SportsNet NY critique


Just had a few friends over to watch my TV appearance with me, and I like how it turned out. I hadn’t caught THAT many balls for the cameras…and I wasn’t interviewed for more than a few minutes on Day Two…and there were some issues with my microphone, but none of that made too big of a difference. The SportsNet NY team did a fabulous zackontv2.jpgjob of editing the footage and producing two great (in my opinion) segments, which lasted much longer than I expected. My only complaint is that my name was spelled “Zach” in the first show, but hey…not the end of the world.

If you saw either of the shows (“Kids Clubhouse” and “Mets Weekly”), let me know what you thought. And if you missed them, they’ll be running all week in New York and New Jersey.



    ahh, I turned on sny today at 12 and it wasn’t on, I’ll keep my head up though for a future run of the episode.


    Ha, I was reading your book and you said something about demanding a good deal for a trade that would be awesome if you could say I want to own the Diamondbacks Pool in Chase Field. or the Mets lodge soo all the balls hit there are yours

  3. Zack

    Are you sure? I wasn’t on ’til about 12:18pm.


    That would be a SERIOUS trade. I never even considered something like that. Maybe for Bonds’ 756th homer…


    oh really? I must’ve turned it off literally a minute before, because they were talking about pitching with rick peterson, was your segment soon to come?

  5. Gabriel

    What Up Zack,

    It would be cool if your blog had an active counter showing how many total baseballs you have.

    Keep Da Streak Alive!!!




    Nice show! it was awsome and you got a lot of air time. I dont think the crew could keep up with your running around!

  7. Zack

    Yes, I was on right after Peterson. D’oh!


    I’ve been thinking of putting the actual number right in the subtitle of the blog…you know, rather than saying “Stories and strategies from Zack Hample, a fan who’s collected over 2,700…” I’d say “…collected 2,771 baseballs…” Hmm, perhaps I’ll do that. Or do you have a better idea?


    Thanks! I’m glad you got to check it out. I did have to slow down a bit for the camera crew, but that didn’t bother me. It was all part of the fun.


    I’m going to watch Mets Weekly tonight. Is kids clubhouse on the same channel?


    ok, they are on the same channel, I will be watching Mets Weekly today and kids clubhouse tomorrow

  10. Zack

    Yeah, for whatever reason, the shows are not running back-to-back tonight. It’s just “Mets Weekly” at 11:30pm.

    Tomorrow (Monday the 24th), “Kids Clubhouse” is on at 6:30pm, and “Mets Weekly” follows at 7.


    AHHHH! I can’t figure out who my first ball was from. either Seattle Mariners Pitcher #20 JJ Putz or Pitching Coach #43 Rafael Chaves


    Hey Z,

    Well, my Sunday at Ameriquest was quite weak, but I did acquire one ball. The great (not really) Bobby Ramos gave me one in the bullpen. I used my Spanish to ask him to sign a 1984 O Pee Chee card, and then I asked for a ball that was near him.

    As you may have guessed, there was no BP. ARGH!

    Oh well, I still enjoyed a Rangers win, and got a ball and a few autographs. My next adventure is when my inconsistent Twins come to Ameriquest.

    PS-anyone who is a baseball junkie should check out Bobby Ramos’s stats on the web. He had like 6 years in the bigs, with a total lifetime at bat count of around 225. Amazing to have that many years, but so little AB-s.


    OH, I forgot to clarify that Bobby Ramos is now a bullpen coach for Tampa Bay.

  14. Nick

    DROS – “inconsistent Twins” is not right, the Twins are very consistent… consistently DISSAPOINTING! Swept by the Sox, and they killed us everygame.. where has our pitching gone?

  15. Zack

    When I go to a ballpark that I know well (like Shea), I usually buy the cheapest seat available. On the road, I’ll spring for something good, just in case stadium security surprises me with an unexpected rule. Sorry you can’t figure out who gave you the ball. I hate it when that happens—but it DOES happen. Nothing you can do except enjoy the simple fact of owning the ball. I’m watching “Mets Weekly” right now. Just a few minutes ’til I’m on…


    Only one ball? Ohhh nooo! But that’s not really a big surprise for a weekend game without BP. Good thing you didn’t get shut out.


    I’m afraid the Twins are gonna have a tough time getting past the Indians and White Sox this season.


    That was great! It was fun to see you in action when i’m all the way here in Arizona. You could hear the people awwing when you did the Glove Trick. Chase Field has $1 seats. How do you get to the lower seats without tickets? I know you get people’s ticket stubs is that all you do or is there more? Well i’m getting my own blog within the next month and the “Sultan of Snag” has inspired me to do so.

  17. Zack

    Thanks! I’m glad you were able to watch it. People always go nuts over the glove trick, so I feel pretty lucky that I got a chance to use it on camera. I wish Shea and Yankee Stadium had $1 seats. Getting to the lower level is not necessarily a big deal. It just depends on the rules at each specific ballpark. At Shea, for example, anyone can go to the Field Level if they arrive at least one hour before game time. But at other places, you can enter the lower level anytime. Getting someone’s ticket stub is certainly the easiest way to move around. Congrats (in advance) on starting your own blog.


    Hey Zack,

    Congrats on everything!

    Hey..I’m in there any way for me to catch your TV stuff??Is it on the web?

    Thanx and peace



    My bad…I just read the part where you said you were gonna attempt to upload it…I hope it works..I’d love to see all of it! Good luck!!

  20. Zack

    Thanks, Kurt. I’m gonna do my best to put the clips online, but first I need to get a copy of them. My VCR doesn’t record, so I’m at the mercy of others.


    Hey Zack, just viewed the kids clubhouse and mets weekly premiers. I tivo-ed both and hope to transfer that file onto the computer somehow. Very nice segments, as well as snagging (with and without the glovetrick) tutorials. They caught you on a good day it seemed (7 balls not too shabby). Took quite a spill diving for that foul eh? Also, Amanda and her jokes were a bit tired though, sorry that was mean. I’d like to see a part II, or even number 3,000 caught on tape, or LIVE even… my imagingation is running wild so I’ll say g’by. Cya.


    I liked the Mets Weekly better than the Kids Clubhouse because they were kinda focusing more on Amanda than you.

  23. Nick

    haha msatd..

    LIVE ESPN for Zack’s 3,000… what a great idea… if they do it, maybe they could also do one of those ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercials with Zack… those are hilarious!

  24. Zack

    Ahh, I love you guys…


    You’re the man. I love the idea of ball #3,000 being shown live. Thanks for Tivo-ing the segments. I’m hoping you can make that next step and transfer the files. Keep me posted. I appreciate everything else you said. I was thinking some of those things myself—and had to try with all my might to hold them in—so I’m glad someone has said them for me.


    And to you, too: Well said.


    Maybe there are some ESPN execs reading this?

  25. Diane

    Hey ZH!

    I caught the last 1/2 of your “Kids Clubhouse” appearance.

    Well done. … you are very natural in front of the camera.

    I think ESPN has their next series “Zack on Zack” :-)

  26. Zack

    Thanks, DF! I’m glad you got to see it. I prefer “Zack on Zack” to “Zack on Balls.”


    Hey, wasn’t there a part of that interview with a buddy of yours that got left on the cutting room floor? I must have said “BALLS” too many times…

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