Gustavo Watch, Part 3

Jinxed_2The Hample Jinx continued its wake of destruction yesterday as notorious ball thief Gustavo Chacin got pounded…

in Single-A!

In yet another rehab start–this time with the Dunedin Blue Jays of the Florida State League–our friend managed to pitch 4 2/3 innings, during which he surrendered five runs on six hits and five walks. After posting a 10.13 ERA at Triple-A, he’s showing signs of improvement with a mark of 9.64 in A-Ball. Keep up the good work, Gustie.

(I’m off to PETCO in half an hour. Still haven’t had time to blog about yesterday’s game…)



    dont you just love that improvement from 10.13 ERA in TRIPLE-A ball, to 9.64 in A-Ball. I love improvevement. haha, good luck at the game zack, im gonna call 6 balls and a Dave Roberts auto


    So close to number 1!! Chacin’s not lookin’ good down in the minors. So you’re not a easy guy to mess with, Zack! I predict 7 balls in game 1, 8 balls in game 2, with 2900 thrown to you by Hennesey.


    I would HATE to be Gustavo.

    Keep jinxing, Z, and maybe you will change the rude dude into a human being type of man type person who will become a generous ball-giver to others.


    red sox need a win we dont want to have to worry about the jays taking our playoff spot!


    No worris thats the minors who cares??? When he pitches saturday he will be great.

  6. Zack

    How can you NOT love it, heh heh…


    Generous predictions. Hmm. Okay.


    If Gustavo ever gets in your cab, you better give him the Glavine/Duaner treatment.


    There are times that I can be messed with. Batting practice, however, is not one of them.


    Perhaps after the Gustavo Watch reaches Part 10, he’ll change his ways. Or part 100?


    I’m worried about the Red Sox.




    You’re very welcome. Glad you’re enjoying his (crappy) progress, too.


    I’m back from my second game at PETCO. Gonna start writing about the first one now. Hopefully, the entry will be up late tonight, or at least by the time I leave for today’s (Wednesday’s) game.

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