1) I’m in the middle of another dry spell. Looks like it’ll be at least another week before my next game (which might be in Philly). But that’s fine. I’ve been having a goood time doing non-baseball things.


2) Streak-schmeak. I came THIS close to going to last night’s Yankees-Red Sox game. With 55,246 fans in attendance, it would’ve been a snagging nightmare, but I was willing to suffer because I would’ve been there with one of my best friends.

3) I still have no idea how to convert/upload/share my SNY appearances. I see that other MLBloggers have videos in their blogs, but I’m just too dumb to figure it out. Sorry.

4) For the record, Jeffrey Maier didn’t “catch” that ball. It deflected off his wrist because not only was he a little putz, he was uncoordinated. Now that he’s back in the news (for being a decent Division III baseball player on the verge of NOT being drafted), I felt compelled to clarify.

5) There are several reasons why I don’t sell or give away my baseballs. Getting to use them for pictures like this is one of them.


  1. Zack

    Thanks, Mark. I appreciate it. First, though, I need to figure out how to convert the DVD into an uploadable file.


    Zack-another question about the video game. Can I use your name and picture? I will make your character one of the unlockable fans (you need to pass certain “levels” of ball snagging to unlock you) Also, can I use your ball snagging trick in this game?

  3. Zack

    You sure can. Thanks for asking. But when you start selling this thing, we might need to renegotiate. :-)

  4. Nick

    if you are open to suggestions… maybe Jeffrey Maier as like one of the bad guys in the game?

    just a thought…


    yea, and on the last level george stienbrenner runs around stealing balls, so he can waste less money on baseballs and more on buying players

    and you have to get by him and out the satdium to win


    How about when picking a character, you have things like budget. Lets say you want to be a 34 year old yuppie. The plus side is that you get great seats, and can buy authentic jerseys of both teams, and get press passes to get into the stadium early, but you gotta answer your cell phone every 10 seconds. If your a little kid, your more likely to have a ball thrown to you, but you have to sneek by security, and your team hats are those cheaps little league hats you get from friends. Just a thought.


    EVERYONE-Thank you for the ideas! I doubt I can make copies for everyone, but if Zack likes it, we can make a contract with some game company and sell them our idea. If I were to use everyone’s ideas, than everyone could get a “piece of the action.”

    By the way, the program that you make these computer games on is actually available to anyone. I believe it is called Click Team and the regular version sells on their website for 100 dollars, but at this camp we will be using the Pro version.


    I am completely open to everyone’s ideas about the game. Thank you.

  9. Zack

    FUNNY about the yuppie. Seriously, that’s good stuff.


    If we each pay you for the disk and the shipping, would you be able to hook us up? Or would that be too much work?


    Add a great-looking chick in short shorts & a baseball cap who is tossed more balls than even a kid.


    Zack, I have to say that I wouldn’t charge people for this at all (okay, maybe a little). It wouldn’t be too much work if I can make the copies at the camp, but keep in mind that this will have to be a fairly basic game (I only have two weeks to make it, plus I am gonna have to learn how to use the equipment, because I was never at this place before)

    …but keep the ideas coming!


    Hey wanna hook me up with a copy also.

    Another idea that might work is if you get like really tall fat guys at Yankee Stadium that toss you over the wall or something if you snag a ball near them.


    Lost in all these great comments is the fact that you called Jeffrey Maier a little putz. Zack, as always, I love your style. LOL!!! Thanks for making me laugh.


    Game update: I have downloaded demo version of program I will use to make the game. So far, I have made 1 level: a guy drinking beer is at Fenway park and the goal is to catch 1 ball.

  15. Zack

    Thanks for reminding us that this will be a basic game. I think we all might’ve been getting a little carried away. Even if your creation is one step above Pong, it’ll still be interesting to see what you come up with.


    Yes, watch out for the bully fans that seem to exist only in the Bronx.


    Thanks for noticing.


    Well Zack, keep in mind that I made that level in about a half hour. I will have to weeks to make the real one, and making that level I barely touched on the available features I could put into this game. It won’t be sooooo advanced, but it won’t be like pong (the graphics are actually pretty good)

  17. Zack

    Thanks for the “youtube” clarification. And thanks for the continued updates on THE GAME.


    Very cute kids. Cute parents, too. Friends of the family. They rock.


    Nick-lucky! I wish I could go to 3 games in a week (stupid money!!)

  19. Nick

    Zack or anyone… All of a sudden I’m having trouble convincing myself which team takes batting practice first – the Orioles or Blue Jays?
    because I have a blue jays hat AND jersey, so I need to know if I need to have it on right when I walk into the stadium or not


    Yo go Jays go

    Try to ask balls from Scott Downs and Casey Janssen. Janssens a joker especially when he laughed at me when I was trying the glove trick.

  21. Nick

    Janssen is starting tonight so I don’t know if he will be throwing any balls into the crowd… thanks for the insight though!


    Go down to the bullpen if hes warming up and talk to him, and if u can mention to him about some kid who was lowering a glove into the bullpen while he was warming up, I wanna see if he remembers me.

  23. Nick

    When did that happen? Like what day?

    I can try to talk to him in the bullpen, but its difficult because the stands are only behind the catcher, so I’d have to yell to him

    who would be players to avoid on the Jays?


    hmm Well at the Rogers Centre they only open the gates when the Jays are done BP, so my best guess is Ted Lilly, he hardly talks and doesn’t interact much, Wells, Rios Johnny Mac and a lot of bullpen pitchers are nice, not sure though cause I hardly see the Jays BP. The Janssen thing happened on May 7 when he got his 1st win vs the Angels.

  25. Zack

    Good luck. It might be too late for tonight, but the O’s will be on the field when you run into Camden. As a general rule, home teams ALWAYS take batting practice first. If you enter any stadium more than 90 minutes prior to the first pitch, you’ll be guaranteed to see the home team.


    Thanks for all your Blue Jays help.


    change of plans im going to the brewers cardinals game on saturday…does anybody know what cardinals sign autographs? or anything anybody recommends for the cardinals?

  27. Zack

    Sidney Ponson is a jerk. Jason Isringhausen is nice. And if you talk to So Taguchi in Japanese, he’ll probably be pretty nice as well. Beyond that, I really can’t tell you anything about the Cards. Maybe some other people can offer advice? Good luck getting some of those commemorative balls…

  28. Zack

    It’s tough to ask for a ball in Japanese because you have to worry about inflections. Without hearing me (or better yet, an actual expert) do it, you might end up sounding really dumb, so beware. But it’d sound like this (with CAPS indicating where to put the emphasis):

    CHOH-toh, bo-OH-roo oh NAH-get-teh koo dah-SYE

    The tone of your voice has to go down for the first two syllables, then up through the next five, and then back down for the rest.

    (How do you say “Oy!” in Japanese?)

  29. Nick

    Just got back from Camden.
    I might do the entry tonight but if not – tomorrow (I’m disregarding the fact it’s after midnight so it actually already IS “tomorrow,” whatever)

    thanks for all the help jimmyjoejoejrchabadu, i owe you BIG


    Np Man, Glad to help even though I havn’t seen the Jays BP ever, just a guess on players. Right now I’m preping myself for the Tigers and Jays if anyone has advice I would appreciate it, gotta add some more tips to what Zack has already told me.

  31. albert

    Be sure to look in your email in the coming hours their is something that I need to talk to you about that my “Agent“

    wants me keeping a secret


    Tell me this: just who ARE those terrific buried-in-baseballs-girls? And why aren’t they singing on Broadway? Why don’t the Mets hire them as ball-girls? Why hasn’t some talent scout landed them a lucrative contract on MTV, shilling for the major leagues?!

  33. Zack

    R.W. Black!

    What a treat to hear from you (here). You ask excellent questions. I can only answer the first…but I suspect you don’t need ME to tell you.

  34. Chad

    To whom it may concern (especially Yanks Fan):

    Ok about the video game… I know it is basic but here’s an idea. Will there be different modes like “John Witt” style where you run around and outside of the stadium trying to snag home run balls? and Zack Hample style where you can ask the players for baseballs with different levels like kid, woman, man, Zack Hample. That sounds kinda weird but it’s just an idea. That would be cool if there was player mode where you sign autographs and give away balls. In the game will real life players be shown?


  35. Chad

    It should be called like MLBlogger 06: The Snag, or
    MLBlogs 06: The Snag

    It’s like MLB 06: The Show

    (just a thought)


  36. Chad

    Oh yeah another idea: Have players come rob you of home runs or foul balls that you were about to snag on adavanced levels and be banned from the stadium for interference. Also you should be able to make a salary or budget so that you can buy the team’s jerseys or hats so they are more likely to throw you a ball. Or you can buy a ticket wherever you want if you have the money. And be able to unlock retired stadiums likie Candlestick Park and Polo Grounds. Man, I have thoughts burning in my head.


    If you need more ideas email me at

  37. Zack

    I haven’t been home all night. Hang tight. I’ll be checking my email within a couple hours…


    Ditto. I look forward to seeing what you’re up to.

  38. Diane

    Will you get extra points in the game if you just HAPPEN to be standing/sitting in the EXACT spot where a foul ball lands?

  39. Zack

    Good question. Maybe half a bonus point? Or wait…maybe there should be a loss of points for clogging up a good spot that a real collector could’ve used to get the ball.

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