Bat/ball imprint

When I first got the bat from Cliff Floyd, I noticed the following mark but didn’t think much of it…


Earlier today, after having spent much quality time with the bat (but NOT sleeping with it), it occurred to me how that mark got there. Check it out…




    Hey Z,

    I need to send you a picture of a game used bat I bought off of EBAY. A few years ago, I wanted a game used bat (cheap). I got one for about 10 bucks, from a player named Jay Loviglio. IT’s cracked, and I can also see a ball imprint on the bat (it’s from 1983 or so, so the ball imprint is an official National League ball). I’ll shoot you an email sometime soon.


    hey zack hows it going man?? long time no talk….i still constantly check up on your blogs, i really enjoy reading them
    anyways, congrats on opening day, sounds like u made off like ****

    today was opening day at the football stadium….6 baseballs, including one from trevor hoffman that is an offical ball from the world baseball classic….gold lettering and the logo and all, pretty exciting…

    im up to 180 overall now…

    and listen to this, its like a werid situation…

    last year, after a rain game, i had 3 sogging wet balls and put them in plastic bags so as they wouldnt wet the other balls, and i ventured onto them yesterday in my room, and they were like decomposed and all moldy and smelling terrible, i had to get rid of them….its weird, there was no way i could keep them and theres like this void in my collection now

    anyways, awesome job on opening day, talk to you soon, ill keep you updated with my own list, ttul

  3. Zack

    Just checked out your blog. Looks good so far. I would’ve left you a comment there, but it doesn’t allow anonymous comments. I’ll be checking in though…


    Welcome back, and thanks. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been following this blog, even from afar. You’re sooo lucky to have gotten a Classic ball. I’m hoping for one of those, but there’s really no way to MAKE it happen. Just gotta snag like a madman and hope for the best. That’s pretty nasty about the decomposed balls, but still kinda cool, in a science-experiment way. What’re you gonna do about the void? The best thing to do with wet balls is to let them air out. Nothing fancy. If you leave them in the sun or try to blow-dry them, they’ll end up like rocks.

  4. Zack

    I’ll see what I can do, but don’t be offended if I don’t read your blog regularly. Some of my absolute BEST friends have blogs, and I don’t even have the time/energy to read theirs.

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