Action shot

At my last game, I got four balls with the glove trick…remember? Well, my friend Nelson took a photo of me as I was swinging my glove out to knock one of the balls closer to the wall:


See that little loop in the string? That was the result of a knot that formed because I didn’t have time to properly recoil the string after each usage.

See that dark blue thing on my back? It’s one of those drawstring backpacks. Normally, I bring a real backpack to games, but Yankee Stadium is the ONE place in the Majors that doesn’t allow them. Obnoxious.

See the blue cap I’m wearing? I own caps of all 30 teams, and I always wear the one of the team that’s on the field. In this case, it was the Blue Jays.

I don’t have many shots of myself in action, so if you happen to see me at a game, and if you happen to have a camera, I’d be grateful if you could take a few pics and send them my way.



    Hey Zack–

    I suppose I can take some shots of you in action, but it’s not likely due to some things:

    a. I cannot yet drive, and I live in the suburbs of NYC, so my parents would have to drive me. This is a problem since both of them work and you dislike going to Friday night and weekend games.

    b. It might be tough to convince my family to go to Shea Stadium…Yankee is much closer for us, and we’d rather see teams that we care about play (since we are Yankee fans)

    I’d say my best chance would be this Friday night at Yankee Stadium, although if the Mets are in town, maybe I can convince my father to take me to Shea. I’m sure he would like meeting you.

    Also, any night games this week are possible, but defintely not as likely as Friday night, or for that matter, any weekend game.


    (PS–I’m 14, if you’re wondering.)


    In terms of games I can have a chance of going to to take pics of you are-

    Aug. 8th and 9th at Shea

    Aug. 8th and 9th at Yankee

    Weekend games

  3. Zack


    That’s so nice of you to offer, but I’m not asking you (or anyone) to go out of your way and rearrange your schedule in order to be my personal photographer. I’m planning to go to Shea tomorrow and then possibly the next day as well, but don’t kill yourself to get there. Of course, if you do make it, you shouldn’t have any touble spotting me.

    Not only do I dislike weekend games, but I work on Friday nights, so I can’t do the Yankee Stadium thing. But anyway, thanks VERY much…and let me know what’s up.


    Zack-ok…if I can go, I will, but once again, I highly doubt it, because my father will be sooooooooo tired.



    Here’s the recap from the game yesterday: 8/6/06 Mets vs. Phillies

    Ball #1: Guy Conti had collected a few that were hit in BP, and threw all but one back to the CF collection area. the one he kept, he gave to me cause i was the only one who knew his name

    Ball #2: 2005 ASG Ball From El Duque. He came out of the bullpen and started collecting the balls that were in the RF corner that had been hit. He picked one up and tossed it to me

    Ball #3: As i was marking it a ball was hit down the line and one-hopped into the stands. I ran about 3 rows down and easily had my third ball. It was a 2004 UNMARKED ASG BALL!

    Ball #4: After the stands filled up with the obnoxious little kids and their huge fathers, i went around to the basically empty LF seats. I immediately got a ball from Aaron Fultz. I dont know why he had it but i just called him and waved and he threw it to me.

    Ball #5: It was hit in BP. One of the ballboys came over and picked it up, and tossed it to me.

    CF: 39144 x5= 195720


    Cole Hamels

    Pat Burrell x2

    Rick White x3

    Arthur Rhodes

    Scott Mathieson x2

    I also got pictures with Jon Miller and Harry Kalas (who is a HOF Broadcaster with the Phillies)


    Zack, if I meet you at the game tommorow, I will let you know tonight. I will bring you a copy of the ball snagging game. Could you let me borrow your National’s cap?


    Although, then again, I doubt you would ever get the cap back, because the chances we would come across eachother in a ballpark again is slim, considering I go mostly to Yankee Stadium and Citizens Bank Park, and they are weekend and friday games.



    OK, I am ready to “distribute” the game!

    First off, if you would like the game, comment:

    yanksfan-I want the game

    I will mail the game to you as soon as I have 5 or more people signed up. It is 100% free! “Subscription” includes FREE updates as I make them.

    Also, if your “posted by” thing says your name and not your E-Mail, then add your e-mail address to your post.

    Instructions will be included in the e-mail.

    For more info, contact me at

    Thank Ya’ll



    I may have to send you the pics seperately so you can save them to your PC.

  10. Zack

    Such an instigator…


    What an AWESOME day! I can’t believe you got all those autographs. Where did you get Hamels? Inside the stadium? And where were you for BP? On the Field Level the whole time? Very impressive, sir.


    That’s fine. Just let me know tonight, or by about 2pm tomorrow at the latest. You don’t want to borrow ANY of my hats. Trust me. I sweat them all up. They’re nasty. Plus, you can get your own for like 10 bucks. That’s not so bad, is it? Can’t wait to see the game. Thanks for offering to hook everyone up. And yes, I definitely want to be on the list. Oh…if someone’s name shows up instead of their email address, you should be able to get their email by placing the cursor over their name. Know what I mean?


    yes i got hamels on the field level just as BP was ending he came over to sign a girls jersey and then just started signing

    yes i stayed in the field level the whole time


    Zack-I will not be able to attend tommorow…maybe Wednesday I will, but I really doubt it.

  13. Zack

    You don’t recall making a statement about the Yankees’ playoff chances?


    Thanks. That’s good to know.


    Okay. Thanks for keeping me posted.


    Kaylee/Zack-Yeah. It was a really random comment considering there is no game on AND the Yankees are 2 games ahead of the Sox in the standings now. It’s one thing if we were watching the game and the Yanks lost and the Sox won or whatever, but that was totally random.

    I hope that that’s all I wanted to say because I dont wanna have to post another comment unless someone responds to this or the game thing.


    Ah see, people agree with me again, further inflating my already Donald Trump size ego!


    well the yanks are gonna win the wild card, so you can kiss that al east pennant goodbye


    I dunno…the Yanks are in 1st place by 2 games right now, so who knows what will happen. The Red Sox and the Yankees are both very good teams, so it is hard to say.


    I will probably send the game out later tonight.

    trueplaya, u r on the list

    That’s 5 people, but I’m gonna wait another hour or 2


    If I am here tommarow I will mail the game sometime around 1 PM…if not, it will have to wait until probably around 7 or 8 PM.

    Sorry it can’t happen tonight


    Take your time for the game, I just can’t wait for it. I just wanna see if I can out do Zack in virtual snagging cause I can’t do it in real snagging except I’ve out snagged Zack twice cause of his 2 ball preformance couple days ago. Anyway I wrote about my trip to Rogers Centre on Sunday. Sorry no pics, my batteries of my camera didn’t last.


    Unfortunately, the game is Soooooooooooooo easy that if you don’t beat the game, you must be a 2 year old. So it’s not the greatest game to have a contest in. I will update it every once in a while to make it more complex.


    Also, with the game, I was too lazy to make level 9, but I made the last level, level 10, so the only way to beat the game is to beat level eight, go to “file” and click “password” and type in “10on5ii” (without the quotes)


    can you give us a walk throguh of the game atleast for now? like before you said how level one you have 10 seconds to just pick up a ball. but can you go into more detail about how you snag the balls what stadiums and so you just pick up every ball? or is there a way to ask a player and then catch it or something?

    if you cant tell im prety excited


    OK…I’ll give ya a quick walk through.

    You have a given amount of seconds to get a certain amount of baseballs and autographs, but the focus is on baseballs.

    Some balls will already be in the stands, while you must “ask” players-by clicking on them-for balls. The ball is “thrown” into the stands and to snag it, all you have to do is run into it. To get autographs, simply click on a player that is NOT near a baseball. Only the Yankee stadium level has another fan running around trying to get a baseball.

    The first screen of the game will be a pic of RFK stadium and a button that says “enter” or something like that. When you click that, you will come to a page with directions. On the bottom of the page, there will be 2 buttons-“advanced instructions” (which you don’t need to click since I am telling them here) and “next.” The next page will have 2 descriptions…the top description says “free play” which is basically practice mode, but it isn’t finished, and isn’t good. If you want to play it, click on the corresponding “next” button. The other description will say “begin game.” This is how you begin the game with levels in it. To play it, click on the corresponding “next” button. That will begin the game.

    After you beat level 8, you will notice that you come to a blank page. To go to the next level, click “file” then “password” then type in “10on5ii” (without the quotation marks). That will bring you to the last level.

    That’s basically it.

    NOTE-Don’t click on the “advanced instructions” buttons. Just don’t. Trust me.


    It’s , so I best go to bed or be forced to wake up at 11:00 AM, which I hate. By then, it seems like the whole day is wasted


    hey does anyone know anything about the rockies any nice players signers throwers anything?



    Excuse me, but Pro Player down here doesnt allow even drawstrings, let alone backpacks!! I have to roll up my Marlins drawstring back, stick it in a lower velcro pocket in my cargo pants, and hope the security guard doesnt look down as I enter the stadium. They confiscated one of my drawstrings last year as I was entering the park…..

    Pro Player also opens only an hour and a half early for each game, making me miss THE ENTIRE Marlins BP. It used to be only 15 minutes of it, now we get nothing…

    I guess the big crowds at Ruth’s House and all can even it out a bit lol….keep up the good work


    and you can still join if you want it! That list is anything but final.

  29. Nick

    I just got back from Cincinnati…

    I’ll post about my trip to GABP either today or tomorrow. They actually took batting practice for the 1:05 game. I was really surprised.

    What is “The List?”


    OK this is the deal with the game…

    I am about to send it out, but I just tested it, and, unfortunately, the pictures don’t show up…so I think I am going to have to send you the game AND all of the pictures I used from the internet. It still might not work, though.

    (Also, did I just win the award for most commas used in an area of 2 sentences!)


    OK, I just sent the game, but it’ll take a while for it to actually be sent because of all the attachements I put in it to optimize your gaming experience (in lamens terms, my computer is slow, and it’s taking about 20 minutes for all the attachments to go through). If your computer is slow (i.e. it doesn’t have DSL or Cable internet), then it might take about 20 minutes to download all the files. YOU MUST SAVE THEM TO YOUR COMPUTER! I have further instructions in the e-mail, I know they are long, but PLEASE read them! It’ll only take 10 minutes to read.


    woot! 18% finished downloading with about 17 minutes remaining!

    Don’t worry;the stuff doesn’t take up much room on your hard drive (I mean, I fit it all on to a CD with a lot of room to spare!), but there is so much of it that it takes time.


    you missed the underscore in my email… but jimmy sent me it. Except the game itself i think was blocked Hotmail has permanently blocked the following potentially unsafe attachment(s): SnaggingBaseballsGame.exe (0.67 MB)

  34. Zack

    YANKS FAN (and everyone else)-
    I’ll have to write later because I’m racing to get ready for Shea. Gorgeous day here in New York City…


    i got it working except the pics are very small and tough to see. Good game though



    I plan to make frequent updates to the game…hopefully starting as soon as september


    Yanksfan-I’ll take the game
    Zack-I’m starting to make plans for the rest of my summer, and would like to know what Mets/Cards games you plan to attend. Also, are you going to another Yankee game? Please say no.

  38. is on the NEW list.

    also, I finally made another post on my blog! Check it out:

    You can leave comments as anonymous, but if you are from this blog, please identify yourself even if you are posting as anonymous.

  39. Zack

    Alright, folks. I’m back from Shea. I’m going to blog about it and THEN answer all these comments…

  40. Zack

    I don’t know much about the Rockies. Those western divisions are a mystery to me.


    I didn’t know that about the Marlins’ stadium. Jeez. They’ve REALLY gotten strict there in the last few years, huh?


    Man, you’re out of the loop. Good to see you back.


    I can’t get the game to work. Are you sure it’s not PC-only?


    I just answered your Cardinals question on my latest entry. As for Yankee Stadium, it’s hard to say. I might crank up my snagging a bit as the season winds down, which means I might attend a few games that I hadn’t planned on seeing. But does that even matter? Don’t you go to left field at Yankee Stadium? If I’m there, I’ll stay in RF.

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