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First of all, if you still haven’t seen the piece in the NY Times, click here.

And in other news…

For 13 years, I’ve been dying to get a ball from Manny Ramirez, and in two days, I’ll be getting another chance at Camden Yards. Who knows if he’ll even take the field during batting practice…but if he does…and if he throws me a ball, not only will I dance a celebratory jig, but I’ll film it and share the video.

I would LOVE to attend a Mets playoff game (assuming they reach the playoffs), but I don’t have season tickets. I’ve never had season tickets. People always assume I have season tickets. But I don’t. Season ticket holders and celebrities get priority. People like me get screwed. So if I don’t make it to the playoffs, it won’t be the result of some foolish attempt on my part to avoid games with big crowds.

Without the playoffs, I’m left with three weeks of regular season action to get 22 more balls. That’d give me my third straight 200-ball season, tying a personal record which I set from 1993-95. It can be done, but I need to have a big day at Camden. If I don’t, I might have to stoop so low as to attend another Yankee game during the last week of September.

I also want to get one more game ball this season. That’d give me double digits (in that category) for the third straight year; before 2005, I’d never even done it back-to-back. Check out my yearly stats for a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Gustavo Chacin had another good outing this past weekend, but that’s fine. All his plants died.

Finally, I just found out that I’m getting bashed on some Mets blog (not on MLBlogs). A friend sent me the link. I took a peek. It’s pretty sad. People are hurling some pretty harsh insults and accusations that simply aren’t true. I’ll admit that I used to be too aggressive in my pursuit of baseballs, but that was way back in the early 1990s. I was a kid, and I was seriously obnoxious. Have I learned from my mistakes? I think so. Am I a perfect human being now? No way. But overall, I think I’m a pretty good guy. At least I try to be. Occasionally, though, I still get caught up in the excitement of adding another ball to my collection, and I can see how that would rub people the wrong way…and for that, I am TRULY sorry. I went to games for six years before I caught my first ball, so I know how it feels. I don’t want other fans to have to wait that long. I want them to get baseballs. Lots of baseballs. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why I write this blog. I’ve received countless emails from kids (and grown men) all over North America who caught their first balls and discovered a new hobby because of me–and that feels great. I hope this continues, and that I’ll continue to mellow out and piss off fewer people as the years go by…



    If you were as aggressive/obnoxius as your teenage years do you think you would have 3,000 now?

    (1st comment yay!)



    Are those insults on the mets site on the fan forum, or can u send me the link I’d like to see the bashing.


    Thought the article in the times was pretty good.
    I’m going to a mets game next week mets vs nationals, I’m hoping to get my first ball and/or my first baseball autograph, do you think that the Nationals game is going to be crowded??

  4. Zack

    Yes, easily. In fact, I’d probably be closer to 3,200.


    Sorry, I only give links to nice pieces.


    Thank you. I think the weekend games might be pretty packed…like in the 50,000 range, but the Monday game shouldn’t be THAT bad. Of course, all the games have been crowded lately.


    well said zack,
    **** what everyone else says, and just do ur own thing out there.

    oh and good luck at camden

    i hope manny will be manny


  6. Zack

    Yeah, I figured you’d find it. Creative? Can’t say either way. I really didn’t spend much time looking at it.


    Good point. Fingers crossed…


    Thanks. Generally, though, I do value what other people say (including my critics) as long as there’s at least some degree of sensibility. But wow. The majority of stuff on that other blog seemed to be so hostile and absurd that it was hard to take it seriously.


    Camden is my home park and the Red Sox always sell out/get close. I’ve had trouble getting ticets a few times. You should be alright for tickets, considering it’s a weekday but get ready for come competition! I’m sure you’ll real at least a couple out of the gap between the outfield and the bleachers.


    Next gane for me on Friday D-rays at Jays got outfield tix so hoping to catch a lyle overbay bomb, cause I’ll be holding Large colourful Os for Overbay. Any tips will be gladly accepted.


    You may think I’m crazy, but you might wanna go to a playoff game at Yankee Stadium. I know that the gates are scheduled to open 2.5 hours prior to playoff games, but usually open even earlier than that, around 3 hours early. Do you have any idea wheather or not the Mets will open shop earlier for the playoffs?

  10. albert

    Hey Zack,
    Long time no talk,You should of told me you were going to a Giants game I ahve all the insights who to talk to for balls when it comes to the Giants organization,if your ever in San Fransisco E-Mail me I can tell you everything you need to know.


  11. Zack

    I can handle the competition. But can the competition handle me?


    This should help:


    I don’t mind being criticized if there’s some truth or value in what’s being said, but some of the comments on that other blog are so absurd and hostile that I have nothing to gain by sharing the link here.


    If I could get reasonably priced tickets, I’d actually consider going to a playoff game at Yankee Stadium, but what’re the odds of that happening? I have no idea about Shea’s gates. I hadn’t even considered it. Good point.


    Hey! Welcome back. Thanks for the offer to hook me up with info on the Giants. Wish I had known sooner. They were kind of a stingy team. I could’ve used a few tips. Next time for sure…


    It’s supposed to rain later today in Baltimore, and the weather is supposed to get even worse tomorrow, so I might not make it down. I’m going to bed soon. I’ll figure out my plans in the morning.

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