State of the Union

1) I’m not going to Camden Yards today. There was a chance, but my friend flaked. (That would be Jules, for those who know him.) I forgive him. He’s in Boston, trying to finish writing his book so he can get on with the rest of his life. I know the feeling.

2) No Camden means it’ll probably be another SIX em-effing days before my next game. I’m getting antsy. But I’m also getting maaad writing done. I’m working on my own book these days, and it’s basically done. Just gotta finish my chapter summaries for the proposal…

3) I want to get my 3,000th ball at Camden. I got #1,000 at Shea and #2,000 at Olympic Stadium. I want to keep changing things up. But there’s no telling when BALL3K will arrive. Probably next season. May 2007. That’s my prediction.

4) Someone at SportsNet NY finally sent me a copy of my “Mets Weekly” appearance. I’m still waiting on “Kids Clubhouse,” and I still have no idea how to convert/upload this stuff. At some point, though, I’m hoping it’ll all come together.

5) The Mets are in St. Louis, so I was able to catch the last few innings of last night’s game on…SportsNet NY. At one point, I saw a close-up of the commemorative ball for the New Busch Stadium. Let’s just say that I’m going to bust my heinie to get one this year, hopefully when the Cards come to Shea in August.

6) There is no number six.

7) I’m in a good mood.

8) Remember the name Angel Salome.

9) Yesterday, I walked past a T-Ball field in Brooklyn and thought about how I’d snag balls there…that is, if I counted T-Ball balls in my collection.

10) It’s 6:24am, and I haven’t gone to bed yet. In fact, I’m wide awake. If I had a treadmill, I’d run on it.



    6:42 ayem and you’re still awake from yesterday?

    You cuh-RAY-zeeee, mon!

  2. John

    That’s funny ….. I was thinking the same thing going past a girl softball game at Cal State Fullerton the other day. Maybe I need to set up 2 more categories in my MLBlog ( )

    Category #3 all balls caught including college games

    Category #4 all balls total including balls stolen from little league games ;-)

    I am working out a trip to see my mom back in Boston this summer and if all goes well I will be headed to Shea and Yankees Stadium for a game or 3!!

  3. Zack

    Yes, and I just woke up.


    Not totally. Mostly. (Good to see you back on the blog.)


    Now see…I was kinda joking, but I think you’re serious, and that’s scary. :-)


    Speaking of the Cardianls, what do you think of the New Bush for snaggins?



    i have a busch stadium ball



    you are crazy. 6:24? i need to be up in 25 minutes to get ready for school. lol

  6. Zack

    It actually looks like a REALLY annoying place. Have you noticed? There are railings ALL over, which create mini-sections within the larger ones. It seems like it’d be almost impossible to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.


    I’m back in “crazy writer mode” this week. Staying up later than the rest of NYC is the only way I can get anything done.

  7. Umair

    Why not 3000th ball at your favorite stadium– Yankee Stadium? Dude, stay away from George Steinbrenner whenever your in Yankee Stadium. I bet he’s seen the Sportsnet NY clip and he’s upset you stole so many balls from him. What if he actually asked for those balls back?!

  8. Zack

    “Sure, Mister Steinbrenner, you can have your baseballs back. I’ll deliver them at 6pm. Just arrange for Mike Mussina to be there and pitch them to me.”


    Hey going to the Jays and D-Rays game tuesday at the Rogers Centre. The Doc, might be pitching so I’m wondering if he gives out any balls cause I don’t want to waste my time asking him for a ball in the bullpen and wasting my time and getting him out of the zone for another win this year. All I can say for now is Red Sox ****, Yankees **** Jays all the way and here comes another Cy Young for the Doc

  10. Zack

    I’ve found that the starting pitcher almost never gives the ball away during/after his pregame warmups. Better to focus on other guys.

    Papelbon = Cy Young winner.


    PAPELBON?! are u kidding me, he’s garbage Halladays amazing go watch some Jays games and watch out when the mets come up north to face the Jays. We gonna win it all this year baby!

  12. Umair

    Papelbon Cy Young? Rivera had a season for the ages and still didn’t win the Cy. Closers don’t win. And Papelbon isn’t that good. Let the league get familiar with him..


    for whoever doesn’t know, i was raised in boston, but am now living in the OC, i have been a boston fan all my life and agree with teh Papelbon Cy Young talk FOR NOW, we should see how he continues throughout the rest of the season, and for jimmjoejoe whatever the heck his name is, halladay *****! whoopdedo he has a record of 5-1 to start the season, but last season he was 12-4 a lame record, and not mention hes 1-1 against the red sox this season. but yes the yankees do ****. and i dont see the blue jays making the playoofs this year. while the yankees ****, the jays **** even more, and need better help in pitching to match for their hitting.

  14. Benjamin


    This has nothing to do with anything anyone has written, but have you seen the numbers Mike Hessman (Toledo Mud Hens) is putting up this year?

    He’s 12-for-108 on the season (.111) with 37 strikeouts. But of his 12 hits, nine are home runs and two are doubles. He’s leading the International League in home runs, but he’s only managed to hit one single the entire season.

  15. Zack

    You make me laugh (in a good way). But c’mon…how can you say that 12-4 is a lame record? That’s a .750 winning percentage. If a team did that for a whole season, it’d win 121 games!


    I had not seen those numbers ’til now. In-SANE! I love that kinda stuff. I just happened to notice that Jeff Francoeur has one walk all season, which puts him on a blistering pace for…four.

  16. Carl

    Hey Zack,

    I had first row seats behind the Yankee Dugout on Mothers Day. I got my first three balls! I used the Collecta as inner inspriation. I didn’t have to try that hard of course because of the seats. I got my first at BP. Aaron Small chucked one up and I grabbed it. Then, you’ll like this one- in between the innings (sixth) I got Tony Pena’s attention by playing off his parental pride. I shouted, “Hey, Tony- I saw your kid in Atlanta, he looked good!” Pena turned, surprised that someone had seen his kid play, smiled proudly and tossed me a ball. The final one came at the end of the game when an unknown hand rolled a ball on top of the dugout to me. I could’ve had another from Jeter, but I let it roll by, since my 7 yr. old nephew was going home with all of them anyway- my ambition was lowered. It pays to have a little inside info about coaches kids.

    Carl The Cabbie


    The Jays pitching *****?! Are u kidding me halladays a ***** ace burnett will be insane when hes back Janssens been spectacular for a rookie and Lilly and Chacin are just great. Except Towers is bad. And Papelbon isn’t that great. Also if you think the Jays **** your an idiot the Jays always whoop the Sox and showed the boston faithful that Papelbons garbage so yea anyway that’s all I have to say. Also Halladay going 12-4 last year was ***** amazing, he would have been the starter for the all-star game and possibly the Cy Young winner if ***** Kevin Mench didn’t break his tibia. So **** Ramones

  18. Zack

    I hate you for being able to get those seats. But I’m also proud and happy and glad and all that good stuff. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to let that Jeter ball go.


    Oh my.


    Sry about the angry posts but I hate it when people say the Jays are **** and don’t give them a chance.

  20. Zack

    No problem. I don’t blame you.

    I can appreciate a good debate with a little trash-talking sprinkled in, but still, let’s all try to be nice(r) to each other.


    i didn’t say the blue jays are ****, i said their pitching is bad but they got good hitters: wells, zaun, glau, overbay… theyve got power there

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