1. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    If you’re in the park when Bonds hits the Big Ruth-Passing Number, the odds could lean toward you snagging the ball. If this were to somehow happen, what would you do with the item?

  2. dantv64dan@aol.com

    This guy obviously doesn’t know you well Zack. You usually try to avoid heavily-congested stadiums. Which… well, any game in which Bonds is in will qualify as that.

  3. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    Z – Tell the dude Dantv that I know you pretty well, though I guess maybe not as well as he does. But I was just being theoretical, you know? Trying to get you to fantasize being there for #715 to see what kind of reaction would come forth from your ball-snagging brain.

    As for the next guy, Benjamin, I don’t understand what he means about reaching puberty. Hm. Mayhbe I don’t know you as well as I thought.

  4. Zack

    If I were to catch the historic blast, I’d use it to hold MLB hostage until I got all my baseball needs met.


    You’re right, AND you’re wrong. I do avoid games with big crowds—good call—but this Boodleheimer character does happen to know me pretty well. I think he was just talkin’ hypothetically.


    Thank you. From what I saw last night, it seems you’ve gotten there, too.

    BOODLEHEIMER (again)-

    You have to click all the links and read everything to get the joke.

  5. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    Z –

    You write,” If I were to catch the historic blast, I’d use it to hold MLB hostage until I got all my baseball needs met.”

    Can you be specific about your “baseball needs?” For example, do you want MLB to give you The Nationals? Let you take batting practice with every team once? Appoint you as V.P. of Ball Snagging? retire your number?What?

  6. Zack

    I guess I don’t really have THAT many needs…or rather, that many realistic ones. I would absolutely love to take BP on a major league field. Just once. It wouldn’t even have to be with a team during pregame warmups, and it wouldn’t have to be in New York. It could be in January at Tropicana Field. I’d also like to have some sort of “diplomatic immunity” card at games. I’d still pay to get in. The only difference would be that I wouldn’t get whimsically picked on by stadium personnel. Owning the Nationals would be nice, but let’s not get carried away…

  7. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    You say “Owning the Nationals would be nice, but let’s not get carried away…”

    How about “Intern with the Nationals?”

  8. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    I’ve been on the field at Camden twice. Once a few years ago there was a little baseball camp, it was pretty cool. They didn’t let us go in the infield though, we would screw it up i guess. The other time was last year during the season. My little brother’s (12 yrs old) little league team got to compete in a bat-a-thon on Camden. Each team in the bat-a-thon got to hit and they were awarded points depending on how far they hit the ball. It was fun. I got to warm up the pitcher from behind homeplate. that was COOL. looking out on Camden from homeplate – playing catch. Then we went to the outfield wall and practiced the ever important homerun robbing technique a la Torii Hunter.

  9. Zack

    I think I’m a bit too old to be an intern. And anyway, I’m not leaving NYC.


    That’s a great story. I’ve been on the field at Angel Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Safeco Field, and Shea Stadium twice (not counting the time I fell over the wall down the LF line while reaching for a grounder during BP, but it wasn’t my fault, I swear…some guy was holding my legs and dropped me).

  10. albert

    Just a few questions

    1.Have u ever been kicked out of a stadium?

    2.What happened after you fell?

    3.Have u ever caught a ball then dropped it and somebody else got it?

    4.When u go to SD this year for the long trip by any chance are the padres playing the Giants in any of those games

  11. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    You write, re my suggestion you might want MLB to make you a Nationals intern:

    “I think I’m a bit too old to be an intern. And anyway, I’m not leaving NYC.”

    Would you turn down a chance to be a salaried assistant to Theo Epstein?

  12. Zack

    1. Yes, several times, all at Shea. My crimes: catching “too many baseballs” (according to the security supervisor who tried to confiscate them) and not sitting in my assigned seat. I’ve never gotten into a fight or run on the field or interfered with a ball in play. Nothing like that.

    2. I climbed back up, got laughed at by the Braves players in left field, and got a ball thrown by Steve Bedrosian who felt sorry for me. Security never said a word.

    3. Yes, unfortunately, it’s happened a few times. (But ONLY a few…even Gold Glovers make errors.)

    4. I haven’t picked the dates yet, but I’m going to try my best to avoid Barroids. If he’s playing, he’ll probably draw an extra 10,000 fans, and I do NOT need that.


    Are you offering?

  13. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    In answer to my question of yesterday, “Would you turn down a chance to be a salaried assistant to Theo Epstein?” (re your vowing never to leave New York City) –

    You respond: “BOODLEHEIMER-

    Are you offering?”

    As you know, I’m not in a position to do so. That was merely a theoretical question to test how serious you are about never wanting to leave The City versus your passion for baseball and avidity to be a part of it.

  14. Zack

    Yes, Boodle, I know. I suppose I’d leave this almighty city if an amazing offer arose elsewhere.

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