streak = stress

I have two main streaks going:

1) 434 consecutive games with at least one ball
2) 60 consecutive games with at least two balls

Those streaks include balls during batting practice, so they’re not THAT hard to maintain.

But there’s another streak that has literally given me headaches, led me to bite my nails (even more than usual), and caused me to lose sleep:

4 consecutive games with a foul ball DURING the game.

The first of those balls was hit by Robinson Cano on April 26.
The second came from Marlon Byrd on May 1.
The third was a 90mph foul tip off Carlos Delgado’s bat on May 3.
And the fourth was courtesy of Jimmy Rollins on May 23.

This streak has tied my personal record. The only other time I accomplished this was over a decade ago, in April of 1996. Naturally, I’m taking this very seriously and putting more thought than ever into choosing my next game…and it’s STRESSING ME OUT. This streak should be fun–but it’s not. It’s consuming my thoughts. It’s not healthy.


  1. John

    Hey Zack … 1st where in NY are you that way I can check the hits on my MLBlog and see when you look in.

    On the streak …. it definitely isn’t something to get yourself sick over.

    I once had a game ball streak in 1990 that went 18 games. The only thing there is that was because at Old Comiskey Park in Chicago you could play foul balls over the roof. The first of that streak though was Ron Kittle’s game home run that went OVER the ROOF and into the park behind Old Comiskey! This was the last roofshot ever at that park!

    Your 434 games with at least one ball is awesome. The longest for me is 263 games.

    My current streak is at 34 games with at least 2 balls and 87 with at least 1 ball.

    The last game I went to and did not get a ball at was at Fenway on Patriot’s Day April 19, 2004. It’s a little different for me and my streak when most of my balls from 2002 on were caught outside of Fenway. Now that I am back inside a ballpark chasing balls it makes it a lot easier on me!

    I wish I would have kept track of total game balls I have caught. I have caught many foul balls at games over the past 29 years but I was more about the Home Run balls. I just hope # 100 comes soon because I am doing with that what you are doing with the game ball streak. Driving myself NUTZ!!!

    Good Luck and I definitely look forward to making the trip down to San Diego when you are out here to finally meet you!


  2. Zack

    I’m in Manhattan. Zip code = 10023.

    18 straight games with a game ball is incredible. I wonder what the record is for consecutive games INSIDE a stadium with a game ball. Regardless, it’s just another example of how we go about things differently.

    I predict that #100 will be hit by Kendry Morales.

    Looking forward to finally meeting you, too…

  3. Zack

    Wow. No. I hadn’t seen ’em until right now. I think the brightness of the photo is making the balls appear harder on the eyes than they actually will be. Don’t forget, they’ll be rubbed up with mud.


    i think the balls look nice, but i would love to see an allstar game in anaheim so i would be able to go. the balls last year were pretty sharp too

  5. Zack

    How would you get tickets? I’d go to the All-Star Game this year if I knew I could somehow get in. The fact that it’s in Pittsburgh doesn’t faze me.

  6. John

    Zack – Did you not sign up for the random drawing for the opportunity to purchase All-Star Game tickets?? I wish I knew this before today. Registration ended tonight for it!

    I have quite a few people in the drawing so if I get chosen to buy I will see what I can do.

    You also know that during the Home Run Derby you can hang out behind the left center field stands along the riverfront and have a chance at some balls!! I might actually pack up the girlfriend and her kids and head out that way in July just for that reason!

  7. John

    Ahhh and one more thing ….. hopefully they announce Anaheim for Ramones and myself for one of the next All Star games. I remember 1989 it was A blast! I actually got 13 balls over the 2 days in 1989.

    If the game comes to Anaheim Zack I will hook ya up with a ticket!

  8. Zack

    I’m not eligible for any contests because I work for But man, thanks for the offer to hook me up. As far as catching balls by the river, I think you mean the right-field seats, yes?

  9. John

    Right center field is what I meant. My sense of left and right is off. It’s been a rough week.

    I see that is looking for writers and stat loggers out here in Anaheim so I might send my resume in.

    It might cut into chasing balls but if you only have to be at the stadium an hour before game time that only cuts 20 minutes off of BP!

  10. Zack

    Sorry to hear it’s been a rough week.

    As for, go for it. It’s a great opportunity…and there are always more balls. I miss several games a week because of the job, and I’m still alive to tell the tale. :-)

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