Yeah, another bat.

I was filmed again yesterday at Camden Yards. Many balls. Two autographs. One bat. Whose bat? You’ll find out soon. Right now, I’m about to run off to Staten Island for the day. Later tonight, I’ll get back to work on my Philadelphia entry. (I’ve already written 1,700 words–and wait’ll you see the “bonus item” that I got there…) Hopefully, it’ll be up tomorrow. And then, after I look over my manuscript, I’ll start blogging about Baltimore.




    Yo, Zack –

    Look to your right and down and you’ll see that the bat is broken.

    Also, from the photo of the field and the seats, it appears that you’re standing right there in Camden Yards BEFORE BP, yes?

    Pret-ty coooool.


    Yo congrats on the bat and whatever other stuff you got. Also thx for all the tips this season coldn’t have done it without yur tips. And thx for getting me started in this collecting 24 balls this year, probably done for the year and hopefully get 50 next year.


    I’m pondering over whether or not I should label my first ball or not, I know you label yours but did you label your first one?


    Nice on the bat. I believe it is ramon hernandez. Today at the mets game I got sweet lou piniella on a ball,david wright on a all star ball he tried to mess up and ryan zimmerman on a card and a ball. I also got chris woodwards batting glove he threw to me. Hope to see you monday, zach

  5. Zack





    Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that.

    Before BP? What made you think that? It was right in the middle.


    Thanks. And you’re welcome. Really glad to hear that I helped you out.


    The first ball I labeled was #2,001. I wish I’d started from the beginning, but at the time, I had no idea where I was going with it. Why don’t you wait to label your ball at least until you get another one?


    Interesting guess regarding the bat, and congrats on all the stuff you got at the game. But what do you mean about Wright trying to mess up? Sorry to say this, but I will not be there on Monday.


    Weren’t you supposed to BE at this game?



    Ok, so at Dodger Stadium, there is a “rawlings making the game booth”

    You can stich baseballs together if you ask nicely, and they occasionally are given to you when you finish stichting.

    Since it is a mlb ball, in a mlb stadium, given by a stadium employee… would that count in the collection?

    BTW- went to the game tonight, despite it being Rosh Hashannah (it was funny- I dashed out of services and like had my dad race me to BP)

    I got four, two for a Dbacks hat, and one home run the hit off a seat. I also got my first one on a fly. IT FELT AWESOME! I finish the season at 28 balls, which is three abovee my goal! Hopefully Ill get to see the playoffs!


  7. Nick

    I WAS supossed to BE at that game, but life doesn’t always work out the way we’d like it, ya know? I just couldn’t make it out to the game(s). Hope you had a good day though.


    A BAT!!! Splendid, i am looking forward for the post. When do u think you will air on the CBS evening news with Katie Couric?

  9. Zack

    Should the ball count? That is a tough question. Although all the factors seem to be in place, I’m still inclined to say no. But really it’s up to you. If it feels cheap to count it, then don’t. Otherwise, why not? Congrats on your first “on the fly” catch (those ARE fun) and on your season total. Way to go!


    Yeah, believe me, I know. It does, however, get better as you get older.



    Thanks. The post is still hours away. I got home too late last night to work on it, but I’m still hoping it’ll be up today…or possibly LATE tonight, before I go to sleep. Not sure when the segment will air on CBS. Probably not until the playoffs, so for now, don’t worry about missing anything.


    If you know where the mets parking is then you will know what im talking about. Most people where waiting where they drive in and out but i was waiting on the side and standing on some blue barracade and looking in with a couple people. So we called wright over in the morning and he ignored us but after the game he motions us to throw the ball as hes walking towards us about 20 feet away so I throw it right to him and he takes a step back to purposley let the ball drop. Its a all star ball by the way. So he signs it and i said david im gonna get off this barracade so when you throw it i dont fall but he doesent listen to me and throws it like 10 feet over my head and it hits the ground and i chase after it and get it on 1 bounce. Luckily thje signature wasnt messed up but there was some scuff marks on the back of the ball. He did the same thing with my friend and threw some kids glove he signed over there heads into a puddle of water. 1 over the head i would understand but he did it to everybody. Some other kids all star ball got completely smudged. He has become really stuck up.

  11. Zack

    Man, that’s awful. I’m sorry to hear that, not only for you and your autographed ball, but because of what it means for HIM.


    I am having arguments with fans on whether or not julian tavarez should start for the sox next year.They are saying yes.

  13. Brady

    Congrats on the bat, Zack. By the way—don’t forget…don’t buy any tickets to any Cardinals games for next year when they start selling them til I buy mine because you’re going to help me accomplish my goal of getting a baseball from Pujols, Carpenter, and Eckstein.
    I’ll let you know next spring as soon as I order my tickets which series I’m going to.



    Gustavo won tdy!

    Well it wasn’t pretty and the onslaught of runs gave him the win improving his record to 9-3 on the year.

    5.0 IP

    6 H


    2 BB



    gustavo with a key win in our push for 2nd place! 5 strong innings and got the win to go 9-3. I like this curse now



    Just found out im going to the last home game vs the Red Sox any tips heavily needed. Just 1 more ball to reach milestone of 25!

  17. Zack

    If the Sox don’t make any moves this offseason, then I’m afraid I’ll have to consider a “yes” as well.


    I hate to say this, but I might need to book my Busch trip soon. And seriously, since I’m coming all the way from NYC, I think you need to work around MY schedule, not the other way around. Eh?


    To **** with Gustavo. He is of little consequence and will soon be watching the playoffs from the comforts of his couch.



  18. Brady

    I come from Arkansas with no money or anything! lol…but I can’t pick and choose because of my mom’s job…she’s my ticket to get there.



    You’ve given so many tips on how you would get baseballs but how do you get a bat or batting gloves or anything else like that from a player?

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