The latest “article”

I’m in the latest issue of a Canadian kids’ magazine. Here’s the front cover…



And here I am on page 10, truly honored to be a part of “Weird Zone.”

Yes, it’s the famous bathtub pic, originally taken for “People Magazine” in the summer of 1999. This specific shot was taken during a break with MY camera, which means I can’t get sued for letting other publications use it.

If there’s anything I’d change about this OWL piece (other than the one and a half factual errors–can you spot them?), I would’ve used more interesting “secrets.” The three that were chosen by the editors are as basic as it gets. Don’t you think kids would rather read that I ask for balls in different languages and own all 30 major league hats and have a contraption in my glove that allows me to lower it on a string and pick up balls that are out of reach?

I don’t mean to complain. I loved magazines like this when I was a kid…and I’m really just a big kid now…which means I still love them. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m honored to be in it, “Weird Zone” and all.

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    Hey Z, I’m still alive. I have been officiating high school varsity basketball games since November.

    That’s me in the corner, making sure nobody is getting fouled.

    I actually used to subscribe to that OWL magazine back in the day.

    I got a puck on Dec. 31st at a Stars game, and I’m going again today. As they clean off after warmups, this ‘puck guy’ carries them off, and tossed me one last time. I figure he’ll do it again today.

    Pitchers/catchers report in a month!


    hi zack – congrats on the owl! i hear that’s the name of ******* in China – Owl Restaurant. tee hee. i think the 2 factual errors are your age and the title of the book is slightly wrong??? Inspector Collector says get a bigger bathtub! ha ha harley

  3. Zack

    Hello again. Nice pic. Any puck luck? Only a month ’til spring training? Oh my god, too soon. My winter relaxation is only JUST getting underway…


    Nice to see you on here. I’m trying to figure out what word you used that got bleeped. My age is wrong. Good call. But the book title is correct (except for the missing subtitle, which doesn’t bother me at all). The other error is really just half an error. Technically, it’s not WRONG…but it irked me a bit that they said I have “more than 2,500” baseballs when, in fact, I have over 2,700. Oh well. Like I said, I loved being in their magazine, and I don’t want to seem like a jerk by complaining, so I’ll shut up now.


    Hey Zack,
    Remember me LOL so whats up im enjoying the offseason just like u,Im still trying to get your book ill keep looking,Are You planning on making a new book anytime soon Talk to u later

    Your #1 fan,

    Albert Boe

  5. Zack

    Hey, Albert, what’s up! You can find my book on I checked earlier today, and there were six copies available. I think Amazon has some used ones as well. I actually JUST finished writing another baseball book and sent it to an agent yesterday. I probably won’t hear anything for a while, though.

  6. Zack

    The new book. Yes…

    For now, it’s called “How to Watch Baseball Better: Insider Tips From a Professional Fan.” But the problem with that title is that it gives no indication that the book is actually a whole lot of fun AND covers much more than just the action on the field.

    So we’ll see. Ultimately, the publisher will have the last say on the title, but that’s still a long way off…


    Cool Zack thats sounds like a good book when it gets published ill get it,are u gonna watch the superbowl tommorow


    haha, Dan, I’ve been in the “weird zone” all my life in you know what I mean ;-)


    I was going to alert the Oprah Book Club but I have seen your snagging technique in person and know that you speak the truth.

    I think the title of your book, in fact, should be “A Million Little Baseballs.”


  10. Zack

    It’s funny and it’s great. To me, being called “weird” is one of the best compliments.


    Thanks. It’s still a long way off from being published, but whenever I have any news about it, I’ll keep you posted right here.


    I think all Stadlens belong in the weird zone.


    I love it.

  11. Julie

    Hey, long time…no comment! I figured out I am going to an exhibition game in Philly on April 2nd against Boston! Do you know if teams use special balls for preseason games or not?

    Been going to any hockey games lately? If so, getting any pucks?




    Hey Zack,

    I havent posted in a while also. I am going to FLA over my Feburary break and i am going to Mets and Orioles Spring Training. Hopefully i’ll get alot of autos and maybe some balls. I’ll keep you updated.


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