Next game…

Sean and I are going to Philadelphia tomorrow to see the Mets, even though there’s going to be a big crowd and iffy weather. I actually don’t expect to get THAT many balls, and that’s fine. As long as I get three or four, I’ll be happy. Normally, I wouldn’t travel 100 miles for a crowded game without BP, but I’m looking forward to this one because:

1) It’s been two weeks since my last game.
2) The Mets are kicking heinie, and that’s fun (even though it’s costing me balls).
3) Sean’s the man. (Check out his blog for some proof.)

I’m also eager to get a look at the new left field wall. During the off-season, the Phillies moved it back and made it taller, and based on the brief glimpses I’ve gotten on TV, it appears that they’ve added a second row of flowers in front of the seats. This will probably make it impossible for me to lean out and use my glove trick.


This photo shows some of the stuff I’m taking to the game, including extra string (in case something happens to the string already tied to my glove), old ticket stubs (for autograph purposes), directions (“NYC to Citizens Bank Park”), two protein bars (Chocolate Deluxe and S’mores), iPod (60 gigs, baby), adapter (so I can play it aloud in the car), two black pens (to label any baseballs that I might happen to snag), two Sharpies (one for the glove trick, one for autographs), two rubber bands (in case one breaks or shoots off my glove), Phillies roster (don’t need one for the Mets because I recognize everyone), etc.

Seeing all this stuff reminds me of yet ANOTHER reason why Yankee Stadium is so difficult: As far as I know, it’s the only ballpark in the majors where you’re not allowed to take a backpack inside.


  1. Nick

    Rahhhh, I’m working tomorrow so I cant drive to Philadelphia.

    I’ll spare you this time, Zack.

  2. Zack


    As my older half-brother says, “If it were fun, they wouldn’t have to pay people to do it.”

  3. Chad

    Ok do you want sharpie autographs for your baseballs or baseball cards because I remeber you saying one of them bleeds through… The ultimate autograph collecting is Spring Training!

  4. Zack

    Always use a ballpoint pen for baseballs, and use the Sharpie for everything else: cards, photos, tickets, bats, caps, jerseys, gloves, etc. And always use blue. Over time, black is more likely to fade.

    What’s keeping you so busy?

  5. Chad

    I don’t know I’m too busy picking out which games i’m going to this year. Is there a reason it hat to be a BALLPOINT pen?

    I think i’m going to go catch a game on the 23rd for the Dbacks and the Angels… Any tips?


  6. Zack

    I’ll have to write tomorrow. I am *literally* about to pass out from exhaustion, and I gotta wake up soon-ish to get ready for Philly…


    Hey Mets comming to town next week probably going to 2 of the games.

    Can u name all the nice/mean players and coaches and those who sign a lot of autos plz thank you.

  8. Chad

    Have you ever gotten a ball or auto from a player that is starting pitching that game? Or would it be better to go the day before he starts? But on the other hand I really want Jered Weavers auto and a ball from him but I also want to see him pitch.


    chad- Chris Capuano signs every game regardless if hes pitching or all depends on the pitcher..

    anyone- My next game is sunday against the indians, does anybody know who signs often and is nice on the indians. after sunday my next games are june 30 july 1st and 2nd all at the homerdome to see the twinkies and brewers in the borderline battle.



    Several things. First – why do you have the time to collect a bunch of baseballs? What do you do? So you’re going to a game tomorrow – on a Thursday afternoon. Shouldn’t you be working, being a productive member of society, instead of spending your parents’ money on (apparently) lots and lots of string and an Ipod (60 gig, baby.)

    Second: What is the purpose here? Why collect so many baseballs? I can see collecting a few to remind you of important games here and there – maybe even trying to get a ball for every game you go to, etc. But saying “even if I only get 3 or 4 tomorrow”, as if getting 3 or 4 balls would be a major problem? I don’t understand.

    Third: I bet you’re the dude who pushes kids out of the way to balls players throw at the kids during BP. Are you that guy? Come on, don’t be that guy!

    Fourth: I have no idea why I’m looking at your blog right now, but the fact that you have so many readers makes me want to pull a Col. Markenson in A Few Good Men – copper-plated pistol and all.

    That’s all, for now.


    “I think it’s best we go our seperate ways.”

    You actually wrote that. On Deadspin.


    Alright, I’m done now.


    Dude or should i say eabrenna,
    why dont you just stay out of the blog if you dont like it..Zack prolly is more widely known then you and prolly accomplished more than you so why dont you just get out of here..and if you even read on here you would no the ways he gets his baseballs and there not the way you think so you should know what your talking about before you start whining like a little girl..


    Dude or should I say Bergin:

    I got to this blog because my friend sent me the link as an example of Web douchebaggery. Needless to say, he was completely right.

    Also, yes, Zack is “prolly” more widely known than I am, but so is Al Capone. What does that tell you?

    And no, I won’t be reading on so that I “no” the ways Zack gets his baseballs, because I really don’t want to “no” how total tools go about their daily lives. I do “no” that this is a ridiculous corner of the Web, and I “no” I will not soon be coming back.

    Unless, you just can’t say “know” to commenting back. Have fun.


    okay buddy your the ********* if this is such a *** site than leave..why do you have to be such a punk B*tch..which i know you are and you should be real proud of yourself no for critiquing a freshman in high schools grammer on the not in a spelling bee so i Kin Spelle howefer i wante two..

  15. Zack

    Any other type of pen will bleed because the ink is wetter and more plentiful. Can you be more specific about what types of D’Backs/Angels tips you’re looking for? I’ve occasionally gotten a ball from the starting pitcher…in fact, it just happened in Baltimore with Rodrigo Lopez…but it happens to rarely that if you have your heart set on Jered, you should probably pick a different game, or just attend two games.


    The nicest players/coaches on the Mets (for balls) are: Heath Bell, Chad Bradford, Tom Glavine, Duaner Sanchez, Billy Wagner, Ramon Castro, Chris Woodward, and especially coach Manny Acta. The meanest guys (who will pretty much always ignore you) are: Pedro Feliciano, Aaron Heilman, and Darren Oliver. As for autos…I don’t know what to tell you. I just got back from seeing the Mets in Philly, and there wasn’t a single player who signed all day. I’ve seen Pedro Martinez sign right at the dugout before the game and Billy Wagner sign down the right field line in BP. But these aren’t regular occurrences, and I’m always so busy going for balls that I’m often not paying attention to who’s signing. Hope this helps.


    What kind of messed up source told you that? Jered Weaver has started four games in the Major Leagues, and he’s won them all. Do you really think the Angels are gonna demote him?


    Good point. It does depend on the individual. As for the Indians, I don’t know much about them, but I can tell you that Guillermo Mota and Jason Michaels are the WORST. Paul Byrd’s been pretty nice, and so has Ronnie Belliard. Thanks for defending me. Next time some dope disses your spelling, remember the following quote from Mark Twain: “I don’t give a **** for a man that can only spell a word one way.”




    Eabrena-Zack not only has a wonderful collection, but he has brought other people into the hobby of collecting baseballs. I’m a teenager, and when I was about 9 or 10, Zack’s book came out. Since then I’ve gone to as many games as I could early, and I’ve caught about 79 balls. Going to games early is now one of my favorite things to do, and if it wasn’t for going early to games, I probably wouldn’t have such a large autograph collection. I’ve seen Zack at games, and he doesn’t push people out of the way. I really don’t know how Zack does it. I’m 90% sure he has some magic power with the ability to get players’ attention. And the glove trick.

  17. Zack

    Very well said. I appreciate it. I’m really glad to hear that my collection has inspired yours (and so many others).

  18. Chad

    I mean like is there any players on one of the teams that I should ask for a ball and anyone to avoid?


  19. Zack

    On the D’backs, the best ball-tossers are: Miguel Batista, Jorge Julio, Luis Vizcaino…and bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas. The least generous are: Claudio Vargas, Tony Clark, and Conor Jackson.

    On the Angels, the nicest guys are Hector Carrasco and pitching coach Bud Black. Robb Quinlan was also pretty good…I haven’t seen the team enough recently to tell you anything else, but I will say that Dallas McPherson ignored everyone when I saw him last year. So did Casey Kotchman, but he’s not on the 25-man roster at the moment.

    Hoping to have my Philly entry up by this time tomorrow…

  20. Nick

    I just think it’s funny how people assume that your life is a waste of time. They don’t take the time to actually inquire as to whether or not you do have a job. They just assume that you do not work; therefore, you spend all of your time collecting baseballs. That almost makes sense. Also, I thought the “spending your parents’ money” bit was a little harsh. But then again, he already said you don’t have a job, so i guess that makes sense, too. Thank you, dude, for opening our eyes to the error of our ways.

  21. Zack

    I have no idea…which is why I don’t have a blog called “The Autograph Collector.”



    Hey Zack,

    When are you going to blog your Phillies game summary? Can’t wait! How many balls did you get?

  23. Zack

    I’ve been EXTREMELY busy since I got back from the game late last night. I hope to have the entry finished by tomorrow evening. I’m not ready to reveal how many balls I got, but I will say that it was a surprisingly good day.

    Thanks for your interest, and for checking in. Hang tight…


    I look forward to see your Phillies entry…….I will check back tommorrow evening.

    …….Great posts keep them up Zack

    Chuckster-well put to Eabrena

    Chad-I would have to add Jose Valverde to the list of bad ball thowers he tends to ignore you alot and act like he can not hear you or understand you….I have tried many times with him before.



    Also I would add Luis Gonzalez

    to the good ball throwers I have gotten a few from Him…This year.


  26. Zack

    Thanks, Kaylee. It’s nice to know that you (and others) are looking forward to my next entry.


    Hey Zack, I’ll be heading out to tonights game. I’ve had good luck with Mora and Tejada signing autographs in the past, so hopefully I’ll have some luck.

  28. Zack

    I’m not sure. Hopefully, someone else reading this will know.


    That’d be pretty sweet to get Tejada. Let me know how it goes.


    I’m working on the Philly entry. It’s still gonna be a few hours.


    Chad-I am not 100 percent sure
    But,however,I do know that Bryan Price(pitching coach) and Johnny Estrada and Chris Snyder do speak spanish to him almost every time to Jose Valverde…So Judging by that

    I would say yes His primary Language is spanish.Hope this




    Hi there-

    I know this may sound weird but I’m in search of some help. My husband has started this baseball collection and I got him this fancy display case to put them all in and now I need to add to his collection but I have no idea where to start. You seem like quite a pro and I am just hoping that you could maybe put together of list of all of the different league balls (ie. eastern league, south atlantic league, etc.) He already has several Major League game balls that we have gotten from games, foul balls, batting practice etc. and I just ordered the new home run derby ball but I want to add to the different leagues. Can you help??



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