6/14/06 at Citizens Bank Park

I could easily write 5,000 words. It was one of those games, and I mean that in a mostly good way. That said, I’ll try to keep it under 2,500…

My day started with a lousy cheese steak from Subway, which I ate on the way to the garage. I knew it was going to be lousy. I planned on getting a REAL cheese steak later on. This one was just a prop to help me savor the difference. I reached the garage at 12:30pm and picked up my friend Sean half an hour later. We were at the stadium at 3pm and had 90 minutes to kill before the Ashburn’s Alley gate opened.


This was my fourth trip to Citizens Bank Park, and it was Sean’s first. We wandered. We bought our tickets: crappy seats in foul territory, 18 rows behind the left field foul pole. Sean got an extra ticket for his friend, Bryan, who’d be showing up around game time. Since I paid for the parking, Sean bought us a cheap/plastic Phillies ball so we could play catch.

zackpeeksatbp.jpgseanrobshomer.jpgThe sky had a hangover. It was supposed to rain…but when? And how hard? And for how long? I still didn’t know if there’d be batting practice. I had to get a look inside to see if the tarp was out, but I couldn’t quite see over the seats, so I pulled myself up on the outside of one of the gates…and…THERE WAS BP! Meanwhile, Sean entertained himself with his own acrobatics, leaping with the ball already in the tip of his glove for this very staged “rob-the-homer” photo.

As we headed to the gate, a group of Mets fans recognized me from SportsNet NY. So much for blending in. Normally, that’s one of my favorite things about going to games in other cities.

For at least half an hour, Sean and I were the only people at the gate. We played catch. Sean’s knuckleball was surprisingly good. An employee on the other side of the gate called me over as he bent down to grab something that was tucked beneath a turnstile.


“Did you guys lose this?”

He was holding up a ball.
Are you serious?!

“Here you go,” he said as he tossed it to me over the gate–and just like that, I had my first ball of the day. Check it out. I’ve never snagged anything like it. It’s an official T-Ball. (Or would that be a “T-Ball ball”? It’s so scarce that I don’t even know what to call it.) Three-sixteenths of a second later, the excitement wore off, and I made the decision NOT to include it in my collection.

By the time the stadium opened, there was a LONG line of fans. I was the first one in and raced through the concourse and down the steps into the left field seats before I realized that BP hadn’t started. That was bad. Sometimes, when I run in, I’ll find a ball already sitting in the seats, or I might get one hit or thrown to me without having to worry about competition, but on this day, for whatever reason, the Phillies had gotten a late start. They were still running and stretching and playing catch.


At least I got a good look at the new left field wall. It really wasn’t much different from the old one. Thankfully, there wasn’t a second row of flowers, but the row that’d been there was wider. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to lean all the way across it and use my glove trick–but I got a chance to find out as soon as BP started 10 minutes later. Someone hit a ball that ended up a foot from the wall near the left field corner. I set up the rubber band and magic marker and began my balancing act. I braced my feet under a seat in the first row and leaned straight out over the first railing. Then, carefully using my hands to walk my body forward across the flowers, I was able to brace myself and support my weight by placing both elbows on the far railing. Meanwhile, the first railing was digging into my thighs. As I lowered my glove, I heard some fans behind me say, “Hey, it’s the guy from TV!”

It took me a minute, and I was drained, but it was worth it. I had my first REAL ball of the day.

“How many balls are you going for today?” someone asked.

Umm, all of them?
“I don’t know. I’d be happy with half a dozen.”

I didn’t feel confident. It just didn’t seem like it was going to be a good day, and sure enough, the left Colehamelsfield seats were soon packed. There were a few empty rows here and there, but it was pretty tough, and for the next 40 minutes, I managed to get just one more ball. Cole Hamels, the 22-year-old phenom and unwitting cult leader, was chasing everything that rolled down the left field line. There was no chance for me to use my trick again, but Hamels tossed several balls into the crowd. I grabbed one

ashburn_alley2.jpgof them and walked over to Sean to label it with a “2827.” That’s when I noticed that it wasn’t a regular ball. Instead of the standard MLB logo, it had a dark blue stripe with white lettering that said “ASHBURN ALLEY.” Above that, in much smaller font, it read “.308 CF 2,574” which I figured represented the late Richie Ashburn‘s batting average, position, and number of career hits. Cool! I didn’t even know that such a ball existed. Some kid standing nearby saw it and told me that I could redeem it for some free stuff at the gift shop.


There was no way I was giving up the ball for some meaningless Phillies trinkets, but still: cool. I decided to ask about it later.

When the rest of the stadium opened at 5:35pm, dozens of fans swarmed the right field seats. I entered the seats as well and then cut through the rows toward the totally empty foul line. There was a ball sitting on the far edge of the warning track, just beyond the corner spot where the low wall juts out toward fair territory. I thought about flinging my glove out and yanking it back with the string in order to knock the ball closer, but I held off when an on-field security guy approached. I asked him politely for the ball. He picked it up, and I was ready for him to fire it back toward the infield. But instead, he tossed to me. If a fan is dumb enough to give me a ball, I won’t count it in my collection, but stadium employees–especially ones who aren’t even in the seats and have the power to prevent me from doing my thing–are fair game.

Arthurrhodes_1The Phillies finished BP five minutes later, and I was still one of the only fans between home plate and the right field foul pole. There were a few kids behind the Miltthompson_1dugout, but they were strictly there for autographs. I was the only fan with a glove, so Arthur Rhodes had no choice but to toss me the ball he was holding. Fifteen seconds later, hitting coach Milt Thompson walked in and flipped me another.

I headed back to right field and used the glove trick to pluck a ball–my sixth of the day–off the warning track. It was an official ball from the 2005 All-Star Game. For whatever reason, the Mets have been using them all season during batting practice.

I ran to left field to try to use the glove trick again. The ball was only two or three feet from the wall, but that was too far because of the stupid flowers. Heath Bell walked over, picked up the ball and started walking away. Everyone was screaming for it, and he surprised us all by flipping it back over his shoulder without looking. It came right at me on a line. I was holding my glove and unraveled string in my left hand, so I tried to catch it with my right. The ball tipped off my fingers and squirted two feet straight up. Luckily, I recovered and made the grab. Another All-Star ball.

Sean was being his usual self: wishing that a homer would come right to him, but not stressing about it. He was in a great spot, except for the fact that 20 other people were standing there, too. Sean came within inches of several homers, but had nothing to show for it. I’d also came close to a bunch of long balls, but the luck wasn’t with me. At one point, I jumped as high as I could (vertical leap in high school: 28.5 inches) for a homer that was sailing just over my head. At the peak of my jump, another guy slammed into me, causing me to miss the ball and land hard–on my back–on a seat. He apologized. Gee, thanks. Screw you and your crowded section.

I went to center field, just left of the brick batters eye. David Wright launched a deep fly that hit the base of the outfield wall and caromed to Billy Wagner. I got him to toss it to me. Regular ball.


Carlos Beltran/Delgado hit three quick homers into the Phillies’ bullpen in right-center, so I hurried through the crowded concourse and into the seats that overlooked it. I was thinking about using the glove trick when a security guard walked into the bullpen and started picking up the balls. I wasn’t sure what he’d do with them, but just in case he was going to be selectively generous, I turned my Mets cap around so the logo wasn’t facing him. He tossed the first ball to a little kid 10 feet to my left. When he heard my request and looked at me, he said, “Let me see your hat!”

“Hold on!” I shouted, as he tossed the second ball to the guy standing right next to me. I flung my Mets cap off and yanked my Phillies cap out of my backpack and put it on.

“That’s a bit disingenuous, don’t you think?” said another fan on my right.

The security guard appreciated my switcheroo and rewarded me with yet another All-Star ball–my ninth overall on the day.

“Yeah, but it works.”

I needed one more ball. Not only did I want to reach double digits, but I’d tied my one-game record for that ballpark. It was too crowded to run for the few home runs that landed nearby, and there was no chance to use the glove trick because two Mets coaches were patrolling right field. Batting practice was going to end soon anyway, so I left a few minutes early to ensure that I’d get a good spot behind the Mets’ dugout.

Ramon Castro was one of the first players to come off the field, and he tossed a ball to some fans on my left. They all reached for it at once and bobbled it. The ball skipped toward the woman directly on my left, who fumbled it right to me. I had my 10th ball of the day.

“Hey,” she whined, “that ball hit my breast so I think I should get it.”

Well in THAT case…

“Sorry,” I said as I stuck it in my left pants pocket, “but I have a large collection of balls, and I keep every one I get.”


She was annoyed. Bigtime. And then, moments later, I got Mets 3rd base coach Manny Acta to toss another ball right to me…and it was a commemorative ball from the New Busch Stadium!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’d been hearing about these balls all season. I’d been considering flying to St. Louis just to try to snag one. I’d planned my August trip to PETCO Park around the Cardinals’ visit to Shea Stadium. I’d been going nuts, just thinking about these balls, and I finally got one. Just like that.

The woman pretty much demanded that I give her the ball, and when I refused, she reached into my pocket and grabbed the first one.

You could’ve bought me a drink first.
“WHOA!!! WHOA!!! WHOA!!!” I shouted. “Are you *KIDDING* me?!?!”

She wasn’t kidding. First she gave me a lecture. Then she complained that I was in her seat. And finally, she told me to leave.

“Gladly,” I said and headed up the steps.

By game time, the line for cheese steaks was too long, so I settled for two slices of pizza and found Sean and Bryan at the seats. (Gosh, I’m so glad I went to Subway.) The seats were bad. Not only was it a waste of energy to wear my glove, but the foul pole blocked my view of first base. Every time there was a close play, I had to lean across Sean’s lap to see it.


The Mets jumped out to a 3-0 lead after two innings. That was nice, but my mind was elsewhere: Ashburn’s Alley. I wandered through the concourse in deep left-center field, found the Alley Store, and went inside.

“What’s the deal with this ball?” I asked the ladies behind the counter.


The deal was as follows: I received an “Ashburn Alley” t-shirt, a green “Ashburn Alley” street sign, a plastic ball cube…AND…a $25 gift certificate at the store, which I used to get a $22 Nationals cap and a $1 key lime pie-flavored lollipop. I even got $2 cash back. As for the ball…I got to keep it (I wouldn’t have given it away for a $250 gift certificate), but had to let one of the ladies mark it with a tiny ‘X’. Even that was nearly a deal-breaker.

I forgot to ask the ladies about the Ashburn Alley giveaway. Does anyone know? When did it start? What’s the point? How many “Ashburn Alley” balls are out there?

I was in a goood mood and got three scoops of ice cream (in a miniature red Phillies helmet) to celebrate my heist. I’d spent such a long time in the Alley Store that I missed the top of the third inning. At least nothing good happened…just a leadoff homer by David Wright, two triples, a single, a throwing error, and a pitching change.

Actually, I didn’t care. I had 11 balls, a shopping bag full of free stuff, and ice cream…and I was with one of my best friends…and it was about to rain, which was great because it meant a lot of people were about to leave. Unfortunately, Bryan was one of those people.

The rain delay lasted 65 minutes. Toward the end, as the grounds crew was getting the field ready, Jose Reyes/Valentin started throwing in front of the Mets’ dugout. I walked down the steps and into a pack of Mets fans in the first row. Some of them recognized me and had nice things to say. But after Valentin tossed me the ball, someone shouted, “Ball hog! Ball hog! Nice bit on SNY, ya idiot!” I tipped my cap and kept walking.


Play resumed, and it was all Mets. Sean and I stayed behind the dugout and enjoyed the unobstructed view for the rest of the game. There were plenty of empty seats. I wondered why there were still so many fans sitting in the far reaches of the upper deck. (Can someone please explain this to me?)

The game itself lasted two hours and 49 minutes, but because of the delay, it didn’t end until 11pm.
Final score: Mets 9, Phillies 3.

I usually head to the winning team’s dugout for the last out, and in this case, I was already there. The Mets tossed several balls into the crowd. I got the last one–my 13th of the day–from bullpen coach Guy Conti.



• 86 balls in 10 games this season = 8.6 balls per game.

• 437 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 63 consecutive games with at least two balls

• 58 lifetime games with at least 10 balls

• 527 lifetime balls outside of New York

Mannyacta_1• 82 consecutive games outside of New York with at least one ball

• 49 lifetime balls in Philadelphia (14 at the Vet, 35 at Citizens Bank Park) sets a new record for most balls in a city other than New York. My old record was 46 in Baltimore (all at Camden Yards). The record-breaking 47th ball was the one with the Busch logo from Manny Acta.

• 12 balls from Manny Acta since 2003

• 23 All-Star Game balls

• 2,838 total balls

• 2,815 words in this entry. Oops.


  1. towncrier18@hotmail.com

    Congratumalations! What a haul. As for that audacious woman, well, it’s really something. Since you didn’t mention it, I take it she wasn’t attractive. Would that ever make a difference regarding your no-givsies policy?

    Key-lime flavored lollipop . . . you are a master of detail.

  2. Zack

    Let’s put it this way: If the woman were a batting average, she’d be about .258. But whatever. She could’ve been the 1998 version of Rebecca Romijin, and I still would’ve kept the ball.

  3. Chad

    So did you get that ball back from the lady? Was the ball that she took out of your pocket the Busch Ball?

  4. Chad

    Don’t you already have a Nats hat?22 Dollars for a hat! But then again it was free.

  5. drosenda@msn.com


    The only different balls I get at Ameriquest are your minor league balls. Lucky me. Congrats on the sweet different baseballs.

    I’ve been to 2 games this week, 3 balls at each. 2 interesting snags:

    I got one ball when the guys finished playing catch, and one guy just lobs a ball 20 rows up into the stands. 2 people saw it, and I had to make the other guy feel the pain.

    Then, a ballboy chucked a ball to this family, but missed them by 5 feet. It came right to me. I asked the family “who was this for?”, but they didn’t really care. They got one from him about a minute later.

    OOH, the Padres are coming to Ameriquest, and I am going to be at the Wed. game! It may be my chance for a WBC ball?

    Seeya home skillet,


  6. ramones18@cox.net

    that new busch stadium ball looks cool and you got a mint condition one, nice day for 13 balls. and i love your friends “jesus hates the yankees t-shirt”

  7. Zack

    Good questions. I suppose I should have explained those things better. First of all, that lady did NOT get my ball. I started shouting as soon as she started mugging me, and she backed off. As for the Nationals cap…no, I still hadn’t gotten around to buying one. I’d been getting by with my Expos hat, but doing so made it tough when I went to two games in a row. The players remembered me too easily by the second day and wouldn’t give me anything.


    Every time I get another All-Star ball, I think of you and feel your pain. Interesting snags indeed. Excellent point about the WBC balls. That never crossed my mind. Now I have something extra to look forward to when I head out that way in two months. Try to find out if the Padres still have a few of those balls lying around. I’m dying to know.


    Yes, I realize how lucky I am to have gotten a perfect Busch ball. Even the Ashburn ball isn’t too bad. I suspect there were a lot of people in Philly who loved Sean’s shirt, but I don’t think he got many comments.

  8. Nick

    That’s a crazy story with that woman. I don’t like how people think you owe them when you catch more than one ball. Otherwise, good game. Great writing. I like the last picture with all the baseballs. And, lastly, it’s good I didn’t try to have a competition at CBP with you, I surely would have lost.

  9. Zack


    Whenever people preach about how I shouldn’t get more than one ball, I’m tempted to tell them that they’re communists.

    Anyway, perhaps it’s better that we don’t go to the same game. :-)

  10. thechuckster8@aol.com

    Hey, I just got back from the Mets game, but it was not fun. Why? There are too many people, and I don’t like the Mets. I got 3 balls, but had less fun than at a Mets Florida game early in the year where I got 2 balls. I don’t like people. I also got a Bush ball. It’s mint condition with a sharpie mark on the sweet spot. Great day. I may see you on Monday, or Thurday next week with school finally getting out.

  11. Zack

    Okay. Let’s do it. But when?


    I love people EXCEPT when I’m at baseball games. I always pay attention to the attendance, and when I saw that it was nearly 46,000, I was thrilled not to be there. But hey, congrats on the Busch ball. Did you get it from the Mets? See you in a few days, perhaps…

  12. bergin42@msn.com

    awesome day..i hope i have a good day on sunday when the brewers take on the indians..im an autograph getter so im hopeing for maybe ronnie belliard Aaron *%@&*#$ Boone, and hopefully but i doubt travis hafner, cc sabathia, are vic martinez.and hopefully keep my streak going by getting my 4th ball from an umpire in a row..i’ll let you all know how i do..

  13. Zack


    Good luck on Sunday. I’d be more impressed with an extension of the ump streak, but of course I’m biased. Still, I hope you get lots of autographs from those guys. I say: “Go for Sabathia.” If he stays healthy (and that’s a BIG if), y’gotta figure he has a good shot at 300 wins.

    Let us know how you do…

  14. Zack

    If you’re going to Yankee Stadium, you won’t see me. I really think I’ve attended my last game there in 2006. But I assume you’ll be making an appearance at Shea. Yes? Throw some dates my way when you start figuring it out.

  15. andy5353@aol.com

    Well…Zack…Good stuff 13 balls is alot….At most games
    I am lucky if I get 1 ball maybe 2 balls,But not 13 balls

    Dang it is 3:30 in the morning

    Time for bed……anytime now

    Keep up the Good work

    P.S.I gave Nick some greif for

    not posting his predictions/

    results today 6/16/05.Hope he s not mad…He will probaly throw something back at me….well off to bed..


  16. Zack

    Thanks, Kaylee.

    Most people are lucky to get one or two balls per year, or per life, so the fact that you’re getting that many per game is actually pretty good.

    I doubt Nick is mad. He seems like a chill guy who wouldn’t get upset over too much stuff…but I should let him speak for himself.

    I have to say…

    You have me all confused with your identity. “Kaylee” sounds like it could be a girl’s name (no offense if you’re not a girl), but your email address says “andy.” What’s the deal?

    I’m off to bed now, too.

  17. Nick

    No, I’m not upset…

    I explain why I didn’t do my picks for yesterday in my entry today.

    I’ve been posting almost daily now while focusing more on the Twins and also on my picks. So check it out everyone.


  18. dave

    Brilliantly for the U.S.A., Muntari has buried an unstopable shot into the roof of the net, to give Ghana a deserved 2-0 lead with 8 mins left. They have held on and the U.S.A. and Italy are safe, for today, regardless of the result. A win for the Eagles would certainly place them in an very good position.

    The Italy v U.S.A. match will be a huge event in Kaiserslautern in an hours time


  19. andy5353@aol.com

    yea your right…i am a girl…as for the email address I have no clue about that…where I got it from


  20. sheffro1@hotmail.com


    How dare you claim that I set up that picture of me robbing the home run! To all ZackFans, that was an in-game pic of me actually robbing a…ok, nevermind. But I swear I jumped higher than that. You sure it’s not photoshopped?

    Anyhoo, here’s what I think of Subway: http://seansfamousletters.blogspot.com/2004/11/dear-jared-from-subway.html

    As for the “Jesus Hates the Yankees” shirt, I got applause in the mens room (not the first time haha), and heard a lot of comments as people walked past me to the tune of, “Did you see that guy’s shirt? It said…”

    So that’s that.

    Jesus and I love you,


    p.s. No mention of the vintage Topps cards that you got????

  21. quickedge16@yahoo.com

    yo zack,

    forgot to check back after i posted that i saw you catch a pepsi launch t-shirt at the martinez/webb game at Shea. I was just watching them fire off t-shirts and I saw a guy who looked like you (hat, shaved head, your body size) scramble for a t-shirt that landed under a seat. That was pretty cool. I was bored so I kept watching and saw you take a picture of it right away and thats when I thought it might be you.

    By the way, I went to last night’s Mets game (Soler vs. Bedard) on my birthday and shockingly enough, my family was picked to sit in the “dream seats” near the right field corner. We got to be on the jumbo screen around the 3rd inning and watch the whole game on leather recliner seats. In case you’ve never seen what it looks like from these seats, they even have 2 TV’s in front of the seats. I found myself watching the game on SNY and not looking up so much to see pop-flys, lol. Thought I might share that story, it was pretty cool but a bit of a downer since the Mets lost and that’s what I really wanted for my birthday.

    I had a question to ask. When is the best time to get autographs from Mets players? During a day game or during a night game? Seems like day games are best….


  22. sheffro1@hotmail.com

    Carl! I was at that game last night (I’m a HUGE Orioles fan). I saw you and your folks on the diamondvision screen. Congrats.

    Small world…

  23. Zack

    I like the whole prediction thing. That’s something I could see myself getting into, but I’m going to fight it. Too many distractions! AAHH!!


    Thanks for the updates.


    Thanks for clarifying. Funny about the mystery email address.


    Are you suggesting that I *lie* to my readers? I considered photoshopping the pic…to make it look like you were jumping HIGHER. Funny about the shirt. No mention of the cards just yet. I was wondering if you were at Shea last night. How was it? Where were you sitting? Were you with your parents?


    My camera is always the giveaway. I’m a pic freak. I try to capture everything from at least three different angles. Very cool about getting upgraded to the Dream Seats. I’ve gotten a few quick looks at them, but haven’t sat there. The best time to get Mets autographs is probably at around 2 or 3pm for a night game, but I’m really not sure. I’ve NEVER gone to a game early for autographs. The only reason why I go early is for batting practice, so I’m not sure what to tell you…and it’s been so long since I’ve been to a day game that I won’t even bother to make a guess. I know who would know…


    Where have you gone? I miss you. Help these folks with their autograph questions, will ya?


    Alfonso Soriano is NOT a “one-dimensional player.” He’s a two-dimensional player. Give him some credit.

  24. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Can anyone hook me up with a link of a picture of Todd Maulding the Tigers bullpen coach.

  25. sheffro1@hotmail.com

    Good game, both of my parents are in town visiting and enjoyed it. Mom’s from Baltimore, and we were rockin’ the O’s shirts.

    It always helps when they win…

  26. Zack

    ….and they’re beating the Mets (and Pedro!) right now, 4-2, in the top of the eighth. Rrrr.

  27. albert

    I am now ready to release the secret that I have kept from everyone for 2 weeks to find out it email me and ill tell you the reason I wont tell you haere is because I still need to keep who hears it to about 10-20 so email me fast or youll miss out


  28. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Wow the Jays are horrible in NL parks. But baseball aside its hockey night in Canada!


    1-0 OILERS


  29. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    The greatest sport.

    Hey its the Stanley Cup Finals and if you lived in Canada you’d like it.

  30. thechuckster8@aol.com

    Hey Jimmy, I live in America and I used to play hockey! I wasn’t very good, but it is the most fun thing in the world to play!

  31. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I better find out the secret, I always wanted to know what u guys were talking about and I think I was the 1st person to email Albert.

  32. Zack

    I know nothing about hockey, but I will admit that it’s an exciting sport. I was just messin’ with ya. I want to email Albert Pujols.


    I just left you a comment on my previous entry.

  33. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    woo i know the secret

    Its cool but I thought it was some top secret James Bond thing. meh still cool.

  34. andy5353@aol.com

    Why do you want to email Albert pujols??????What would

    you say to him????????How did

    you get Jason Grilli’s email????????

    Jimmy-I know the secret too now


  35. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com



  36. Zack

    Twenty people already emailed you?*****.


    I don’t know. No particular reason. Just seems like it’d be fun to be able to drop him a line. I interviewed Grilli last season for a story for minorleaguebaseball.com. He tracked me down a week later, and we’ve stayed in touch on and off.


    To quote Albert: It’s a secret.

  37. andy5353@aol.com

    Well I love to watch hockey but, stopped when The Phpenix coyotes and Buffalo Sabres and

    The Boston Bruins got knocked out Now I only watch the the stanly cup when god teams are in it…..


  38. andy5353@aol.com

    meant good not god..

    Are you from Canada or have you lived there????????You seem like you have???????


  39. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    WOOO 4-0




    can i have jason grilli’s e-mail?

  40. andy5353@aol.com

    Jimmy-Well I saw that goal by edmonton 4-0…..What is the series at????????

  41. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    its 3-2 Caolina in the series…

    but not for long

    Zack, how about i trade u George Laraque’s e-mail (forward on the oilers) for Grilli’s?

  42. andy5353@aol.com

    Well the United states is Known for baseball and no hockey that is why nobody watches hockey here…..Are you a Toronto Blue JAYS fan???????????????????? CAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN THE DIVIDION OR WILD CARD NO CHANCE FOR THE PLAYOFFS THE RED SOX AND YANKEES ARE BETTER THEN THE BLUE JAYS


  43. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    wow Andy how dare you say that about my Jays… we’re hanging in there despite all our injuries. Just u wait and see when its October and the Jays are the World Series Champs… just u wait.

  44. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Kind of funny how I sort of turned this blog about the mlb t hockey… Zack just tell me the e-mail.. gimme a reason why not.

  45. andy5353@aol.com

    we will will see about that…

    I will mark your words

    sounds like I took a risk saying that about your Blue Jays was there smething wrong with saying that???????I just looked the standing up they are closer to first then I thought…And yes I will be waiting for the blue jays to win the World series have they ever won it?????????when??????????????????

  46. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Wow yur so ignoant about Canada Jays won the series in 1992 and 1993 against the Braves and Phillies. Joe Carter became the 1st player in history to hit a walk off homer to win the World Series with his 3 run shot. Haven’t you heard the call “Touch Em all Joe”?

  47. andy5353@aol.com

    Yes..I have didnot know they won though…..Anyway i am not against canada(or the Jays).But,I am for Boston and they are in the same division

    I want them to get the division….YOur jays can have the wild card..

  48. Zack

    Joe Carter was not the first. Bill Mazeroski hit a walk-off shot to end the World Series in 1960.

    As for Grilli’s email, I won’t reveal it because it’s an issue of confidentiality. It’s not just the fact that he’s a ball player; I wouldn’t give away my best friend’s email address either.

  49. chasmarini@gmail.com

    nice haul zack. i seem to be struggling this season, only getting 4 balls in 5 games at safeco. i want to know how you get all your players faces and names on that piece of paper. Do you go through each player individualily and get the picture. I’ve tried scorecards and roster printouts but at safeco most players keep there warmup jackets on, so i cant even get most of the numbers. Any suggestions on player recognition? Im planning my next game in a week or 2.

  50. joneli24@yahoo.com

    i went to the mets/orioles game on saturday 6/17

    the bad news:

    -the game was sold out

    -it was beach towel day for the first 12500 kids

    -it was saturday

    the good news:

    -i know players and numbers

    -i was the first one into the stadium

    -i had field level seats

    the result:

    5 balls

    and i got to ride the subway with brian roberts

  51. joneli24@yahoo.com

    ball #1: 40 seconds into the stadium i got el duque to toss me one. i was in the main isle in the field level and so i screamed for him and he got it to me

    ball #2 from chad bradford, i asked him for one when he was done. he started doing running drills i walked over to the last section on the field side and went a few rows down. he spotted me, got my attention and got me one

    ball #3 aaron hielman got one down the line in BP, i was in the same spot. he threw it short, but he was nice and went onto the grass and got it for me

    ball #4 from ed rogers. he was in front of the baltimore dugout. a ball hit one of the protective nettings and bounced to him. i was the only person who knew who he was and got him to toss it to me

    ball #5 from howie clark i asked him for it when he was done. he finished warming up with it and then tossed it to me

    and i also got 18 autos:

    brian roberts x3

    corey patterson x3

    brandon fahey

    erik bedard x2

    rick dempsey x2

    chris britton

    leo mazzone

    sam perlozzo

    todd williams

    adam loewen

    luis matos

    aaron hielman

    so a really good day again ball and auto-wise

    14 balls in 5 games=2.8 BPG

  52. Zack

    Hey. Thanks.

    Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. Here’s what to do:

    1. Go to mlb.com.

    2. Click the team pull-down menu on the upper left and select a team.

    3. Click the “Roster” link, and select “Active Roster” (or “Coaches”).

    4. Click on a player’s name to get his bio.

    5. If you have a PC, copy-and-paste his photo into a blank Word document. If you have a Mac, you can simply drag it.

    6. Type his number and name below the pic.

    7. Repeat as necessary.


    Nice recap of your day. Excellent results, especially for a game with 53,000 people. I’m surprised that Heilman was nice to you. I’ve never seen him do anything nice for anyone. Very cool about B-Rob. Did you get to talk to him? My pseudo-personal connection to him is that he gave his number to one of my best friends, but she never called him. Haha.

  53. joneli24@yahoo.com

    Roberts listened to his ipod on the train, but afterwards before he walked into the stadium we talked alittle. i got him to sign a card there with “2005 all-star” under it

    he did ask my firend and i if this were the right train and then he told us to enjoy the game and then we spoke alittle.

    hielman-yea he signed too. i guess he felt that he owed the fans after his fri. night blow up. but he was nice in spring training too when i went

  54. chasmarini@gmail.com

    oh well, i guess that’ll do. i figured maybe you had an easier way. thats what i thought i would have to do. Some players on other teams are easily recognizable for me. However i found it hard to put a face like matt guerrier or jim brower to the name or number.

  55. Zack

    That’s a good story. I wonder what kind of music he was listening to.


    Perhaps there IS an easier way, but I don’t know about it. This way only takes about 5 or 10 minutes, which isn’t so bad.

  56. Zack

    Nice! Yes. I’m glad to see it. Thanks. Interesting how the 2006 ball says Pirates, but the 2005 ball just says MLB. A new trend, perhaps?

  57. bergin42@msn.com

    it was a really good day at miller park..Brewers vs. Indians.even without batting practice due to this father son baseball game with all the brewers and their kids..i got 6 cards signed..1 by C.C. Sabathia(really nice guy signed like 30 autographs) 1 ben sheets, 1 aaron boone, 1 jeremy guthrie rookie, and rick manning an old player now broadcaster for indians..so that was just cards then i got c.c. on the sweet spot of a ball and i got bob wickman on the sweet spot..didnt have time to give the umpire strategy a try because the indians were really great signers….it was an awesome game though..cecil cooper bobble head day..and carlos lee had a walk off 3 run homer to win the game..it was a good day with 8 autographs but no balls..next games june 30,july 1st and 2nd at the metrodome.. p.s. aaron heilman once threw me a ball during a warm up session..

  58. Zack

    Awesome. When I told you to go for Sabathia, I had no idea he was such a nice guy. And Sheets?! And Wickman?! And all those other guys? Wow. If only you’d gotten a ball, it would’ve been a complete day. But still, that’s great. I’m happy for you. Thanks for the update.

  59. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    So I waited 70 posts to find out what’s wrong with the 2006 version of Rebecca Romijn (nice try at spelling btw, lol) and no one has explained. Did you see the latest X-Men? I did.

    Gotta love that New Busch ball.



  60. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Zack, one clarification for your commenter who said Joe Carter’s homer was the first walk-off shot to end a World Series. You were right in setting the record straight, but this is what he might have meant in having heard that it was a first: It was the first time that a player ended a World Series by hitting a walk-off homer when his team was losing. The Pirates and Yanks were tied in Game 7 of 1960, before Maz’s blast. When Carter stepped up against Wild Thing in 1993, it was 6-5 Phillies in Game 6 and we were all ready for a Game 7 and making plans. I was sitting in the left-field auxiliary press box and getting ready to go down for interviews. Then Carter’s ball landed right in front of me (no, I didn’t snag it). Suddenly there was a quiet, pregnant pause at SkyDome because it took a few seconds for people to realize that the Series was actually over. Then within 15 minutes I was down on the field following Carter as he circled part of the outfield on his way to the celebration scene on the middle of the field. It was pretty amazing.



  61. bergin42@msn.com

    yea.. wickman is from wisconsin and he signed a ton cause it was his home state and he dosnt get there much cause he is in the al..but Ben Sheets is a funny guy…even if you dont know him he’ll crack jokes and talk to you like your buddies..hes the coolest guy on the brewers besides capuano..i got cappy to sign a card too today..i really want one of those all star balls..i have tickets to a july 25th game against the pirates you think they’ll be using them?

  62. Zack

    Well whaddaya know…I can’t even spell my #1 crush’s name properly. I suppose the 1999 version of her is actually the one I like best. All I can say is:


    She’s too blonde now…you know…all done up for TV…and I’m sorry for being picky and obnoxious, but since you asked, I preferred the natural, slim/waify look that she had back in the day.

    Haven’t seen X-Men…yet.

    Thanks for the clarification about Joe Carter. Good point. EXCELLENT story. That’s so cool that you were there. I love hearing about the in-person confusion and drama of it all. But ****! Whatta shame you didn’t come up with the ball.


    I didn’t know that about Wickman. Makes sense. I’ve only had one encounter with Sheets, and he was a smart-*ss, so yeah, I can totally see him acting like that. I think there’s a really good chance that the Pirates will have some leftover All-Star balls lying around.

  63. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Hey gonna go to some Jays appearance thing at a Pontiac Dealership and Lyle Overbay is gonna be there… 1 question however i have a ball signed by Downs and Walker but I have it signed with a sharpie and I’m wondering if I should get my Overbay signature in sharpie like the others or a pen.

  64. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    Haha I’m here I’m here. Looking for the autograph question(s)…

    Quickedge…night games are better for everything. And you can get a good amount of autographs during each portion of the day if you play your cards right. No pun intended.

  65. Zack

    Why don’t you just get Overbay on a different ball? From a value standpoint, it’s better NOT to get multiple players on one ball unless you get the whole team, or unless the players you get have a definite connection, i.e. members of the 300-300 club.


    Hello! Thanks for helping out. It’s a such a treat to hear from you these days.

  66. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I dont really care about value I’ll probably get autos on both a new and old just wondering if I should continue getting it signed with a sharpie or a pen

  67. Zack

    Well, it might look funny to have Sharpie AND ball-point signatures on the same ball. That’s for you to decide, but I’d switch over to ball-point as soon as possible.

  68. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    k just decided to just go sharpie on the 1st ball and pen from there on.

  69. thechuckster8@aol.com

    I’m getting ready to head out to Shea tonight. Any chance I’ll see you?

  70. andy5353@aol.com

    Jimmy-I hope the jays win(for youra sake not mine) when you go even though I boston to win
    the division


  71. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    The Jays are just bad against NL teams in NL parks. In the words of John Gibbons “I’m glad we’re not a national league team”. Just wait until we’e at home and no more interleague andwatch the Jays soar. And Burnett is back! Anyway isn’t it really hard to get tix for Boston games in Fenway, u should head up north when the Sox are in town and the Jays will show you how to win.

  72. Nick

    Zack, I’m making a big mistake: I’m going to the Nationals-Orioles game this sunday at Camden. Day game. Sunday. Last game of series. Many a people will be there. But, it IS Camden.

    However, my dad and grandpa will be with me to watch, so maybe I will snag a few balls for them (not for them actually, just for them to watch, you know)

  73. Zack

    I think you made the right choice.


    I’ll be there. Bring it on! :-)


    That’ll be a tough game, but you’ve gotten a lot better at what you do. I predict you’ll get at least a couple “for” the old men.

  74. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Can i change my username thing so instead of having it saying posted by Jimmy… and I switch it to my name and how?

  75. dannyzhang312@hotmail.com

    Hey Zack,
    Nice post, just wondering who your all-star picks are, maybe you can make a post about it! Keep up the good work!

  76. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    Personally I think this all-star game is bull, its like all red sox and yankees *** is dat they don’t deserve all those spots, its just cause they have crazy fans there who vote a lot. Most of them don’t deserve to be all-stars I mean ROBISNSON CANO?? are u kidding me, hes garbage and VARITEK? they should get the true all-stars in the game

    Catcher- Ivan Rodriguez

    1st Base- Travis Hafner

    2nd Base- Jose Lopez

    3rd Base- Troy Glaus

    SS-Miguel Tejeda

    OF- Ichiro

    OF- Vernon Wells

    OF- Alex Rios

  77. Zack

    In order to change “jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com” to a simple “Jimmy,” you’d need to actually have a blog on MLBlogs. I have issues with several of your All-Star choices, but we’ll get to that…


    Thanks. I’m planning to do an All-Star post in the very near future. Probably within the next week.

  78. Zack

    It was fine. Nothing spectacular…although there was one really nice moment. I should have the entry done in a few hours…like maybe three or four hours. I hope so, anyway, because I need sleep. (Sorry about your Oilers.)


    I agree about Mauer. I’ll check out that Spheroid in just a little bit. Gotta keep working on my own entry right now…

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