6/21/06 at Shea Stadium

My day started with a trip to Barnes & Noble for a Bucky Dent book signing.
At the expense of looking like a stalker, I’d brought my old Bucky Dent’s Baseball School t-shirt, as well as the old photo of the two of us. This was my first chance to talk to him in 13 years. I needed to trigger his memory, or at least get him to engage me a little longer than he otherwise would’ve–and he did.

He asked me what I was up to these days, and when exactly I’d attended his school. I told him I was there when Ozzie Smith and Mike Piazza visited.

“Oh!” he said. “That’s when we put in the new turf field. Must’ve been ’91 or ’92.”

He was right.

We kept talking, but it was rushed. I hate that. Even though there was no one else waiting, security was getting antsy and trying to usher me away. Bucky didn’t let ’em. He saw my camera and told me to walk around to his side of the table for a picture. Joy.


My whole trip to Barnes & Noble lasted just 15 minutes, so I had time to visit a REAL book store–my family’s place–before heading home and back out to Shea.


It was another gorgeous day. First day of summer. I knew there’d be a big crowd, but I had to be there. When I stepped off the #7 train, I noticed the first signs of construction on the new ballpark. A huge portion of the parking lot had been blocked off with a blue fence, and there was a crane in the middle. Bring it on.

Gate C opened at 4:40pm, and I made my customary beeline toward the right field Loge. I got my corner spot, but it wasn’t doing me much good. All the batters were right-handed, and all the outfield shaggers were tossing balls to fans on the Field Level. Half an hour later, my backpack’s ball pouch was still empty.

Enter Pedro Martinez.


Pedro walked out of the Mets’ bullpen, did a few stretches, made a few funny gestures toward the fans down below, and started playing catch. He was about 50 feet away and to my right. With the exception of the occasional jet taking off from the nearby LaGuardia Airport, Shea was pretty quiet, so Pedro heard my initial request for a ball.

He looked up and spotted me and said, “How many you up to now?! Two thousand what…”

Since when did Pedro Martinez recognize me? This was new.

“How do you know me?!” I shouted down at him. “Did you see me on TV?!”

“Yeeeaaahhh!” he said with a goofy tone. “You famous!”

“Well, I’d be honored if you’d add to my collection.” (Actually, he’d already added to it on August 30, 2005.)

Pedro started jumping around and waving his arms in mock excitement. “Ohhh,” he said, “I got a ball from Pedro Martinez!!!” And then, without hesitation, he turned and tossed the ball to me.

“Thanks, Pedro!” I yelled. He nodded.

Five minutes later, he looked up at me again. “Did you pick up a Cincinnati hat?”

My GOD, he knew I switched hats to kiss up to the visiting teams.

Pedromartinez_1I held up my index finger as if to say, “Hold on…”

He stood below, looking up with his hands on his hips, as I fumbled in my backpack. Then I pulled out my Reds cap and a matching/generic red t-shirt.

He laughed.

“But Pedro,” I said, “I really love YOU!”

I tipped my Mets cap. He answered by tipping his and then walked over to Xavier Nady and Chris Woodward. Moments later, all three of them were looking up at me.

“Pedro! Don’t say anything bad about me!”

Pedro shouted back, but I couldn’t hear it. Another jet was roaring overhead. And that was that.

Carlos Beltran tossed me a ball, and before long, I got another–my third of the day–by catching a homer on a fly that was hit by some lefty on the Reds. No idea who. I’d actually made a decent play on it. I was standing in the main aisle when the ball was hit on a line. I read it perfectly and knew it was going to fall short, so I scurried down the steps (nearly twisting my left ankle) and reached over the railing to make the grab.

After that, the security guard told me that the only people in “his” section who could get balls were kids under 12. “I’m just trying to be fair,” he explained defensively.

“Really,” I said. “If that were the case, you wouldn’t make special rules for me.”

Then the usher marched over and announced to all the kids in the section that since I had three balls, I was going to give them away.

“Okaaaay!” he shouted arrogantly. “Who’s the youngest one here–“

“Excuse me,” I interrupted, “but I’d actually prefer to keep my baseballs.”

Not to be outdone, he told me I had to return to my seat.

During batting practice?!

Instead, I ran to the other side of the stadium and promptly got a ball from David Weathers in the left field Loge. Nice guy.


Twenty minutes later, as BP was winding down, I headed downstairs and managed to squeeze into the first row behind the Reds’ dugout. Bucky Dent threw three balls to the people on my left. Billy Hatcher tossed one over the photographers’ box. Several other players and coaches were also tossing balls into the crowd when I *heard* one rolling on the dugout roof. I looked down and there it was, about to skim right past me. I stuck out my bare hand and snatched it. I have no idea where it came from or who tossed it.

For the next two minutes, the kid on my right was screaming at the man in charge of dumping all the balls from the bucket into the equipment bags.

“Ball boy!! Ball boy!! Gimme a ball!! Gimme one!! Throw one up here!! Hey Ball boy!!”

The kid was obnoxious–and old enough to know better.

“You know,” I told him, “calling a grown man ‘boy’ is not the most respectful way to ask for a ball.”

“Doctor Ball Boy!!” shouted the kid.


The woman on my left (pictured here) was decked out in Reds gear, and she was just as annoyed. She leaned toward me and whispered that the man’s name was Stowe. “Mister Stowe,” she clarified.

“Are you sure?! How do you know that?”

“I’m from Cincinnati,” she said.

“Mister Stowe!” I shouted. The man looked up. “Is there any chance that you could toss me a ball, please?”

“You bet!” he said. He was so direct and sincere that I thought he was about to give me the finger instead. But sure enough, he grabbed a nice, new ball and flung it right to me.

The kid was speechless.

The usher and security guard were also speechless when I returned to the right field Loge at game time and presented a ticket for the very spot that they thought they’d kicked me out of earlier.

That’s right, fellas. I bought a ticket for your lousy section. Whatchoo got NOW?!


I had to sit there. Ken Griffey, Jr. was tied with Mike Schmidt for 11th place on the all-time home run list. If, by some miracle, he happened to jerk one down the line into that puny patch of seats, I needed to be there to catch it. But the best he could do in the top of the first was hit a wimpy sac fly to right.

Top of the third? Two-run double to right. Better. I was thinking of what I’d ask for if I caught the ball and Griffey wanted it back. Hmm. I’d need a replacement ball so my collection wouldn’t be one short…and I’d need him to sign it…and personalize it…with a little “thank you for catching and returning my 549th career dinger”…and I’d need him to sign my ticket stub…and I’d need one of his bats…and I’d need to take batting practice with the team. Day game tomorrow? Players need to sleep late and sober up? No BP? No problem. I’ll fly to Cincinnati and do it in that band box that you guys call a Major League stadium. Just tell me when.

Top of the fifth…ground out to second base. Gee whiz, Mister Griffey, thanks for pulling the ball. How ’bout we elevate a little, eh?

Bottom of the fifth…Here’s where it got interesting. Jose Reyes had already homered and doubled. Now, on his third trip to the plate, he blasted a triple–his NINTH of the season–to right-center. Austin Kearns could’ve made the play, but shied away from the wall at the last second and didn’t get full extension. Here we were, just a little over halfway through the game, and Reyes was a single short of the cycle.


Bottom of the sixth…Reyes was already up again. The scoreboard said he was 3-for-3 with a home run, a triple, a double, and two runs. I’d been to over 600 games and seen one cycle. That was last season, on August 15 at Great American Ball Park. Randy Winn accomplished the feat. I had missed a couple of his at-bats because I was running around all night. And because he was on the visiting team, the Reds didn’t make a big deal of it. It was a lame way to witness history. I really, REALLY, wanted to see Reyes do it, but he was overanxious and struck out swinging on a pitch that was practically over his head. Gah! Why didn’t he lay down a bunt? At least he’d get one more at-bat.

Top of the seventh…another Griffey ground out. Wonderful.

In between innings, I started hanging out near the exits and asking people for their ticket stubs. I figured that anyone dumb enough to leave at this point wouldn’t be too concerned about saving an artifact from a potentially historic night…and I was right. I got half a dozen stubs. Reyes HAD to do it.

Bottom of the eighth, two outs…Reyes took the first pitch. Ball. Sweet Jesus. He was ahead in the count. (Did you know that a batter with a 1-0 count typically hits about 75 points higher?) Reyes took a wild hack at the second pitch and came up empty. Third pitch…another ball. Woo! He was ahead, 2-1. Josereyes_1YesYesYes. I couldn’t sit. No one could sit. It was too exciting. Too tense. Too everything. And on the next pitch, Reyes lined a base hit up the middle. Single! He did it!! He had hit for the cycle–only the ninth one in the 45-year history of the Mets!!! The place went nuts. I was shrieking and jumping out of my shoes and high-fiving strangers. Mayhem. Bliss. Griffey Who?

Oh yeah, THAT guy. Top of the ninth…another ground out. Whatever.

Sadly, though, Billy Wagner fell apart after recording two quick outs. He walked Kearns. He walked pinch-hitter David Ross. He gave up a swinging-bunt single to Rich Aurilia. And then Brandon Phillips fought off an 0-2 pitch for a two-run single that put the Reds on top, 6-5.


Bottom of the ninth…Todd Coffey came in to pitch. Beltran walked. Carlos Delgado flied out to left, by which point I was already back on the Field Level and making my way down the steps toward the Reds’ dugout. David Wright then bounced into a 6-4-3 double play to end the game. I ran down to the front row. Aurilia (who’d been playing first) handed the ball to Coffey. Coffey tossed it to me on his way in.


After the game, I asked everyone in sight for their ticket stubs. I was amazed at how many people were willing to give them up.



• 49,758 people in attendance

• 7 balls, all of which are regular MLB balls.

• 99 balls in 12 games this season = 8.25 balls per game.

• 439 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 65 consecutive games with at least two balls

• 2,851 total balls…moves me ahead of Brooks Robinson (2,848) and Jesse Burkett (2,850) and into 40th place on the all-time hits list. Next up is Harold Baines (2,866).

• 32 ticket stubs


In other news, I got an email four days ago from an A’s fan who’d caught two foul balls–DURING A GAME–on consecutive pitches. He wanted to know if anyone had ever done that before, and if MLB would be interested in the story. Here’s the answer.

Oh, and get this…
It turns out that Winn was the last guy to hit for the cycle…so I’ve been to the last two cycle games in Major League Baseball. I wonder if THAT’S ever happened before.


  1. Thomas

    Pedro is awesome… He almost always amuses me. Sounds like a good trip. That’s crazy that people start leaving a close game in the 7th inning.. what’s the point? Business meeting?

    The ushers there amaze me..


  2. Nick

    The first comment is mine. I feel so special. Wow, can I have one of those ticket stubs, or do you not give away those either… haha just kidding.

    I like your encounter with the security gaurds/ushers in the RF Loge. I plan on doing the same thing July 1st at RFK when my seats are two rows off the field along the right field line.

    First, I’m going to sit in the first row while making it look like I don’t belong.

    Then when the usher asks me to leave, I’m going to say, “alright, alright” and then move one row up into my actual seat.

    At that point the usher might be upset, so I’ll present my ticket and have some fun.

  3. Nick

    Ok, well, I started to write my comment when no one else had commented… Thomas beat me to it…

  4. Zack

    Pedro really IS the man. I’m so happy he got the win today. I don’t know why people leave early. To beat traffic? Why not beat traffic by staying late? Ushers. Yes. Wow.


    Congrats on being the first one to comment. Oh wait.


    Ushers are tough, especially at Shea. While I try to keep things positive in my blog, sometimes I just need to let off a little steam and poke fun at them. Funny plan for RFK. Just be careful. You don’t want to go overboard and **** off the employees at your local ballpark.

    As for the ticket stubs, I really want to hang onto all of them for now…sorry.

  5. Nick

    Yeah, I wasn’t serious about the ticket stubs. I’ll try not to take it overboard on the ushers at RFK… maybe….

  6. Zack

    Ahh, okay. I wasn’t sure. I’m not trying to be greedy by hoarding stubs…I mean, I AM hoarding them, but that’s because it’s another collection that I take seriously.

  7. christopher.aubin@gmail.com

    So now that you’ve seen two cycle games what are the stats? How many balls per game where a batter has hit for the cycle? etc. etc.

  8. thechuckster8@aol.com

    Ok I really need to ask you this. How do you keep your stubs in such good condition? Mine are always bent up and falling apart. How do you do it? I used to wear one of those ticket holders around my neck, but wearing those is just as good as wearing a sign that says “CHECK MY TICKET”

  9. andy5353@aol.com

    Zack Nice post. what more could you have said in your oringinal post?
    Anyways I do not think I will be testing the Ushers at the angels diamondbacks game I am going to tommorrow(2nd row from the field seats)…Not a good idea to tick off a Usher at This ballpark…They boot you quickly…I do not know how many balls I am going to get though Cause our golden glovers like to throw to Young kids….My best bet might be asking a player…anyways I enjoy reading your posts.


  10. Jason

    Who is Bucky Dent??? One of the best Yankee shortstops ever and he’s a cause of great misery for Sox fans. Google the words “Bucky Dent 1978 HR” and you’ll find some good info.

    Nice post Zack. I wish Pedro was that nice to me in my 1 interaction with him. I was at Camden in 2004, second to last day of season. I was lined up against the rail on the field and he started signing autos. He skipped right by me, we exchanged pleasantries and he said he only signed for kids. “But I am a kid Pedro” I said. He laughed and kept going. I’m hoping he’s a little nicer when I’m in Toronto on Saturday.



  11. andy5353@aol.com

    Hey guys,
    How iss Fenway….My uncle is offering my to go to boston for a game in August on vacation cause I live in Arizona,He says the seats are 5 rows from the field..Should I go?


  12. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I’d go… you know how hard it is to get tix to Fenway?!

  13. Zack

    Stats on my cycle games…five balls at the first and seven at the second…so six balls per game. One game in Cincinnati, one in New York City. Both during summer months. The visiting team won both games. (Are these the kind of stats you wanted?)


    That’s funny. Seriously. I keep my stubs crisp by putting them inside a book that I keep in my backpack. Easy.


    The only stupid questions are the ones we don’t ask. Anyway, as Jason said, just do a search online and you’ll get all kinds of info. I think you should definitely go to Fenway. That sounds like a great opportunity. That place is always sold out, so to be able to get seats that close to the action is amazing.


    Would you like to adopt me?


    Thanks for jumping in about Bucky. Sorry Pedro passed you by. That’s happened to me with other guys, and it stinks. Pedro seems to be such a man-child (not that that’s a bad thing) that I’m surprised he’s not nicer to his fellow grown-ups. Good luck with him this weekend.

  14. andy5353@aol.com

    Jimmy and ZAck-
    so are you saying getting any closer at fenway is going to be a challenge?


  15. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Its REALLY hard to get into fenway just go on the site and look for tickets, at least 90% of the tix are sold out already and the only tix I found were like last row in obstructed view. So I say go cause Fenways a great place!

  16. andy5353@aol.com

    thanks Jimmy,I dont think I will try probably can not beat what I am already offered

  17. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Wow history can be made again today Cards rookie pitcher has a no-no through 6 against the White Soxs.

  18. Chad

    So you just walk up to people and say “Can I have your ticket stub?” And if they give it to you you can go into that sections without getting kicked out?

    As for the two cycles in a row, It probably has happened but no one has ever caught a ball at both games, if that happened, then at least 5 balls at each of those games probably didn’t happen.



  19. flarakoo@aol.com

    pics are up (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v618/flarakoo/) even added the ones from 5/3, about the streak, my cousins hold that honor since they went to last nights and 5/3. thats me in DSC02823, standing where i was almost the whole game.
    we should start a petition to have adults only games at shea, no little kids to rob us of our balls.

  20. Zack

    That’s pretty much it. I just ask people. I usually say, “Excuse me, do you have any extra ticket stubs that you’re not saving?” And then people often ask, “What do you do with them?” And I tell them that I try to get them signed or just stick ’em in a box because they’re fun to have. It’s easier to ask people near a crowded exit. That way, they can’t zoom right past you. Just walk alongside them and ask politely. Lots of people do ignore me, but whatever. I don’t expect EVERYONE to be super-friendly all the time. The ticket stubs could then be used to get into certain sections, but I really just collect them for the sake of collecting them. Good points about the cycle games.


    Nice pics! I never get to see Shea from that high up because I’m too busy worrying about balls to be roaming in the upper deck.*****. I need to make my way up there soon and get some footage. Perhaps adult-only sections would be a little more reasonable?

  21. kandiman20@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack,

    Yeah, it’s Evan from Gate C. I was wondering what Pedro was saying to you during B.P. That’s pretty funny. Did you happen to see what the guy next to me did? He said, “Pedro, I want your autograph!” and threw a ball at him onto the field and then tossed a pen at him to go with it. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a kid, but a 50+ year old man…some people just don’t have a clue…anyway, great entry today, man…


  22. Zack

    Thanks. This entry was extra fun to write because of all the Pedro stuff. I saw that fan toss the ball onto the field. Did Pedro tell him he could do that?! What happened next?

  23. andy5353@aol.com

    Oh now I am being offered those seats for the Series(3 games) at Fenway sweeter deal
    …I will take him up on that now.


  24. andy5353@aol.com

    Yea i think I will.I will let you know how tommorrow’s game goes but it might not be until saturday depends how late I get back


  25. thechuckster8@aol.com

    Hey this is a semi-OT question for any autograph collectors out there. Where do you go outside the stadium at Yankee and Shea Stadium to get autographs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Zack

    Whenever. I’ll be here. :-)


    I’m not sure about ALL the places to go, but I do know that at Shea, some visiting players trickle into the Press Gate about an hour before the stadium opens. Okay, I’m done. I’m gonna shut up now and wait for the real autograph collectors to answer this question.


    Where should Chuckster go to get your autograph outside Shea?

  27. thechuckster8@aol.com

    Is that the press gate on the 3rd base side or the diamond club gate on the 1st base side?

  28. Zack

    The Press Gate…as in, the big entrance near the TV trucks…the one that says “Press Gate”…just past Gate C…can’t miss it. That’s where the visiting team’s bus used to pull up, but I haven’t been there early enough in a LONG time to confirm that that’s still the spot.


    I’m just a wise-guy who’s doing some wishful thinking. But hey, David Wright DOES have a blog, so who knows, maybe he’s reading this one…


    My Mets have taken the early lead on your Jays. Watch out!

  29. Zack

    Oh yeah. Good call. Well, he’ll have some nice messages to come home to…like this one:

    Mets are kicking buttocks, 5-0, in the 5th inning. Mwahahaha!!!

  30. dliebers@gmail.com

    Whatsup Zack.

    Big Mets fan here — actually came across your site while looking through forums to see if anyone knows if David Wright ever signs autographs after games at Shea’s players parking lot.

    Anyways, I’m sure I’ll be at Shea later on this season. Whats the deal with getting on the Field Level seats. How early before games do you have to go so your not checked? Any other tips?

  31. dodgerssteven91@yahoo.com

    I just came back from Texas and had a great time. I watched the Rangers play the White Sox and the D Backs. Unfortunately, on the first day I couldn’t get any baseballs, but on the second day against the D Backs, I sat in really really good seats. I also got ONE baseball from strangely…Tom Hicks’ (Texas Rangers’ owners’)son. He gave a few baseballs to some of the kids sitting near him. On the next day I got SIX baseballs during bp. SIX. It was a great day. I’ll elaborate later when I have time…

    Great job at Shea.

  32. Zack

    What’s up. Welcome aboard. I never stay after games for autographs, so I can’t tell you anything about Wright…but perhaps some other people here will know. To get into the Field Level, you have to arrive while batting practice is still taking place — so let’s say 6:20pm or earlier for a standard 7:10 game. As for other tips, I’d really just recommend that you read some of my old entries. If you have specific questions, though, I’m happy to try to answer them. See you soon at Shea, perhaps…


    Getting a ball from the owner’s son. Nice! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip, and how you got the other balls.

  33. dliebers@gmail.com

    Sounds, good, yea I’ve already had my question answered just going through your site here. Should have looked before asking. Anyways, hope to see you at Shea as well.


  34. Zack

    No problem. There’s a lot of stuff here. I don’t expect anyone to read ALL of it, so yeah, anytime, feel free to ask questions. And if you let me know when you’re going to Shea, I’ll tell you whether I might be there. Keep in mind that I don’t “do” weekends or day games.


  35. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Jays got beat down but hey I was on the jumbo tron, there were streakers, we had a sik time and the Jays got 7ks so Pizza!!

    O yea I got one ball (normal kind), but it was thrown from PEDRO MARTINEZ!!

    He saw me and tossed one to me and one to one of his Puerto Rican friends all of BP so dat made me feel special. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow, when Halladay smokes the mets

  36. andy5353@aol.com

    Jimmy/Zack-Dont feel bad my diamondbacks got beat down tonight too..By the Anaheim angels or Whatever they are called now they changed it so much I cannot keep up with it.Anyways,I sat 2 rows From the feild..And Got four balls During BP and 1 foul Ball…well five but,I gave One away..I’ll explain in a Min.BAll 1:I got tossed to me by Luis Vizciano.He even signed it for Me.I was talking to him and asked if he could Get Jose Valverde to sign it too he did.
    Ball 2:Eric Byrnes tossed it to me. Ball 3; I got it tossed to me by Vladimir Guerrerro. BAll 4:Johnny Estrada tossed it to me.

    Ball 5: is the one I gave away

    let me Explain: there was this kid and dad sitting next to me…and The kid was like 3 or 4…it was a foul ball and it hit the kid…He didn’t

    even notice though he was too into the game but, I gave the ball to him anyway. I had 4 already so it was a pretty good night though….Jimmy tommorrow I am Rooting for your jays to smoke the mets sorry Zack but,the mets just cant do 2 in a row against the Jays…so jimmy i am with you the Jays are gonna smoke the mets…Anyway it is 1 am and I am not tired i could go on and on about this game but, I’ll spare you this time i did have a lot of fun though.


  37. andy5353@aol.com

    Jimmy-You got Dat right the Jays are gonna zsmoke the mets
    We cannot let the mets win two

    in a row..


  38. Zack

    Miguel Cabrera is my new hero.


    Are you sure Pedro’s friends weren’t Dominican? Anyway, congrats on getting a ball from him. I will admit that the pitching matchup IS in your favor for the next game. Can’t wait to watch it.


    What an amazing night for you! That was really nice of you to give that ball away. I’ve never gotten one from the Vladdy-Daddy, so I’m jealous that you did. Be careful about all your Mets-bashing; they’re a goooood team.


    You got nothing.

  39. andy5353@aol.com

    OOh the Mets are good How bout

    The Jays HUH?Are you telling Roy Hallladay he will not have

    his A game tonight?If you are you got that wrong right now i

    will tell you that Jimmy will probably agree with me…..Oh and I realize the mets are goooood but,not goood enoough to win 2 in a row from the Jays.


  40. andy5353@aol.com

    OH and I am not bashing the mets I am just rooting on the Jays.Cause the Jays are better


  41. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    More on the game now there was a lotta action and there were a lotta New Yorkers some good some bad. The good guys were nice talked to me gave me info on players the bad were so bad. My friend grabbed a ball and some New Yorker said Sanchez was throwing the ball to him and came over to agrue and take the ball away but we all told him to get lost and get a life. I could have gotten 2 balls by easily reaching over the baseline walls and grabbing a ball but there was a 3 year old there so I just let him have it. As for Pedros friend I dunno cause he was wearing a Puerto Rico jersey or something but he was talking in Pedros native language. Anways Pedros a cool guy and I’ll try for my bid to get an all-star game ball (I saw one kid who got one). Anway best line of the game…

    Fan: Hey Sanchez why are u wearing sunglasses we’re indoors!

    Sanchez: (turns around) Are you dumb!

  42. Zack

    No need to defend yourself when it comes to rooting for your team…but I still think Halladay is goin’ down.


    That Sanchez line had me laughing out loud. Good stuff. Sorry to hear that some of the New Yorkers were jerks. Are you sure they weren’t Yankee fans? I need to hear more about the streakers. I was watching the game on TV and briefly saw a fan running out on the field, but he was clothed (which was a good thing).

  43. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    They weren’t exactly streakers 2 guys just ran on the field with their clothes on one guy got tackled pretty fast, but the other guy made it to center field and then got tackled and laid on the ground for quiet some time, also going to the game 2morrow can u give me the names of the nice guys again.


  44. Zack

    Aww, c’mon…don’t make me comb through the roster again. Just look back at recent comments, and you’ll find it. Manny Acta. He’s the best. Billy Wagner, too. Heath Bell. Etc.

  45. dodgerssteven91@yahoo.com

    I’m continuing the previous post I made. The day started off when I got a ball from Francisco Cordero. I just yelled “Coco” and all he did was flip it to me. Then, Rhenecker threw me a baseball after I pretended to be a “diehard” Texas fan from Los Angeles. Next was Aki Otsuka, who was nice to everyone and my fourth baseball came from a bat boy. The fifth one came from the Arizona Diamondbacks Juan Cruz and the last one, sixth, came from a bp homerun by Gonzo.

    Sadly, none of them were “special editions”…The Dbacks have “PRACTICE” stamped on the sweetspot…

    I’m still debating whether or not Hicks’ son’s baseball should count in my collection. He asked the bat boy during the middle of an inning to bring some baseballs…but he isn’t a player or batboy.


    Go Dodgers!

  46. Zack

    Thanks for the details, and congrats. Sorry you didn’t get any special balls. I think you could get away with counting the Hicks ball in your collection. I’ve counted balls from umps and coaches and even a general manager…so an owner? Or an owner’s son? Why not. Just don’t count balls if you get them from other fans. That’d be lame.

  47. dodgerdude511@aol.com

    Haha, When i found out that He hit for the cycle on MLB.COM I had a feeling you had been there… congrats.

    Now, do you try to get some of those ticket stubs signed?

  48. Zack

    Absolutely. I’ve picked out the stubs that’re in the best condition, and I’ll try to get Reyes to sign them.


    You were right about the Jays. Halladay was too strong.


    I take it back.

  49. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    What about Guy Conti or Rick Peterson I saw them a lot. Also how do u say Guys name is it like a french name or just like the word ex. look at the guy. I hope u know what i mean.

    Jays were good El Duqe was pissed

  50. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com


    Can u please just send the list agin I went through 3 of yur posts and searched all the comments and couldn’t come up with anything.

  51. Zack

    I can’t find it either…so…let’s see…in addition to the few guys I just mentioned, the generous Mets are: Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, Chad Bradford, Alay Soler, Ramon Castro, Chris Woodward, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Endy Chavez, and “Look-at-the-Guy” Conti. Peterson’s not that great. Coaches Sandy Alomar Sr. and Jerry Manuel are nice.


  52. Nick

    I’m debating whether or not to make the hour and a half drive to Camden tomorrow… it’s a day game after a whole night of thunderstorms and there will still be a 60-70% chance of tstorms at gametime… why couldnt it have just been sunny?

    what do you think Zack? go or stay home?

  53. Zack

    He’s always nice. He doesn’t always give away balls.


    If it were me, I’d skip it. But if you’re gonna hate life while you’re not there, you should go.

  54. Nick

    I don’t think I’m going: no batting practice and probably no game. I am going next friday to the Nationals game though.

  55. Zack

    I support your decision.

    The way I see it…

    I only have the time/energy to see a game or two per week, so I might as well hold out for those at which I know I’ll have the most fun: weeknight games with nice weather.

  56. Zack

    Rogers Centre can not contain Jose Reyes!


    I don’t know how I feel about those gold balls. I’d LOVE to get a regular HR Derby ball, though.


    Yes, unfortunately when Barry Bonds is there.

  57. dodgerssteven91@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack-
    Great new pictures! I just wish you can photoshop the two people standing in the corner at the Giants “Big Glove”…Anyway, are you going to any games at Dodger Stadium this year?!? Do you also know if they use the WBC baseballs during batting practice?

  58. Jason


    I had another run in with Pedro at the Mets hotel in Toronto. Last time, no autograph for me b/c he only signs for kids. This time no autograph for me b/c he only signs for women. I did get Ron Darling and Tom Glavine, so all was not lost. Pedro is now my white whale.



  59. Zack

    Thanks. Didn’t take you long to spot the new pics. I wish those two people would’ve moved away from the glove, but it’s not a BIG deal. It’s very unlikely that I’ll make it to Dodger Stadium this year. The one big trip I’ve planned is to San Diego. I have no idea about the WBC balls. I’m sure there are still a few floating around somewhere.


    What IS it with you and Pedro?! (Have you considered wearing a dress?)

  60. mtvfan874@aol.com

    I’m going to the Mets Reds game this friday and I want to try to get Ken Griffey Jr.’s autograph. You got any tips?

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