Right now my life is just about as crazy as it’s ever been. Yesterday I didn’t have time to finish blogging about Philadelphia. I’m gonna be filmed again today in Baltimore. Then I have my writing group on Saturday (on Staten freakin’ Island) and a follow-up interview early next week. I also have to comb through the entire copy-edited manuscript of my new book by Tuesday and get back to my editor. I have unpaid bills and about 80 unanswered emails dating back to last week. This is really ridiculous.


But it sure is fun…


  1. csmith2209@yahoo.com

    long time reader, first time poster. can’t wait to read your next blog and to see your cbs story. keep it up!

  2. Zack

    Hey, Chad-

    Thanks for finally checking in with a comment. I wish I could’ve had the Philly entry posted by now, but there was so much stuff that happened that I didn’t want to rush it. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait. I promise it’ll be up sometime this weekend, and then, when I get another chunk of free time, I’ll catch up on Baltimore. (I’m leaving for Camden in a little over an hour.)

  3. senoroctubre@boston-redsox.net

    yikes! dont put your personal life in danger for baseball games!

    ……..on second thought…………..;)

  4. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    Hi Zack
    Got my first ball at Shea yesterday, I was on crutches so I didnt really have a chance to get any more. It’s one of those green writing practice balls. it was thrown to me by Henry Mateo of the Nationals. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll be putting photos on my blog.

  5. Zack

    Your first ball ever?! Congrats. I’m suprised, though, that the players didn’t give you more “charity balls” because of your crutches.

  6. johnjamahoney@hotmail.com

    Yeh I had hoped that too but I guess not, I actually held my crutches up for Tim Abraham(Nationals Trainer) to see but he just smiled and shook his head.

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