321 down, 0 to go.

During the off-season, I started taking last year’s balls over to my parents’ place, little by little.

On December 10th, I took 50…

On February 5th, I hauled off another 50…

I wanted to get rid of the remaining 221 balls, but I held off because I was told by a filmmaker (who happens to be a former NFL player) that in early April, he was going to interview me again–this time at home–for his documentary about classic video games. The interview, he said, was going to touch on various aspects of my life, including my baseball collection. I was thinking it’d be nice to actually have a few balls here.

Well, the interview recently fell through (at least for now), so I went ahead and schlepped ALL the remaining balls to my parents’ place.

The duffel bag containing them was so heavy and bulky that I had to take a cab just to go seven blocks, and on top of that, I got some much-needed help from my friend Lia.

Before I dumped the balls into Barrel No. 5, I weighed myself twice–once with the duffel bag and once without–and did the math…


71 pounds of balls.
(Maybe more like 70 without the bag itself.)

How much does my entire collection weigh?


70 pounds ÷ 221 balls = .316742081448 pounds per ball.


2,762 balls x .316742081448 = 874.84162895938 pounds.

Let’s round up, eh?
We’ll call it 875.
I own 875 pounds of baseballs.

395 more balls, and I’ll have half a ton.

(Why do I spend my time figuring these things out? I swear, it’s all MLBlogs’ fault. If I didn’t have this blog, I wouldn’t bother. Or maybe that’s just a copout. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s 4:32am, and I’m not tired enough to go to sleep, but too tired to actually do anything productive.)

In other being-in-front-of-the-camera news…
A TV guy in Houston just emailed me to say that he stumbled across this blog and read my Minute Maid Park entries (here and here in case you missed ’em) and wants to do a story on me if I’m “planning on making another trip to MMP.” But I’m not. I mean, I hadn’t considered it. I’m making a point of visiting all the ballparks I haven’t yet been to before I start going back to my favorites. It’s just an issue of time and money–nothing major. By the way, I’ve decided to make my trip to PETCO at some point during the final two months of the season.

I’ve been in touch with a producer from SportsNet NY–the new Mets TV network. I usually avoid talking about these things before they happen because they usually end up NOT happening, but anyway, there’s a chance that I’ll be filmed next week at Shea.


  1. albert

    Congratz a lot of good news with you.Todays game is going to be great im going with my sister Melissa and were sitting right behing home plate so dont expect me catching ANY balls

  2. Zack

    Thanks, Albert.

    But what’re you doing, sitting behind/under the protective screen? You should know better than that. :-)

  3. raider61990@yahoo.com

    “I’m making a point of visiting all the ballparks I haven’t yet been to before I start going back to my favorites.” Well then Zack….what are your favorites? That you have been to of course.

  4. beauchamp.nick@gmail.com

    ¡Hola from Costa Rica!

    I am happy they have Internet access… but this country is so beautiful that I haven´t really been thinking about baseball… buuut the boys of summer never quit and I was happy to find out my Twinkies are on a 3 game winning streak (I think they do better when I am outside of the country).

  5. Zack

    When I sit really close to the plate, I’m always amazed by how FAST everything moves. Enjoy!


    Miller Park is foul ball heaven. Kaufman Stadium is as mellow as it gets. Pac Bell/AT&T is just gorgeous…as is Wrigley, of course. Turner Field is my favorite for for BP. That place, it seems, was custom-built for the glove trick. I’d like to experience Jacobs Field with 17,000 fans instead of the 42,000 that I had to deal with back in ’98. I also like Minute Maid. Camden and Fenway are as good as it gets (one for balls, one for charm), but since they’re within a couple hundred miles of NYC, it doesn’t take a plane to get me there.


    I’m honored to be getting a message from Costa Rica. Go experience it. The Twinkies’ll be there for you when you return. :-)

  6. joneli24@yahoo.com


    Im going tomorrow

    wish me lost of luck

    its supposed to rain

    i need lots of luck

    ill keep you posted

  7. mstadlen@aol.com

    Hey Zack, I was at tonight’s met game and even though I only got there for the last 30mins of BP, and BP was rained out =(, Pedro tossed me a Busch Stadium Inaugural ball while I was hollering at him from the lodge. At least my streak was kept alive, about 30+ games now. Cya.

  8. Zack

    Duh. Why didn’t I realize how to do that sooner? Thanks. Still, I was hoping for a way to actually display all the old months on my main page, but that’s fine…at least all my old writing still exists.


    I am sooooo jealous (and shocked) that you got one of those special Busch balls at Shea. What’s THAT all about? Man-oh-man, I need to go to more games. Any chance you could email me a pic of the ball?

  9. mstadlen@aol.com

    Id be glad to send you a pic of it , just have to charge the ol camera first.

  10. joneli24@yahoo.com

    i was there too! i got one of those inagural season busch stadium balls too.

    i think they got them cause they were the opponents when they opened the stadium so they probably got them from the cards for practice.

    stadlens ball and mine both have blue lines over the sweet spot

    i also got a ball from damian miller after the crazy play with paul lo duca and damian miller. miller flipped it to me after the play.

    i also got 22 autos hotel and game including: ben sheets X2, geoff jenkins, jj hardy, rickie weeks, prince fielder X2, corey koskie X2, doug davis and chris capuano

  11. Zack

    The email has been checked. Much appreciated. Wish the pics were a little clearer, but I still could tell what that ball looks like. VERY cool. Thank you.

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