographs (mediocre Texas pitchers)! Needless to say I was pretty excited!


    Zack- I have an extra ticket mezzanine for game 2 at shea. I bought it for 100 but I can give it to you for 80. Lmk as always i get there early for autos and bp, zach

  5. Zack

    Good to know someone else knows what I mean.




    Holy schmoly. I’m going to email you.


    The Mets better reach the World Series.


    Aaahhh! I know! You’re killin’ me! I neeeeeed to go to the World Series at Shea. There’s no other way to describe I how I feel about this.


    I hate you. I mean, I’m jealous. I mean, congratulations. The only thing wrong with the glove I got is that a few of the laces had come undone. I could easily relace it, but I like having it in its original condition, you know? But MAN, I can’t believe all the stuff you got. Cool pics. Very impressive ball-snagging stats, too. What’s your lifetime total?


    First of all, thanks. REALLY…thanks. Second of all, I can’t believe this, but I already have a whole day/evening of stuff planned for Thursday, so I’m actually not free to go to Game 2. My lord.



    If you have true love for the Mets and you think this year might be the year to win it all, then you should just **** it up and pay whatever it takes to get to the games. It’s the playoffs. You HAVE to go if that’s your team. You have a job, some savings, etc. Dig into it and get to the game!!! Oh yeah, at PETCO during BP yesterday I caught a brand new “Busch Stadium Innaugural Season 2006” ball off of Chris Duncan. It had a real nice logo on it. Good luck to the Mets. We need to step it up against the Cardinals. That ball made 105 for the year. Not bad for me. TC from your PETCO trip posts got way more. He caught 7 in game home runs this year. He’s the man.


  7. Zack

    I can’t argue. I got da job and da money, so there’s really no excuse for not going to the World Series if the Mets make it. I’m having so much fun watching the first round on TV that I’m actually not upset about not being there. It’s nice to get to see every pitch for a change.


    Good question.


    Good answer.


    What if the Mets don’t make thw WS and the Yanks do, still gonna go to a WS game?

  9. Zack

    Doubt it. I’m willing to pay a lot to go to the WS at Shea, but there’s no way I’m shelling out da $$$ for a game at Junkee Stadium.


    zack i think you just made everyone here a met fan

    you gotta go to one more game! regardless if its yankee stadium :)

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