It’s 2:35pm. I’m running off to Shea Stadium in half an hour. Gorgeous weather. Boring pitching matchup (Moehler-Trachsel) but whatever. If the Mets win tonight, they’ll clinch the NL East. That’d be fun to see.

It’s not definite yet…BUT…I might be filmed later this week at games in Philadelphia and Baltimore. I also got a call from a certain talk show which for now shall remain nameless. Details to follow…

Gustavo Chacin has fallen victim to the Hample Jinx yet again. Even though he made a “quality start” last night, allowing three runs on seven hits in 6 2/3 innings, his offense let him down and left him with a no-decision…against the Devil Rays. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go laugh.



    thats cool about being filmed in other parks. good luck with that.

    if you can try to put up the videos from those games. id like to see them.


    So you might be going to see the Twins? What game(s)? It’d be cool to meet you/compete/get you to sign your book for me. I may have season tickets so if I do I could possibly get you in early with my season ticket card (that is still up in the air wether my card will be available or not).


    how is taht bad for gustavo? Im sure he was more then happy with his performance and his team winning the game.

  4. Nick

    What day will you be in Baltimore? Because I will be there when they play the Twins on either Friday or Saturday, maybe both days…

  5. Zack

    Thanks. Right now, I’m just crossing my fingers that these segments will even be filmed in the first place. Then, if it happens, I’ll need to get a copy. Then I’ll have to find some way to convert the footage into mpeg form. I do not, however, have any idea how to do that.


    If this whole thing works out, I’ll be at Camden on Thursday against…Detroit. A one-game series? Must be a make-up game. Does anyone know about this? It WOULD be cool to meet, and I’d be delighted to sign your book. If you miss me this week, email me privately, and I’ll send you my address. Then, if you mail it to me with a SASE, I’ll sign it and send it back. Cool? Will you be there on Thursday? Sorry AOL was giving you a hard time. I know how that goes. Well said about the Jinx.


    Just checked out your Photoshop wizardry. Funny! And yet SAD that you couldn’t make it out to Shea. I just got back, and it was a special night indeed.


    As kvrpmmh so eloquently explained…


    Darn. Looks like we’ll just BARELY miss each other this time ’round. It’s gonna happen someday. Mark my words.


    Cool. Give us a recap when you can.


    How can he be YOUR Shawn Green when he’s so clearly MY Shawn Green?


    Thursday in Baltimore is a make up from May 11th. Could be an interesting day for you since a local radio station has planned a rally and protest at the game.


    Hey Zack. What a day at Shea last night! So I ended up with 11 balls in total. The last came from Mike Jacobs after an inning-ending double play by Shawn Green. I gotta run, but I’ll be more detailed this afternoon.

  8. Zack

    Are you serious? What’s being protested? I need details!


    Incredible. Thank you very much for making me look bad.


    But wait’ll you see what I got after the game…

  9. Thomas

    Zack.. you score a bottle of champagne? =)

    It would have been funny(to me at least) if the Mets lost and the Phillies lost and then the Mets would have been celebrating that they clinched, after a loss.

    Congrats to the Mets for being the best National League team and to their GM/Owner for ponying up the $ to build a winning team.

  10. Zack

    Better than champagne, in my opinion, but keep in mind that I’m not a drinker. The thing I got doesn’t have a high commercial value (NOT that I’d even consider selling it), but it’s still pretty cool. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten one of these—at a game—in my life. I’m blogging about it now…


    No, unfortunately I’ll only be in for the Twins. I may graph the Tigers at the airport afterwards but probably not. I know I’ll meet up with you eventually so I’ll wait out on the book signing til then. Good luck!

  12. Zack

    Ahh, well, so it goes. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be running around for the next few days, and I probably won’t be checking my blog much, so I’ll say it now: GOOD LUCK.

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