Mets pre-season workout

A friend just gave me two tickets to a special Mets pre-season workout at Shea.
I didn’t even hear about this thing until a few days ago, probably because it’s (supposed to be) limited to season ticket holders. Heh heh.


As you can see, it’s on Sunday, April 2nd. The gates open at 11:30am. That means I should be at Shea by 11am. That means I have to leave my place at 10am. That means I have to wake up by 9:30am. I consider 9:30am to be the middle of the night. But whatever. On Monday, I’ll be sleeping LATE and skipping work and watching baseball all day on TV.

Sleep aside, my big issue is this:

If I snag a few balls at this workout thing, should I count them in my collection?

What do YOU think?
I’m thinking no, the logic being that it’s pre-season and not even a game.

It occurred to me that if I snag a few and don’t count them, then I can keep one with me at all times during the regular season…for emergencies…like that time last year when Ron Villone tossed me a ball and then made me give it away to that dopey little kid when all the fans protested. That was just terrible. But if I’d had an extra ball with me, I could’ve given THAT one away and kept the one that I deserved. Get it?

In other news, I just learned that the Mets have already sold 2 million tickets for 2006. Good for them. Bad for me. Let’s do the math…2 million…that’s six zeroes…divided by 81 home games…equals…24,691 fans per game. Too many. Damn free-agent acquisitions.

Oh, and that second ticket is for Lia.




    So I took a day off today. I felt crappy, I am sick of work, and the Texas Rangers were playing an exhibition game at the Frisco RoughRiders field. I couldn’t attend because it was sold out, so I figured I’d head out there early, and wait for a few balls to fly out of the stadium.

    They did, 1 of them flew over my head, and while I was pursuing it into a grassy area, another ball came to about the same spot, so I got 2 in about 30 seconds. Not much luck until I was about to leave. This guy from the Marlins was walking by the back gate with a ball, and asks me, “do you want a ball?” Gee, what a silly question. So, I start out the season with 3 balls from a game I didn’t even attend. More tomorrow.



    Zack, it if were me… I would not count them. I take your perspective on counting balls: only games which count yield balls which count.


    I envy your taking the early season lead… I thought I might have been in first for a little while this year when I attend opening day on Monday. That is if you are counting those balls towards your total. Are you?

  3. Zack

    Great story. I love stuff like that.


    I’m glad you agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You said it a lot better than I managed to. “Only games which count yield balls which count.” Beautiful. I wonder if anyone will argue otherwise…


    I don’t keep a ‘ball count’, so I don’t even think about that. The only labeling I do is if I got a ball from a player, I display the ball. I also label balls ‘caught on the fly’. A big reason I snag is to get baseballs that I can get signed. Lots of times your batting practice balls are ‘fresh out of the box’. The only problem with yesterday’s balls, was that one of the 3 has a street gash mark right on the sweet spot. Oh well.

  5. Zack

    Huh. Interesting. If that works for you, great, but I wouldn’t be able to do that. I’m a numbers guy. I’m compelled to quantify everything.


    I count all of my balls, no matter how I get them. I’ve caught a ball at a Cape Cod League game and counted it. There weren’t even fences past the dugouts, just a white line on the grass. Getting the balls was easy, avoiding the guy who asks you to give them back was hard.

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