Baseballs vs. beer cans

I was interviewed today by a guy named Dino Costa who has a show on the Radio Colorado Network.


I would’ve mentioned this sooner and posted a link to the Internet broadcast, but I didn’t know I was going on until the last second. Dino emailed me late last night and asked if I could come on the show today. I called him at about 1:15pm and asked when he wanted me, and he was like, “How ’bout right now?”

Nice guy.
Good interview.
I just wish we had more time because there was a *lot* I didn’t get to say.

In other news… has mentioned me again. Check it out.

(In case you missed the other article in which they mentioned me, here it is. It’s very timely now.)


  1. John

    First comment :-)
    Cool deal Zack!!

    By the way tell Albert to be nice ;-) He said I was copying you …. lol


    Hey do you have a picture of Mike Butcher the pitching coach for the D-Rays. I have no idea what he looks like so I don’t wanna mess up his name or mistake him.


    I went to the Yankee Met game last night, and caught a ball from Chad Bradford. I also got autographs of Johnny Damon, Scott Proctor, and Kyle Farnsworth. What bothered me was that the Mets set up seats behind plexiglass on the field between the dugouts. They also put a row of recliners, aka the “Dream Seats” above the grass patches in the right and left field corners. I think this is just for this series, but will the Mets keep these seats for the rest of the year? I would think the seats over the grass patches would hurt the glove trick.

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