The countdown continues…

Ever since Hannah picked me up at the airport on Saturday, there’s been lots of eating, Scrabble-playing, and hanging out on the beach.


It’s 11:24pm here (still Sunday the 13th), which puts the official PETCO Park countdown at 17 hours and 11 minutes.





    I know you’re excited about the countdown to PETCO, but if I read the photograph correctly, it looks like there may be a problem: if this Hannah woman buried you standing up – with the sand covering you right to the top of your head, how’re you gonna dig yourself out in time to make it to batting practice today?

  2. Zack

    I’ve dug myself into enough holes to have found an escape from this one.


    Huh? What? I don’t know what yer talkin’ about.


  3. Zack

    I’d love to, and I even brought my passport in case I get a chance…but I just don’t think there’s gonna be enough time. I don’t know. But thanks for the suggestion.


    Hey Zack…

    I am going to a game at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly this week and noticed that not the entire ballpark is opened 2 and 1 half hours before the ballgame–just the ashburn alley section in the outfield. The rest of the ballpark opens up a mere 1 and 1 half hours before the game…I’m wondering if it’s really worth it to go to ashburn alley for the extra hour. Are there any good ball snagging and autograph opportunities in Ashburn Alley, or should I just go in to the ballpark through a normal gate 1 and 1 half hours before the game?



    I need to know a few things-

    Is it possible to get players outside of Yankee Stadium? How early should i show up. Also, what do you know about autograph seeking at MSG and/or Giants Stadium? Where do I go, and when should I show up?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  6. Zack

    You snooze, you lose. But thanks nonetheless.


    It’s definitely worth getting there 2.5 hours early. You have all of left and center field to roam for balls. Not many autograph opportunities out there, however.


    Huh? What? No debauchery involved. Just a nice trip to the beach, I swear.


    Wish I could help.


    I survived my first game at PETCO. Tough place. I’ll have an entry up as soon as possible, but that might still be another day or two.


    HOw is it worth it? From Ashburn Alley, it looks like it’ll be too far from the field. I went to Citizens Bank back in June, and I was on Ashburn, but I don’t remember how close it was. I also made a glove trick…can you use it from Ashburn Alley? I remember that you probably could reach down the glove trick into the visitors bullpen. Is it too far to ask players for balls?

    Thanks for answering my questions. I reeeeeaaaaaaaallllyyyyyyyy want to get my first major league baseball…the first time I went to Citizens Bank, we didn’t get there ’till 6 and it was a 7oclock game.

  8. Zack

    No no no, you’re not limited to the Alley itself. You can go down into the seats…right into the first row behind the outfield walls if you want. Got it? The trick is hard to use from LF because there’s a flower bed in front of the wall that you have to lean over, and it’s like three feet thick, so you REALLY have to lean. But in RF, you can look staright down over the wall onto the warning track. Of course, you can’t go to RF for the first hour.


    Chuckster: To get autographs as the players come in, I’d say for a 7 oclock night game, go to the press gate at 2…they may not show up till 3, but I THINK thats when they begin to show up.

    Zack: Thanks. Should I go in through the Left Field Gate to get to the alley and the left field seats?

  10. Zack

    Yes. You have to enter the Ashburn Alley gate…I think that’s what it’s called, but anyway, it’s the one in left field.


    I just bought a nationals cap, and this may be the only time I ever use it, so it better be worth it!


    is it possible to get autographs? Do players from the Yankees ever sign, or is it mostly opponents? I may try that tomorrow.


    Sure it’s possible. You have to be really nice, though. However, I am not guarenteeing this. They probably start to come around 2 or 3 for a night game. The Yanks will probably sign if you ask them to in a polite fashion.

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