Yesterday, today, tomorrow

As I mentioned in a comment on my last entry, I was in Philadelphia last night and snagged LOTS of balls at Citizens Bank Park. As I didn’t mention, I was being filmed for a segment for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. Not yet sure when it’ll air. The original plan was to go Baltimore today to get more footage at Camden Yards. But then we heard that there wouldn’t be batting practice, so we canceled. And because I snagged so many balls last night, the producer isn’t sure that he even needs more footage. He’s going to call me this afternoon (it’s 1:25pm right now) and let me know. In the meantime, I’ll start blogging. I have NO idea when I’ll finish. Possibly late tonight…

…Perhaps not until tomorrow–but I might be filmed tomorrow at Camden, so really, I have no idea…

******U P D A T E******
It’s 6:58pm. I just got a call from my guy at CBS. I’m going to Baltimore tomorrow.



    (Wow! Second posting…a personal best!)

    Zack…that’s wild! I mean it doesn’t get much bigger than network evening news! Way to go! Can’t freaking wait to see that! Congrats!


    PS (Did I use too many exclamation points??!!)


    Pretty cool, I always love it when peopple I know are on tv, even me. Which I was on last week during a Jays game cause of my giant Os for Overbay.

    Also this is totally off topic but, I’m doing this contest with my friend its like Kenny vs Spenny (a great Canadian tv show) and its a hot dog eating contest. He has the advantage but do you have any tips on expanding my stomach and being able to eat a lot. and search kenny vs spenny

  3. Zack

    My game entries usually take five to eight hours, including all the time I spend labeling and editing and uploading pics…and the proofreading…and inserting links…etc.


    Ever since I read somewhere (possibly in Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style”) that using a needless exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke, I’ve tried to save them for special occasions…but this very well might be one of them. Anyway, thanks. It’s nice to know that other people are excited about this, too.


    I’ll keep you posted for sure. Those ARE some mighty cute clothes.


    Do you have a YouTube clip of yourself at the Jays game? I’m not a professional eater, so I don’t know if this is good advice, but I’d just practice by eating everything in sight for weeks ahead of time. Maybe I wouldn’t win the contest, but at least I’d fun in the process.


    No cause my friends was watching the game and called us and told us we were on tv. Jamie Cambell saw us and said something like well it looks like some people have Os for Overbay and it seems like the tradition made in Milwakee is continuing over here. Then after Overbay had his AB I put my O around my neck and Jamie said something like, so thats how you store your O during ABs eh? around your neck!


    i sent you a friend request on myspace. im jonathan, youll see me with a picture with anna benson, and some others with cole hamels, jeff francouer, brian roberts, jon miller, garrett atkins, and harry kalas.

    please accept me as a friend, and send a friend request back!


    Great Zack!!
    I’ll be there, im bringing your book to get signed so yeah I don’t know if that’ll be cool camera footage or not. I’ll probably get it signed outside when you’re waiting to go in so i don’t have to bother you inside! It’ll be fun to compete with you (I have the glove trick). I have all 30 caps too and am a champion beggar as well. I mostly do autographs though so it should be fun to see you in action.

  7. Zack

    The Philly entry is taking MUCH longer than that. Ohmygod, I have so many photos from which to choose.


    That sounds like fun. But who’s Cambell?


    Cool. But I’m so busy right now that I can’t even THINK about MySpace. Gimme a few days…


    It wasn’t a record-setting day, but it made me quite happy.


    Uh oh, another glove trick? That’s fine. Feel free to do your thing, but just keep in mind that I’m really gonna go all out to get as many balls as possible for the camera, so if I ended up getting a few that you might’ve otherwise had, please don’t be pissed. And along those lines, if you snag a few away from me, I’ll accept is as part of the fun. Okay? I’ll sign your book any time. The camera man can film it or not. That’s not for for me to decide, but thanks for being considerate. (What’s your name again?)


    and yeah its all good I have over 1,000 balls (minor league included), but its just usually in the 30 minutes before you’re allowed in the bowl and when im waiting for autographs i ask for them sometimes. Don’t worry, I am honored to share my turf with Zach Hample hehe.

    (and P.S. – I’m 15 and cuter – get ready)

  9. Zack

    Wait, I’m not quite sure I know what you mean…
    You only go for balls during the first half-hour out in RF and CF? And then, once you can get into the rest of the ballpark, you just go for autos? A thousand balls by the age of 15?*****. (And for the record, it’s Zack with a K.)


    That’s awesome i suspect that CBS will probably air the segment around the time of the Postseason.

    But have a good time in B’More.


    I know its a “k” I did it right my first post I was just going fast I guess…

    And yes, when I don’t have my season ticket card (which I don’t tommorrow) I go for balls for the first half hour and then go for autos. I’ll beg for balls and all of that but my main objective is autos, so I don’t really go all out for balls.

    And yes, 1000 balls. Mostly minor league (maybe 1/4 from major league stadiums).

  12. Brady

    Ok, I’m NEVER coming back to your blog. By posting comments on here, I’m “running up the score” on your hit counter. GRRR..

  13. Zack

    Thanks. That sounds about right. CBS might even wait ’til the World Series. Hopefully, I’ll find out soon.


    Gotcha. I might have press credentials tomorrow, and if I do, I might be able to get into the LF seats as soon as the ballpark opens, and if that happens, then we won’t need to compete with each other. But whatever it is, it is.


    Well FINE! Then I’m never going to your blog either!



    That’d be cool! I’ll be in a sea of boogers trying to get some Jay Gibbons action while Zack cleans up in left. Hah!

  15. Zack

    You’ve been in the hospital all this time?! How IS your wrist doing?


    Maybe, since it’s Camden, it’ll just be a sea of Boogs.


    Hey Zack

    when will the new post be up, I gotta go to bed within the next 1/2 hour or I won’t wake up in time for skool 2morrow



    It’s time for bed…I’m still not gonna be able to wake up DAMMI! If I know that I will be so tired in the morning, why do I stay up this late?!?

  18. Brady

    Haha…oh ****. I’m back. Hahaha…Zack I wrote a book about you. It’s called “People who like to run up the score on their hit counter bug me”.
    You can preorder it now, or just read your autobiography.


    okay that was lame.

    You need to get me a baseball from a Cardinals game and mail it to me.


  19. Zack

    Glad to hear it.


    Sorry to keep you up. It’s not happening tonight. There’s just too much stuff to say and too many pics to choose from, and I have too many other things going on, and I think I’m getting sick.


    If I preorder the book, will you promise to sign it for me?

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