Have you seen the new official/communal MLBlog? It’s called “MLBlogosphere,” and I was featured on it yesterday.

If you have any questions or comments about MLBlogs or want to learn more about your fellow bloggers, this is the place to go.



    Excellent! You da Blogman, mon! And the boogiedown animation is you to a “t!”


    I went to Peoria Sports Complex today to see the padres and mariners in a spring training game. First time I have tried to collect balls, went clear to the other side of the stadium got an autograph on my program from this Fernandez guy… Then this one guy gave me a ball because I let him have a piece of paper from my prgram (I didn’t come to the game with a ball) Went to go sit in my seat before the game started I was sweating like crazy. There was a pop fly, my dad got it and gave it to me (i don’t think Zack would count it in his collection.) It had wood marks on it, hit by Josh Barnsfield on the Padres. I eventually went down to the place where it makes Peoria Sports Complex the most famous in the cactus league ( the place where all the player leave and you can get autographs) I got an autograph from the following Padres, Matt Hensly, Eric Young, MIKE PIAZZA, TREVOR HOFFMAN! that was my day the Padres won over the Mariners, 8-2.



    Dude, I’m back in the game. I’m snagging this weekend at Ameriquest, there is a Saturday exhibition game. I’m hoping that maybe an ‘opening day’ baseball may sneak its way into the practice balls? I’ll keep ya posted.


  4. Zack

    Congrats on an all-around great day. Hoffman’s always been nice. I’m shocked, though, to hear that Piazza signed for you. Can’t wait for the hot weather to hit NYC. Believe it or not, I envy your sweating.


    Welcome back to the show. I’d be surprised if you get an Opening Day ball BEFORE Opening Day…but stranger things have happened. Keep me posted.

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