100 down, 221 to go…


It turns out that there WAS one more empty barrel in my parents’ basement storage locker. Last week, I brought it upstairs and washed it out. Yesterday, before I went over for brunch, I tossed 50 more of last season’s balls into my backpack. Only 221 more to go, and then my apartment will be (temporarily) ball-free…

A few other things:

1) I learned how to ask for a ball in Romanian. Written phonetically, with CAPS indicating where to put the emphasis, this is what it sounds like: “TEH rogue ah-RUNG-kah MIN-jah”

2) If anyone has snagged a ball from the World Baseball Classic, I want to see it.

3) I love the Superbowl because it marks the end of being-annoyed-by-football season.


  1. boodleheeimer1@aol.com

    Your statement “I love the Superbowl because it marks the end of being-annoyed-by-football season.” made me laugh so hard, I nearly fell off my walker. What I love is a bold purist like you, who knows what he prefers and lays it on the line for everyone to hear without equivocating like a pussycat (drop “cat” for real meaning). To segue from baseball to politics, with your refreshing attitude still in mind, it would be valuable to the republic if the Democrats in government (a) had a vivid, honorable point of view regarding the fraudulence & excesses of those currently in power, and (b) would shout it out for all to hear. I am sick and tired of craven, pandering, obfuscating pols whose main goal is getting re-elected, when their duty is to serve the electorate. Have you ever thought of running for political office?

  2. benjaminghill@hotmail.com

    If you don’t like football you’re a pussycat, and therefore unfit for public office.

  3. Zack

    Umm, wow, I don’t know what to say. Thanks?


    You and I both know that there are far more serious reasons why I’d be unfit.

  4. boodleheeimer1@aol.com

    Benjamin Hill: I respectfully suggest that what America needs in powerful places are MORE pussycats and fewer testosterone-fueled beer-swilling sports-addicted bullies who foment violence to asssuage their physical deficiencies.

  5. benjaminghill@hotmail.com


    In your first post you rail against “craven, obfuscating, pols” who “equivocate like pussycats”.

    Then, in your second post, you suggest that we need MORE pussycats in positions of power.

    I’d suggest that you put down the thesaurus for a moment and work on formulating a coherent and consistent argument instead.

    America rules, pussycat! Now go get me a beer. The game is on.

  6. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    Jeez, it’s hostile in here… I’m scared to be associated with this blog…

  7. boodleheeimer1@aol.com

    BENHILL: Don’t be reductive, dude: there are as many different kinds of pussycats as their are people. One kind is the self-serving, overweening, power-addicted bully cat, who brooks no opposition to his/her narrow views, the kind now in high places. Another kind is the pussycat with the security and wisdom to listen to other opinions even though they disagree with her/his own, the bedrock of our democracy. This type is needed to replace the macho types who threaten everyone’s rights and comity, including yours. So do your part to revive the national dialogue: turn off the game, put down the brew, and brush up on the Constitution. And abandon the ad hominem attacks on my person (a scoundrel’s device).

  8. Zack

    It’s all in good fun. I know both of those guys, and they both know each other…although one of them might not even realize who he’s been talking to.


    Nice follow-up. (I’m not going to publicly take sides.)


    What’s up! Very cool that you have your own blog now. I actually need to leave my apartment in like five minutes, so I’m going to wait ’til later in the day, or possibly even tomorrow, to look at it. I don’t want to have to rush. Looking forward…

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