Planning my season

I just combed through the Mets and Yankees schedules and penciled all the games that I might attend onto my calendar. (I never buy tickets in advance.)

Know this:
I’m not doing any day games.
I’m avoiding major promotions.
I’m not setting foot inside Yankee Stadium on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
I’m hoping to avoid Shea on weekends, too.
I’m not going to Yankees-Red Sox games.
I’m not going to Mets-Yankees games.
I’m (probably) not going to games during the first two weeks of the season.

What am I left with?

39 Mets games and 17 Yankees games.

I don’t like Yankee Stadium, and that’s an understatement. Of the 17 games I’ve selected, I might end up going to three.

PlannerOf the 39 Mets games, it’ll probably be raining for half a dozen, and if it’s wet, I’m not going. Of the 33 games remaining, I’ll probably have to work during another half dozen. Maybe more. So let’s say I’m down to 25. For at least five of them, I’ll probably have a much better offer (i.e., some lovin’), so that leaves 20. Then there’s my writing group, the NYC Scrabble Club, family gatherings, video game competitions, and various personal endeavors and activities not suitable for publication on MLBlogs. Some days, I might just NOT feel like going. I marked all six Mets games from September 18-23. Am I actually planning to go to six games in six days? Let me think about that. No.

So what does this mean, that I’m only going to 10 games this year? No, I’ll find my way to more than that. I know I’ll be going to Philly at least once by the end of May. I definitely want to go to Camden, maybe even twice, because that place is fuuuuun; if I could design my own ball-snagging playground, it would look something like that. I might go to one game at Fenway, but only if my friend Jules is still living in Boston in a few months. And then, at some point, I’ll be going to San Diego for at least two games, hopefully three, and possibly four. I’d do four games in four days at a new ballpark, but that much baseball in New York City is just unnecessary.

There’s a chance I’ll catch my 3,000th ball this year, but that’s not my goal. My goal is to have a life. If I can do that AND snag another 248 balls, great. If not, the milestone can wait ’til next season, or even 2008.

In order to catch 248 balls, I’d have to attend about 35 or 40 games, and I really don’t think that’s gonna happen. Then again, it might. At the very least, I’d like to add another 100 balls to my collection and keep my triple-digits streak alive; I’ve caught at least 100 balls every year since 1998.

It’s 2:38am, and I need to go bed.


  1. Umair

    Must.. maintain.. triple.. digits… streak! thats how it starts man “just when I thought that I was out.. it pulls me back in!”


    I’m thinking I might go to 2 to 5 MLB games this season. I know I’m gonna go to some of the MLB parks in Southern California during a vaction this summer, and I live close enough to Cleveland and Toronto to maybe go to a game or two there.

    When are you thinking of being in San Diego Zack? I need to know so that I don’t end up going there and end up getting 0 balls when you get them all.


    last year i was able to get to 11 games including:

    7 mets

    1 yankees

    2 mets-yankees games in addition

    1 oakland

    i got 4 balls, but i mainly went for autographs.

    this year i plan on going to about 15-25 games including a trip in late august/early september to philly, baltimore, and DC. i hope to get to about 5-7 games for them and then hang around the cities too.

    i might also go down to florida to visit my family and look at colleges in july so i will definately get to some marlins games if i do.

    ill keep you posted.

    7 days to the season.

  4. Zack

    I learned it from you.


    Every year, *I* am pulled back in. I keep saying that I’m not going to attend as many games so I’ll have more time to do other things, but it never happens that way. I can’t fight it.


    Only 2 to 5? C’mon, you can reach double digits, no? I probably won’t be in San Diego until at least June. :-)


    Yes. Keep me (and everyone else who reads these comments) posted. Eleven games is pretty good…how many autographs did you get? Sounds like you have some good games/cities planned. The ballpark in D.C. is so ugly that it’s almost pretty. Kind of a tough place, but interesting nonetheless.

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