26.9 inches



That was a lot of snow, and yet baseball IS in the air…


  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Am guessing you made a beeline for that Starbucks across the street in the photo.

    So, snag any snowballs?


  2. Zack

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but much hot chocolate was had. No snowballs, though. Would’ve been fun to throw ’em, but I wasn’t about to pick a fight with NYC strangers or my three female friends.




    You’re looking east at the intersection of Broadway and 75th Street. Yes?

  3. Umair

    Gee I thought that was brooklyn. I could’ve swore I’ve seen that nails store somewhere. lol. Dude I didn’t know maintaining a blog would be so much work! Granted it’s the offseason, but many blogs here are still up and running. Lol it’s like people don’t have jobs!

  4. Zack

    It really does take an effort. Looking back at last season, I can not be-LIEVE that I blogged every day. I mean, even when I was in France and Israel for two weeks, I made the time. But it was worth it. Hope you feel the same way and stick with yours. I plan to keep this blog going, but there’s no way I can do it every day again.

  5. joneli24@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack-

    I literally just got home from Florida. My dad and I made our way up to Port St. Lucie on Friday to see the Mets work out. Pedro wasnt there (which i really could care less.) There were almost 1600 people there so i knew that balls and autos would come as a minimum, but i pervailed getting 5 balls including a 2005 ASG ball. The balls came from Lima, Pelfrey, Traschel, Zambrano, and Coach Nieto gave me the all star game ball. I got them basically the same way. I just saw them there lying in the field and waited untill someone got them for me.

    I also got 24 autographs. Most noteable ones were: 2 Billy Wagner, 2 Aaron Heilman, Heath Bell, and Michael Pelfrey.

    All in all a good day. I just cant wait for the season.

    Ill post again soon.

  6. aboe7830@netscape.net

    Hey Zach,
    Ive been busy planning my schedule to go to some games this year Im trying to get tickets to all the parks in Califorinia ive only been to SBC i mean AT&T

  7. Zack

    Congratulations. You have officially made me jealous. Still, I’d love to torment myself and see a photo of the All-Star ball. If you have one, e-mail it to me at ZackSnags@aol.com.


    I’m planning to go to Petco this season. Not sure when. These ballpark names are painful. Ouch.

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