Gustavo Watch, Part 1

JinxedGustavo Chacin, the man who stole a baseball from me at my last game, has already fallen victim to the Hample Jinx. Sidelined with an elbow injury since June 9, he just got rocked for the second straight rehab start with the Triple-A Syracuse SkyChiefs. After allowing four runs in just two-thirds of an inning in his previous outing, Chacin suffered the loss last night, coughing up two runs on six hits in 2 2/3 innings. In three games with the SkyChiefs this season, he’s 0-2 with a 15.88 ERA. The Jinx, apparently, is so powerful that it has also affected his teammates; since Chacin robbed me, the Blue Jays have gone 0-4 to slip 9.5 games out of first place. Mwahaha.



    Well at the auto session I’m gonna probably ask Johnny Mac if he can try to toss me a ball at the Jays dugout when the gates open. I probably won’t be able to, but its worth a shot I have nothing to lose.



    Cowabunga!!!! You really got the dude on the ropes. Keep up the bad work until he’s forced to apologize for kicking the ball away from your glove trap. And personally begs you to lift the Hample Jinx.



    I went to the auto session and got autos from John McDonald, Ted Lilly, Ernie Whitt and Cito Gaston also from Jason Spezza (hockey player). It was a fun day and me and my friend are gonna be on the web site o yea! I also talked to Johnny Mac for a while and asked if he could toss me a ball on Sunday and he said just come over to the dugout and ask me and tell me that I met you here.

    So I can’t wait for tomorrow to get some balls, a Gaston bobblehead and see a homerun derby pre-game.


    Rumor has it that Mitch Williams is still feeling the affects of the jinx, even 13 years later!

    Loved your book!!!

  5. Zack

    Thanks. There is, however, no explanation for Chacin’s actions.


    Sounds like you milked the autograph session for all it was worth. I hope Mac comes through for you tomorrow. Sorry but I won’t reverse The Jinx until I get a ball AND an apology from Chacin.


    I like how you think.


    Thanks so much. I’m glad to hear it. As for Mitch…I’m glad to hear that, too. :-)


    hey zack

    been away for a while so in response to this post and the yank/ jays game. this chacin curse is killing us weve lost 6 straight and ar eprety much out of it now. but good stuff at yankee stadium that chacin thing was prety funny though. did he come out of nowhere and smack it out or was he around for a while? After he did it what did you do you say anything to him? lol

    anyways good stuff GO JAYS GO!

  7. Zack

    Actually, the Jays have now lost seven in a row, but anyway, Chacin was nearby when I started to use the trick. He simply strolled over, and after I’d raised my glove a few feet, he tapped it gently a few times until the ball slipped out. Once I saw that he wasn’t going to then give me the ball, I was like, “Dude! What the ****!” and he put up his index finger as if to say, “Hold on, I’ll get you one later,” but then he never did, and so he’s Jinxed.


    yeah 7 my bad atleast i havnt had to watch the games this past week that wouldve been so bad. but anyways that ***** about Gustavo but what can you do this Hample jinx will be the opposite of the others and chacin will return soon and be on fire


    dude thats just scary. next time someone does that, you should warn them theyve just been jinxed, and if they ask you why, tell them about everyone else that got jinxed. that will really scare them.


    I heard(actually saw) My favorite baseball player Julian Tavarez stunk today!
    OHHHHHH i love that guy!



    I think the curse is reversed. The Jays won and I think the curse is reversed because I got a Chacin auto tdy!


    Jimmy:do the jays still have hope?RED SOX LOST My favorite player julian Tavarez gave up a walkoff to tampa


    ****!!! went to the jays sox game and came home empty handed aside from my cito gaston bobblehead and a jon garland and shaun marcum auto… no BP but a pregame softball home run derby was prety cool


    why is julian tavarez your favorite player kaylee? personally i think he is a mediocre pitcher

  15. Zack

    The only way Chacin will be on fire is when he gets lit up. Sorry you got blanked in the ball department, but at least you got a few autos.


    Let this blog serve as my warning to the next would-be ball thief.


    I’m glad you agree.


    I’m starting to wonder if you’ve jinxed Tavarez.


    The Jinx is NOT reversed. The Jays will win games. Chacin himself might even win a few, but trust me, his career will never be the same…


    I might blog about my day at the ballpark. However there won’t be any pictures as my camera died when I got to the stadium.


    Zack-Julian Tavarez deserves to be Jinxed.He is awful.I hate him.He should be in the minors.

  18. Zack

    Tavarez should take some anger management courses.


    Sorry to hear that about your camera. Mine is actually about to die as well. I hope it gets me through San Diego.

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