Happy All-Star break…


I’d LOVE to see the National League dominate the All-Star Game, but since that’s doubtful, I will reluctantly predict an 8-3 win for the Junior Circuit. As for the Home Run Derby, I’m rooting for David Wright, but I think Ryan Howard has the best shot. If I were lucky enough to be in Pittsburgh, I’d pack a towel and hang out on the promenade behind the right field bleachers, just in front of the Allegheny River.


  1. Chad

    I am rooting for the NL but I don’t think they have that good of a chance but we’ll see. The American League is more of an offensive league and pitching so the NL is left with only good pitching besides Albert Pujols a Huge RBI/HR hitter.I am rooting for David Wright, Ryan Howard, David Ortiz for the Home Run Derby.



  2. Chad

    Let me say it more clear: The AL has better offense and better pitching. THe only thing the NL has is pretty good pitching and Albert Pujols along with the Mets. So that’s why our chances don’t look good: Let me know what you think. I have been watching SportsCenter and they are saying the American League is a HUGE offensive league with great pitching and the NL is more of a defensive league with great pitching. I think the AL has more phenomonal pitchers then the NL but then sgaing let me know what you think


  3. Zoe

    Oh my goodness, look at all those baseballs! And 40 stadiums? Wow is all I can say.

    As to the All-Star game, our chances just plummeted without Reyes, alas. But I’ll still be cheering for us.

    What do you think about the logic that the home run derby ruins a player’s swing?

    Thanks for stopping by my place!


  4. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    The AL is going to dominate and as for the homerun derby I’m going for TROY GLAUS and LANCE BERKMAN, the dark horses of the derby that look like the sleepers to win it all, long shot yea, but its worth a shot.

  5. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Twins fans have somethiing to cheer about Liriano made it to the all-star game replacing Contreas

  6. Zack

    I agree that the AL’s lineup is much more powerful. Plus, now with Liriano on the team, their pitching just jumped to a whole nother level. I really don’t see how the NL could win this game, but I’m still hoping.


    Thanks for stopping by MY place.

    I’m bummed about Reyes. Sliding into first base is just dumb, but I can’t blame him for being aggressive. That’s his game. I’m glad his injury isn’t worse—it could’ve easily been a broken finger—but sorry that I’ll have to watch the unexciting Renteria in his place.

    I don’t think the Derby can mess up a guy’s swing. I mean, it might mess up his head if he does well and then stays homer-happy when the second half of the season resumes. But playing at Fenway could also mess up a guy’s swing because the Monster is such a juicy target. Same with the short porch at Yankee Stadium, or the laughably short dimensions in Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Baltimore. I realize it doesn’t take much to throw someone’s hitting mechanics out of whack, but I doubt a few dozen swings at the Derby could do it.


    I believe Magglio Ordonez took Manny’s spot…though I’m not sure who’ll be starting in left field.


    It’s true. Be excited. Be VERY excited.

  7. joneli24@yahoo.com

    man, i wish i were in pittsburgh right about now, on the boardwalk that is right next to the alaghanhey river.


    the good news is next year’s ASG is in San Francisco and i family out there. maybe, just maybe my dreams could come true.

  8. andy5353@aol.com

    Zack-I am so excited that Francisco Liriano made it to the allstar game!He certainly deserved it.I was just trying to clarify it not that I thought Jimmy would lie to us though.That is 2 of my Red sox dropping out Man Jonathan papelbon dropped out although he is there just wont pitch.


  9. andy5353@aol.com

    Okay so Ryann Howard just won the DERBY David Wright was in the finals though….just a little update.
    Can not wait to see liriano,seizzmore,david ortiz and MArk loretta,Troy Glaus,

    Bj ryan,and Roy halladay in the all star game tommorrow and 1 other jays player i forgot who zack-jimmy Help.


  10. andy5353@aol.com

    ZACK- I got a question How many mets are in the allstar game? Is it Just Paul Lo Duca and David Wright that are going from the mets?
    GO LIRIANO,MAark loretta,Troy Glaus,Roy Halladay,DAvid Ortiz

    and BJ Ryan aand 1 more jays player??????I think.O and Grady Seizmore I am obsessed with him cuz he is so Cute I aam getting his autograph when I go to fenway Guarentee it Cuz the friend I am going with knows him.


  11. Zack

    If there was *that* much action in the Allegheny, next year in McCovey Cove should be absolutely insane. Very cool that you have family in the area. (Would they like to adopt me?)


    The only good thing about Howard’s performance is that he made me look smart for predicting it. (And that the AL didn’t win.) Beltran will also be playing in the All-Star Game for the Mets.

  12. Chad

    Zack- Have you ever gotten a gold ball after the home run derby and All-Star weekend? If not have you ever gotten one? (Without buying it)


  13. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Dam, why didn’t Wright win I had money on him, anyway the AL is gonna whoop the NL my prdiction 11-4 AL and I can’t believe Kaylee didn’t know VERNON WELLS, he’s starting!

  14. joneli24@yahoo.com

    yea, theres the back of the stands, then a boardwalk, and then mccovey cove. it would be sooooooooo sweet to go even if you dont get a ball. id stand on the boardwalk and jump in whenever one went in.

  15. Zack

    No gold balls for me. I’ve never been to a HR Derby. This is what the promenade looks like in San Francisco:



    Shouldn’t you have been betting on your hometown slugger? (That is, given the fact that you were betting in the first place.)


    I don’t think people are allowed to jump in, and anyway, it’s a long way down…like 10 or 15 feet…and there’s no way to get back up.


    Kick some heinie. Please.

  16. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I knew Glaus wouldn’t do good since he was shutout in his first derby and LETS GO AL.


  17. joneli24@yahoo.com

    i dont remember a drop but there are rocks on the side that you could climb up to get out.

  18. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Didn’t u just see him with that cannon for an arm throwing out Soriano.

  19. andy5353@aol.com

    I see Him Now.
    I thought he wasnt good enough for the allstar game.


  20. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com




  21. ramones18@cox.net

    haha as always the AL won, and whoever guessed it would be 12-4, i would have guessed somewhere in that area too because the all star game usually has high scores, but it was an okay allstar game. in the homerun derby papi didn’t pass the 2nd to last round AGAIN! oh well but at least he is leading the league in home runs. Peace Zack, and GO RED SOX!!!

  22. Zack

    Ain’t nuthin’ boring about a one-run game.


    Curses to the AL, but peace to you.

  23. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I really thought Glaus was gonna be the MVP when he hit that ball that kind of looked like a homer but was a double, and boy did the Jays represent. Good Effort by all the Jays and we have home field advantage WOO!

  24. andy5353@aol.com

    Hey JIMMY-you mean now the red sox have home field advantage.Right?

  25. Zack

    The Jays did an excellent job. Congrats on behalf of your team.


    Home-field advantage for the Sox. Yes indeed.



  26. andy5353@aol.com

    Hey Zack-Yes WE dont want the jays in the world series we want a sox-mets world series.
    Jimmy may not agree though he think his Jays are making it.

    Also I made a red sox blog yesterday cuz i got bored watching the allstar game.lol.

    Jimmy-sox-mets world series.


  27. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com


    I disagree the season isn’t over yet we still have a lotta games to play and the Jays are comming to the top in the end. Its our year this time. As for the Mets I don’t really care if they make it to the WS or not, cause no team stands a chance against the Jays in the finals.

    O yea whats the link for yur Sox Blog?

  28. andy5353@aol.com

    Chad i will get it right let me try again I will post it in a minute!New at this!

  29. andy5353@aol.com

    Chad-Jimmy- I am still trying to figure it out I will have it up by tommorrow!

  30. andy5353@aol.com

    Chad-You tried the second one that is it. all lowercase letters?I will double check for you.

  31. andy5353@aol.com

    Jimmy-i am new at this the link chad posted is correct for my Blog.lol.

  32. Chad

    I am going to see Chris Capuano vs. Brandon Webb, but that is on a Saturday but I really want to see that matchup so I will try to go on Friday too.


  33. Zack

    Nice blog, but why not an MLBlog?! I was going to leave you a comment, but your blog isn’t set up for anonymous comments, and I don’t have a profile on there.


    I haven’t seen the Brewers enough lately to answer your question. Sorry. Gabe Gross threw me a ball last year in Baltimore, but he was with the Jays then, so who knows.

  34. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I used to have a blogspot blog and the reason why I and probably Kaylee don’t have mlblogs is because we’re cheap and don’t wanna pay for a blog, well thats what I think anyway.

  35. Zack

    Thanks for noticing.


    I love Lance. He doesn’t look like he’d be good, but he IS. It’s fantastic. I hope I can get a ball from him someday.


    As I told Kaylee, cheapness is allowed…especially when you’re not old enough to work.

  36. ramones18@cox.net

    keylee-so you are a yankees fan, a red sox fan, and a mets fan??? thats not right

  37. andy5353@aol.com

    RAMONES-that is right but it is hard being a yankee fan and a red sox fan.CUZ I WNT THEM BOTH TO WIN!

  38. cchanteloup@earthlink.net

    I have a signed baseball of the All-Star game, 1961, Game 30, July 11. What is the value on the ball? Yogi Bera, Hank Aaaron. Sandy Koufx and more! I like to have it appraised.

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