I am sooooo relieved that Barry Bonds hit his 715th career home run yesterday; the Giants are coming to Shea this weekend, and if he’d still been tied with the Babe, I would’ve been obligated to be there. But I don’t like Barry. And I don’t like weekend games. And I don’t like the layout of Shea Stadium. We’ve been through this before. There are hardly any seats in fair territory…Most home runs are uncatchable…Blah blah. I’d decided that I was going to position myself down the right field line in the third deck (which at Shea is called the Mezzanine). It just wouldn’t’ve been a good situation. As it turned out, the fan who got THE ball was just some random dude who was waiting on line for beer because he’d forgotten that Barry was coming up to bat. I love it. (So much for deadspin.com’s prediction.)
As for history, I’ll be attempting to extend my foul ball streak tomorrow at Camden Yards.


  1. loveg30@aol.com

    Good luck at Camden Yards tommorrow, even though you don’t really need it. I beg of you to stop your Shea Whining. Need I remind you that nearly half of your collection has come from Shea? You don’t know what you got til its gone. I don’t even want to hear it when 2009 comes around and the new stadium opens.

  2. Zack

    Thanks for the ‘good luck’ wishes. As long as there’s BP, I think it’ll be a great day. I hope to get at least 10 balls including, of course, a foul during the game.

    Shea can be great, but it can also be a nightmare. It’s a love-hate relationship. You need to accept that because I’m never gonna stop dissing the place.

    I already accept that I’ll be miserable for a few seasons when the new Shea opens.

  3. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com

    I personally think the Rogers Centre is pretty bad for BP cause during weekdays it only lasts 45 mins and weekends its like an hour and a half, just not enough time

  4. Zack

    I know…I haaaaate it when ballparks open just 90 minutes before the first pitch. If you can believe it, Yankee Stadium opened 90 minutes early on weekdays as late as 2004. I have to say that one GREAT thing about Shea is that it has opened two and a half hours early since 1994.

  5. Nick

    RFK is the same way with the 90 minute prior opening. It really ***** because if I get there early enough, I can watch the Nationals take batting practice from a certian gate. It’s like torture I guess.
    But Camden opens 2 or 2 and a half hours early, which I am thankful for. I wish I got there more.

  6. Diane

    Boo hiss on Playboy for their review of your first book.

    (maybe if you had called it “Shagging Ballgirls” they would have been more complimentary) :-)

  7. thechuckster8@aol.com

    Just got back from Chicago, where I went to Wrigley on Saturday. I got a ball from Ken Ray during pregame throwing, and a ball from some Braves coach after the game by the dugout. I realized you are right on one thing. Even though I got two balls and baseball cards signed by Jeff Franceour and Lance Cormier, I didn’t have much fun. Security was a B%tch, and it seemed that all 41,000 people were in the corners during BP. It was the highest paid attendance at Wrigley EVER. Throw in the fact that TBS makes it so that there are Braves fans wherever you go, and well, it was not fun. I remember two years ago I got 7 balls in 2 games. That was back when security let you by the dugout, and I didn’t have to put up with a million people.

  8. Nick


    11 balls

    2 gamers

    Jonny Gomes autograph

    There were only 15,505 at the game. I hope you did well.

  9. Zack

    You just saw that NOW? Oh well, you’re right. Hiss-boo/boo-hiss.


    I’ll have to check it out later. I *just* got back from Camden, and I’m beyond exhaused, and I got a zillion things to do, and on top of that, I’m planning to go to Shea tomorrow…err…I mean TODAY. Yikes, less than 13 hours ’til I leave for BP. Interesting prediction. No comment.


    Interesting prediction. No comment.


    Glad you got a few balls—congrats!!—but I’m sorry you didn’t have fun. I know exactly what you mean. Believe me.


    There’s a slim chance I might have my Camden entry up by 3pm today. If not, I’ll have it up LATE tomorrow night, well after I get home from Shea…in about 24 hours from now…

  10. Zack

    Vernon’s the man. He’ll be getting a few votes from me for sure.

    (No way the Camden entry will be ready this afternoon…)

  11. jimmyjoejoejrchabadu@hotmail.com


    WOO 3 Homers and that is why the Jays are awesom.

    Wouldn’t mind if you throw in some votes for Glaus aswell 2 homers in a game is still pretty sick but woooo go Wells 3 baby!

  12. joneli24@yahoo.com

    i went to the game yesterday (5/30)

    i got 6 balls. wooh!

    i got 16 autos. 9 outside before the game, 7 inside.

    luis gonzalez x2

    orlando hudson x3

    claudio vargas x2

    johnny estrada x2

    carlos tosca x2

    chris snyder x2

    tony clark x3

  13. joneli24@yahoo.com

    how i got the balls:

    #1-was hit by a mets player during BP. noone else went after it, but i ran like a maniac towards where i thought it went and i found it sitting there waiting for me

    #2-el duque came strolling by. i said whats up and he tossed me a ball. a 2005 ASG ball

    #3-kaz matsui was taking grounders when a liner was hit in BP, he turned, and i called and he threw and i caught. also a 2005 ASG ball

    #4-same stroy only with chris woodward. another 2005 ASG ball

    #5-coach glenn sherlock (dbacks) was warming up with jay bell. i asked glenn for a ball, he said he’d try to get me one later. and he did. when he was done, he tossed me a nice new 05 ASG ball

    #6-conor jackson. the ball was sitting on the tarp around the cage area. i asked him for it. he gave me the “do i have to” look. then smiled, picked it up and tossed it to me.

  14. Nick

    You should try to get Lastings Milledge’s autograph… just because he has the coolest name in the major leagues.

  15. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Zack, I have a comment to make not relating to any of this.

    First off, I am the guy who e-mailed you about good seats for snagging at Yankee Stadium.

    Also, in response to your idea for a “ball snagging” video games (May 8th). this summer I will be going to a camp where I can make actual computer games for two weeks. Thank you for your idea. If I can make copies of it, I will send one to you.

  16. Zack

    Vernon’s the man except for the fact that he’s never thrown me a ball.


    You make it sound so easy.


    Yeah, but if Callix Crabbe gets called up…


    Wow. You’re really going to pursue that idea? I’d *love* to see what you come up with.

  17. quickedge16@yahoo.com

    Zack, you didn’t by any chance go to the Pedro/Webb game on wednesday did you? Thought I saw someone who looked like you. He snatched a pepsi tshirt launch shirt from where it fell between a seat from the pathway in the orange section. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. Thought it might be you, but then again I was up in the green area at Shea so maybe my eyes are just going bad….lol

  18. Zack

    Good catch. You’re right. I was in a rush and forgot to address that. No, really, I swear. It wasn’t MY idea. You da man.


    That WAS me. Good eyes! Wow. You saw that from the Mezz?!


    I’m now two games behind…I’m still typing up my Camden trip. The story from last night’s Mets game will be up on Friday or Saturday.

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